Grind Floor Polishing Melbourne

grind-2Polished concrete is a low maintenance floor and easiest floor types in cleaning, it is also a cost effective option as most building made of concrete slabs and polishing the existing slab will save the use of another floor covering. Polished concrete reduces the Dust mites, allergen and does not support mold growth, because of its high friction coefficient it is considered the best non-slippery floor types.

At the time of pouring the concrete slab, coloured aggregate can be used to make the concrete floor a decorative once polished.

grind-3The Grind and Seal method is the second best method in concrete polishing, it is very common and widely used. It is a cost effective method to polish the concrete floors. The Grind and Seal method is when the concrete is ground back to achieve the desired stone exposure level. There are three levels of stone exposure which are nil exposure- minimal exposure (1-2 mm) – full exposure ( 4-5 mm). Then the floor will be grouted to fill all cracks and pin holes (around 80% of the holes can be filled successfully), after that the concrete is sealed with a surface penetrating clear coat sealer to give the floor the shiny appearance and protect it from staining. This system is generally more cost effective in the short run as by time (expected to be 5-7 years) the sealer will need to be sanded back and re-applied.

This method is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is consisting of 3-5 steps and you can add more grit into the sealer to add anti-slip finish which makes it the best option for pool surrounds and backyards.

The cost of this method will depends on many factors like the original condition of the concrete floor, the level of stone exposure (more exposure means more cost) and  the size of the floor, for a guide only, the unit rate will be $ 50.00 – $ 75.00/m2, please note that a minimum charge will apply for small areas.

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