Sleek & Durable Polished Concrete Melbourne by Prestige Floors

Every home owner loves a stylish and sophisticated flooring space that captivates them and their guests instantly. If you feel that concrete flooring in your home is no longer looks sleek and shinier? Or are you wondering how to have classy, durable and beautiful floors in the home? Well, if so, then get a unique and stylish polished concrete Melbourne by Prestige Floors in your home. It will really add uniqueness and charm to your living space and will brighten up your home in all new way.

What is a Polished Concrete Floor?

The polished Concrete floor is considered as the best and modern flooring solutions for new and contemporary housing. Available in a different range of finished and colours, this flooring will completely transform your home appearance. Polished concrete has become number 1 flooring choice in Melbourne and many architecture, homeowners, builders, and industrial building owners are looking forward at getting it done in their premises. This flooring option has many advantages over other flooring types

Benefits of Polished Concrete floors

  • They are versatile and can be used in wide range of applications
  • They are cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • This flooring is easy to apply
  • They are robust, durable and will, therefore, have an extremely long life expectancy compared to other floor types.

Reveal the Hidden Beauty of Concrete Floors

However, polished concrete flooring is not easily achieved. It is a hard core process in which concrete is processed using high diamond tools and densifiers & hardeners to obtain a beautiful and shiny surface as per the customer demand and housing requirement. This process is also known as concrete polishing which can be done either by “Grind & Sael” method or “Full Mechanical Polishing” method which is sometimes known as “Hiperfloor” Here at Prestige floors, we are specialised in offering best polished concrete flooring services and help you to get that shinier and beautiful polished concrete in your home or business. Our highly skilled technicians will treat your floor to the highest standards leaving them to look perfect and amazing. Our main aim is to provide quality and above standard services that will excel beyond the expectations of our customers. We have many design options for polished concrete floors. You can choose from a range of beautiful colours & patterns as per your need and budget. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a fast and efficient service and a quick turnaround in all our flooring services. We can repolish old and tired Floor Polishing Melbourne and can also offer cleaning and application of newly polished concrete Melbourne flooring. We serve all Melbourne wide.

So, for all your polished concrete Melbourne needs, please feel free to contact us now and get a Free Quote. Visit our contact us page or dial 0469 939 227 and Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.