Wood Floor Polishing Melborne Services
Wooden Flor Sanding and Reparing

image075Timber floors are elegant and durable, but by time they will need maintenance like repairing from scratches, burns, buckled or wrapped boards or polish fading, our team can do the followings to restore your floors:

1-   Filling the gaps between the boards or just some holes due to removed pipes

image0772-   Replacing rotten or damaged boards or strips

3-   Replacing buckled or wrapped boards due to water leaking under the floor

If your floor is just suffering from scuff marks, grease or dirt, we can help by buffing the floor to remove them and then mop the floor with a floor rejuvenator product to flourish the floor again.

The next level of floor maintenance is by applying light sanding to the floor and then apply one coat only to gain the shiny look of the floor again, this process will take one day only and you can use the floor the next day, this is an ideal process if you are thinking of selling your house and looking for a cheaper option to add more value to your home before the sale.

If you experience any of the above problems or any other problems to your timber floors, give us a call and we will advise you to the right and affordable solution to restore your floors in a hassle free way.