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Why waste your money and time on timber floor replacement, when you can get them refinished and polished with the aid of efficient timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne services! We at Prestige Floors are the wooden flooring refurbishing specialist and restore all timber floor types with professionalism. If your timber floor has lost its original shine and looks faded, sanding & polishing is the way out, you need to restore the look of your wood flooring. Our professional team will deliver superior craftsmanship and professional service.

Why timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne?

Over the time, due to regular wear-tear and dust/dirt accumulation, your timber floor can lose its shine and charm and looks dull and tired. Well, you cannot install timber floors again and again, but rejuvenating/restoring your existing flooring with floor sanding & polishing service will give a new life to your timber flooring. With these techniques, even the heavily damaged wood floor can be saved without replacing the entire space. It can make your home look new and will increase the value of your home by far.

We understand how important it is for you to have a clean and beautiful flooring and that’s why we take timber floor sanding Melbourne as a serious act and will deliver optimum results certainly!

How does Floor Restoration Work?

The floor restoration process involves the usage of specialised machines to smooth out the flooring surface. The machines will carefully remove the old sealant to restore the beauty of the wood. The standard belt sanding process consists of three stages: rough sanding then medium and fine sand then the last stage where we level, and smooth the boards to leave a high-quality finish. Once the sanding is done, we can change your floor colour through a Staining process or the floors will be finished and polished further to achieve the beautiful look.

Floor finishes can be achieved in 4 forms

  • Full-gloss clear finish, where the floor looks very shiny
  • Semi-gloss clear finish, where the floor looks semi shiny (about 30% gloss)
  • Satin clear finish, where the floor has only 10% shine
  • Matt clear finish, where the floor has no shine

You can choose the finish type to suit your house architectural styles and your personal taste, the polish normally last for 5-7 years depending on the traffic.

We can also use water based polish which will keep & protect the natural look of the timber all the time and will never go yellow like the solvent based polish plus another advantage as it is odourless which will allow you to move to your home earlier or stay at home during the job if your home layout allows to do so.

Role of Timber Floor Sanding Specialist

The right technique, using the right tools, can leave your floor looking like new again. And this is why here our technicians will make use of the latest technology in timber sanding using dustless machines even the corners and edges ones to protect your home from being filled with timber dust (95% of the dust will be contained in our machines vacuum).

Our technicians are highly trained and carry at least 10 years of experience and they will employ the best technique to achieve your desired results. If your floors are in severe damage and you need to replace them then we do offer reliable timber floor installation Melbourne services.

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