Concrete Floor Polishing Melbourne

conc-pol2Full Mechanical Polishing is considered the best method of concrete polishing, it is the most environmentally friendly option for flooring as we are using the existing concrete slab and not adding any manufactured floor coverings, it offers many advantages like reducing the lighting costs (due to its high shine), increasing the premises value, does not require any maintenance, its shine last forever (unless some accidents happened) and can be patched in some areas if needed. Please note that this method is optimum for indoor applications only.

This method consists of 10-15 steps (depending on the stone exposure required), we first ground the concrete number of times depending on the desired level of stone exposure, then will be grouted to fill all cracks and pin holes, then we add densifier around 8-10 times and go over it multiple times with diamond impregnated resin pads to harden the surface and achieve the desired level of shine, this shine is actually coming from the concrete itself and there is no top coating added there, then the floor will receive a penetrating sealer which will soaks about 5 mm into the concrete surface to add more shine to the floor to look like a glass.

conc-pol3This method is more expensive than the Grind& Seal method due to the high number of steps needed, for a guide only the unit rate will be $ 90.00 – $ 130.00/m2, generally the price will vary due to the floor size, level of stone exposure, level of shine and original condition of the concrete, please note that a min charge will apply for smaller areas.

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