image019Hardwood timber floor is the most beautiful timber that can be installed in a house, it is a big value asset in your property, its stability, durability and strength make it the best option for timber flooring in your house, it can last for decades and can be sanded and polished at least 4 times over its life,  we offer a wide range of timber species to suit all customers tastes as every species has different wood grain and colour.

We are offering our customers a big selection of hardwood flooring like Tasi Oak, Sydney Blue Gum, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Jarrah, Rose Gum, Grey Gum, Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Cherry, Red Mahogany and King Teak

Hardwood floor vary in sizes and grades, the most common sizes are 80x19mm, 108×19 and 130×19 mm, but other sizes in some species are also available like 60mm, 180 mm and 210 mm in width, there are also three different grades in the market, select grade is the highest and best as it has fine character markings and consistent colour where High Feature grade allows more natural ingredients and character markings, the Standard grade is between both of them.

image015Installation of Hardwood timber flooring can take a bit of time but it worth it considering the benefits you will have once installed, it can be installed on different subfloors like Concrete, Timber joists and on top of existing timber floors. The subfloor may need some leveling or moisture control works before proceeding with the installation work, the floor can be finished with three different types of finishes (matt, satin or Gloss), Another option here by using the prefinished hardwood floor, it saves time and hassle and also have an elegant factory finish, but will require more work on the subfloor level as sanding the floor is not an option here.

We at Prestige Floor Polishing Melbourne provide our customer with 12 month workmanship warranty for more peace of mind, all our technicians are experts in this field and have more than ten years experience in all aspects about timber floor installation, so call us now for a free measure and quote and experience an honest and reliable service.