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Do Timber Floors Require Regular Service? Read To Know.

You may miss out on any furniture in your home but the floor is something that is constructed first amongst all. It is an essential need because its use is obvious. Also, it can be a tough job to choose from a wide number since technology is developing and adding so many varieties to the box each day. There are many types of flooring you can choose while constructing your house; that is, Tile floors, concrete floors, and timber floors. We at Prestige Floors, provide you all including timber floor installation Melbourne service.

Timber floors are made up of Timber and in trend these days since it’s a major throwback from the past. People are choosing timber floors for their residents because the texture of wood goes with every other element of the house. We have been giving our customers many choices for timber because it has many species that can make the best options for your house.

We have options like Tasi Oak, Sydney Blue Gum, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Jarrah, Rose Gum, Grey Gum, Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Cherry, Red Mahogany, and King Teak. All these species have their own texture and organic colour. Though you can select a pain to coat it or just have a nice smooth polishing over it. A polish can change the entire look of the wood you select because of the ingredients used in it.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Do Timber Floors Require Regular Service?

Irrespective of any floor type, as long as it’s being used on a daily basis, it does require maintenance. Again, it depends on the traffic on the floor, if your usage is tough, there is a chance for your floor to experience friction on a higher scale. Friction can contribute negatively to the polish of your floor. Therefore, you may require services like floor sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne.

However, Timber floors are very tough, durable, and full of strength so they can survive young for years and you can get the service done four times during this period.

How To Decide Timber Floor Sizes And Grades?

Timber floors can have many different sizes and grades. Among all, the most common or general sizes are 80x19mm, 108×19, and 130×19 mm, but we also provide other sizes in some species like 60mm, 180 mm, and 210 mm in width. Prestige Floors provide three grades in the market: select grade, high feature grade, and standard grade.

Select grade proves to be the highest and best as it has properties of fine character markings and consistent colour. High feature grade provides more natural colour along with character marking. While standard grade shows a gradient between both of them.


If you are skeptical about the service of Floor Polishing Melbourne wide, our professionals will leave you no doubts. Make sure to hire the most reliable agency for floor sanding and polishing that can work on your requirements like we at prestige floors do!