Floor Sanding Melbourne

What Types of Floors Can Be Polished and Sanded?

Has your floor started to lose its shine and is full of scratches? Do you need professional Floor Polishing in Melbourne, or just go for complete floor sanding? It might surprise you that floor sanding, and polishing can be performed on various floor types more than you can envision.

Our guide on floor sanding & polishing will help you to understand what you need.

Solid Timber Floor Sanding

Solid timber flooring is sanded and then polished for a complete look. You can also so DIY sanding and polishing, but it might not be possible to get a professional finish. You need only a skillful floor sanding team with advanced tools & equipment for doing this particular job. In case you are new to floor sanding and have decided to do this yourself, you may opt for certain mistakes which will leave your floor with nothing but uneven floor surface.

Usually, the floor sanding service starts at $28 m2, and this price may vary from one Floor Sanding Melbourne company to another. In case you need water-cased and Eco-friendly floor coating, the price may heighten.

Few Aspects That Can Increase The Total Cost Of Your Flooring Service:

  • Worn out floors
  • Removing and replacing furniture
  • Removing carpet
  • Areas that need careful sanding
  • If you want to change the colour of your floor, get it stained by paying extra charges.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

You Can Save Money By Doing A Few Things Prior To Your Floor Sanding Job:  

  • Remove furniture
  • Remove the carpets
  • Remove exposed nails

Floating Floor Sanding

Floating floors are famous for their capability to be installed on the top of a concrete slab. High quality floating floorboards acquire authentic timber veneer surface that has factory seal and polishing. Timber is a thin veneer, which needs extra care to sand the floor, or you might sand it through the veneer.

Also, you may get a photo realistic paper lamination option on the surface of floating floorboards. These floors can’t be sanded or polished, but it’s possible to repair minor scratches.

In case your floating floor requires sanding and polishing, ensure that you know whether they have authentic timber veneer or photo realistic paper. Your service provider will let you know whether you need to sand and polish the floor with what kind of coating. With solid timber flooring,  it’s better to have the timber floor installation by experts.

Can You Sand Bamboo Floors?

It’s the biggest confusion between people, whether or not bamboo floors can be sanded and polished. Well, the truth is still unknown because some professionals sand and polish the bamboo floor and others don’t think it’s a good idea.

To make the right decision, consider the following factor:

Bamboo is grass, which is made by pulverising and then re-structuring it under certain pressure. So when you sand it, the strands could come loose.

Only the experts of Floor Sanding Melbourne help you to find the right way of sanding and polishing your bamboo or any other floor type.

So it’s better to consult and hire professionals.