Floor Sanding Melbourne

Know About Most Common Problems Faced During Floor Sanding

Once in a life, every one of us may have tried DIY or floor cleaning, polishing or sanding. Generally, everything has DIY and home remedies depending on its efficiency. It’s obvious everybody wants to save money; it’s fine to do DIY for minor repairs and damages. While one must be extra careful while experimenting for […]

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Everything You Need to Know about Polished Concrete for Flooring

Flooring speaks elegance, be it your home, office, mall, or shop. If your floor looks dull, the whole visual of the place seems hopeless. This indicates the importance of Floor Polishing Melbourne every now and then. Prestige Floors knows how important it is to hold the shine of the floor for as many years as possible. […]

Floor Sanding Melbourne

What Safety Precautions to Follow When Having the Floor Sanded?

Floors with time start looking for tires, stains start appearing more, the discolouration becomes visible even from a distance, the finish is worn out in high traffic areas and so on. To make it just the way after Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, it becomes necessary to have these floors refreshed. This is what Floor Sanding […]

Floor Polishing Melbourne

How Professional Floor Polishing Is Better Than DIY Floor Polishing?

The tempt of doing the floor sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne on yourself is normal. With DIY being a trend recently, the urge of doing everything on your own has become the new normal. Maintaining the timber floor to keep it looking good as new is necessary. The Floor Sanding Melbourne and polishing is what gets […]

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

What Type of Indoor Atmosphere Can Affect the Timber Flooring?

Yes, you heard it right. The indoor weather condition does have an impact on the timber floorings. We are all aware of the temperature differences that we have indoor and outdoor with the sole purpose to provide us comfort. Getting your Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne every time, you feel the need without knowing the […]