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How To Remove The Pet Urine Stains From Hardwood Floors?

Having a pet at home is such a good feeling until you look around and find dark patches on the floor that makes the whole floor look ugly. And the whole room keeps on smelling like pet urine for days. One never realises where the pet can pee. If you have not yet found out […]

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Basic Things to Ensure Durable Hardwood Refinished Floors

Whether it is a roof, flooring, or interior decor, every seasonal change is going to bring unique problems for the home and there is nothing new in it. Everything has a specific validity period and requires proper maintenance and care to last longer and preserve good condition. Winter seasons bring snow and ice, summer brings […]

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What are the Best Suited Floors For a Minimalist Home?

Minimalism is the new trend. The next you may ask is what exactly is minimalism? It is simply owning fewer things. It is an application to any niche. Okay, minimalism and floors? Does this mean owning fewer floors? Funny! But no. It is making the floors more simple texture and natural, neutral colours. It is […]

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Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Trending These Days?

The aesthetics and seek the look of the polished concrete floors have impressed a lot of people these days. The gaining popularity along with the demand it has since it was introduced in the market is impressive. Even today it is among the first choice a lot of people. If you are among these people […]

What Are The Efficient Ways To Prepare The Home Before Sanding?

Over time hardwood floors cause wear and tear that need to be addressed. Floor sanding is an important process when addressing this kind of issues. It is not as simple as you call the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne service provider, ask them to provide the floor sanding services, schedule a date, the service provider comes on […]