Floor Sanding Melbourne

Taking a Precise Step Towards The Betterment of Floor Sanding

There is no doubt that timber wood has been gloriously beautiful and enhances the versatility of the property. Everything requires proper care and maintenance with the passing time to preserve its performance and life.

The need for well-polished flooring is growing by the day, as many individuals aspire to live in a crystal-clear environment. However, this is impossible without proper floor maintenance, which includes Floor Sanding Melbourne.

Essential Tips For Floor Sanding

1) Make Space For the Floor Sanding Process:

Several mobile objects may be laying on the floor in your home. To make room for the repair, all objects and furniture must be removed from the floor before beginning the sanding procedure.

It’s done to protect the surface from damage during the sanding procedure. Aside from that, the sanding process is accelerated due to the availability of the room.

2) Repair the Issues on The Wooden Board:

Only when the hardwood planks or flooring are free of cracks will the sanding operation be effective. If there is a loose board, it must be attached. Also, protruding nails should be hammered to the lowest possible level so that the sanding machine is not harmed.

3) Work with The Grain:

To keep the machine working smoothly, the next step in the sanding process is to refine the grains. The operation of smoothing the surface of the wood and making it free of grains is included in the task of timber flooring in Melbourne.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

4) Don’t Forget to Sand the Periphery of The Wooden Plank:

The hardwood plank’s periphery is sanded in each of the sanding procedures. The machine is capable of sanding the wood’s edges to get the appropriate finish. The sides of the hardwood plank are difficult to sand. The work, on the other hand, gets simple with the assistance of the stated tool.

5) Look for The Hole If Any:

After the surface has been properly grained, the next critical step is to use fillers to fill in the gaps and lines of scratches. The dirt from the sanding needs to be cleaned out of the holes. After that, the latex wood filler ensures that the wood is free of holes.

6) Focus on Giving the Nice Finishing Touch:

The final touch of finish on the wooden plank signals the end of the sanding process for the wood floor. If there are any stains, they must be dealt with properly. This stain aids in the creation of both brighter and deeper hues of wood. The surface should be given an appropriate wood finish.


We all know that wooden floors require a lot of upkeep, but with a little discipline, you can extend their life. You can use rigid plastic mats, which usually come with spikes, to remove grit and dirt from the soles of your shoes. Hire prestige floors for the high-standard Floor Sanding Melbourne services. We follow the best industry practice for the best flooring service.