Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Should You Install The Flooring First Or The Cabinets?

You want what is best for your home; every homeowner does want it. Flooring is an essential element of the house. It impacts the visual aesthetics of your entire home. Before or after installing the flooring, they would require upkeep and regular maintenance. Say, for example, you chose the Timber floor, you would need to get the Floor Sanding Melbourne service on a regular or per requirement basis to ensure the floor looks exquisite as they are.

If you are building or remodeling your home, it is the question that you will always face. The best possible answer to this question would depend on the flooring you choose. Though timber floor is the most popular choice for flooring, homeowners do opt for other options too, like tiles, engineered floor, floating floor, and more as per the requirement. If you choose Timber Floor Installation Melbourne around, it is preferable to install the flooring before the cabinets. It is different for floorings.

For Which Flooring Is It Better To Install The Flooring First Than The Cabinet?

  • Hardwood Floors: 

It is better to install the floor first and then the cabinet for Solid Hardwood floors. There are two reasons for it. First, it is preferable to have a standard height when installing the cabinet. Second, you do not want to damage your cabinets while installing the floors.

  • Tile Floors:

Tiles are suitable both ways around. Either you can install it before the cabinet as well as after. When installing the tiles before the cabinet, you will have a smooth surface to work on. Further, you would have a better idea for choosing the cabinet layout based on the installed tiles’ colour and texture.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

For Which Flooring Is It Better To Install The Cabinet First Than Flooring?

  • Floating Floors:

If you are looking forward to getting a floating floor for your home, whether in vinyl, laminate or engineered hardwood, it is better to install the cabinets first. Unlike the conventional floorings, these are not glued or nailed to the subfloor. These floors are more prone to shifts, expansion and contraction. It would cause the cabinets installed after the flooring installation to move, which is less desirable. Also, the cabinets seem to damage the floating flooring due to their weight.

  • Tile Floors:

You can opt to choose the tile installation. After cabinets, you have to use fewer tiles as the area under the cabinet is eliminated. However, you may not have the cabinet layout opting for flexibility. The cabinet installation process can also damage the tiles. You can save your tiles from expensive damages by getting the cabinet installation first.

Whatever your floor choice may be, it is better to know whether to install the floor first or later. The key is to get a clear idea; if you are getting Timber Floor Installation Melbourne in the home, opt for its installation first without fail. You can also enquire more about it to the floor installation professional.