Tile Lay Floor Polishing Melbourne

Tile floor is a piece of beauty and value added to your house, it is also the most durable and hard wearing type of flooring plus it requires the least maintenance of all floor types.

Whether it is tile floor installation from scratch or floor replacement job, we can help, first step by checking the subfloor to ensure that the condition of the subfloor is ready to receive the tile flooring, if it is a new building we have to ensure that the concrete subfloor has cured completely before laying the new floor, if the subfloor is timber it will require the laying of plasterboard sheets on the subfloor before laying the tile floor to protect the subfloor.

Selecting a good quality grout is very important here as the good quality grout will last for longer and will require less maintenance over its life, also the selection of the grout colour is playing a crucial role in the beauty of the floor, we can help you by showing you some real samples of the grout on the floor before applying them to guarantee your satisfaction with the final outcome.

At Prestige Floor Polishing Melbourne we only use the high quality material for all tiles project to guarantee your satisfaction with the final product and extend the life of your floors to the max, call us today for a free obligation site visit and quote to get your dream tile job done at the best in a hassle-free way.