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Save yourself a penny from floor polishing by choosing best timber

In our previous blog we had discussed about different types of timber and also we saw how timber was graded. In this blog we will discuss about the types of timber and how to maintain flooring to by the best Floor Polishing Melbourne Techniques. Also how elegant floor Sanding Melbourne is done to give flooring a perfect finish.

Before discussing about the techniques we would go through timber types.

  • French Oak: It’s a type of imported timber having grain features like decorative light knots and colour ranges from cream to pale brown.
  • Jarrah: This type of timber is well known for its density and superior resistance against insects, so it’s commonly used for both commercial and residential flooring. Jarrah is beautiful flooring having attractive colour ranges from rich red colour to soft burgundy.
  • Karri: It’s usually made from the tallest trees in Australia. Usually known for its hardness and density. Colour ranges from lively red colour with overtones from pale pink to rich reddish brown.
  • Messmate: Well known for its hardwood species. It has variety of timber applications. Messmate is pale browns through to light yellows with subtle hints of peach.
  • New England Oak: It is well known for its even texture with variable grain and prominent growth rings. New England oak’s colour ranges from soft yellows and pinks to pinkish browns.
  • Red Mahogany: It’s prized for its density with fine grain. As name suggests Red Mahogany is available in deep red colouring.
  • Ribbon Gum: Mostly found in cooler areas and Ribbon gum is available in soft pink tones.

These are some of the main types of timbers and their specifications which will allow you to choose well. After selecting and having it installed to your home you should follow these well-known floor polishing Melbourne Techniques.

  1. Vacuum your floor once in a week: It’s good to vacuum your floor once in a week because by doing so debris and dust will be evacuated from your flooring making it scratch free and will save your wood flooring from fading it away.
  2. Avoid Rain and liquid spills: Remember that water can not only ruin the wooden floor but can also penetrate deep inside the wood and will stain it.
  3. Use no wax floor cleaner for removal of residue: Wipe spills and dirt immediately don’t let liquid spills remain stagnant as liquid can damage the floor finish and can stain it.
  4. Invest In furniture pads: It’s like adding a cover to protect your thing as it will look more beautiful and will avoid scratching of surface by your pets and also your own foot.

So these are some best Floor Polishing Melbourne techniques which will allow you to maintain your floor look beautiful for long period of time.