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Prestige Floors Experts Define the Types of Stone Floor Polishing Methods

Do you ever wonder how the professionals of floor polishing Melbourne makes a stone floor shiny? If yes, Prestige Floors is here to answer. Prestige Floor has been working in the marketplace for many decades and knows every advanced technique to polish and sand various floor types – stone, wooden timber, concrete, etc.

So let’s find out how their team of experts makes any stone floor shine?

  1. Diamond Abrasive Grinding

This process is done by grinding a stone surface with abundant grits of an industrial-grade diamond. These diamonds generally have 3 to 4-inch diameter discs or pads. Almost 6 discs are placed on the bottom of the floor machine and then hold with a Velcro. At the speed 175 rpm (which is the low speed) the machine is used to drive these plates and sand the floor surface with diamonds, which removes scratches. The process is repeated over and over again until the desired shine is achieved.

  1. Polishing compounds and powders

Fine aluminum grains or tin oxide can be used to make a stone floor glazy. These compounds are rubbed or buffed on the surface to create a brightening shine. This process is the same as that of the diamond abrasive grinding except that the powered is more abrasive than the diamonds. This process is exceeded with oxalate or oxalic acid to generate a crystallization like reaction. The powered is simply put the surface and wet with water to create a paste, which is further buffed into the stone with the help of a 175 rpm floor machine.

  1. Crystallization

This process involves a chemical named fluorosilicate, which is sprayed on the stone and buffed with steel wool pads lead to new crystal and glass-like surface. The surface now is bright and shiny. Well, the process is not finished yet as 175 rpm heavy machine is used to generate friction and heat required to generate and polish the crystal.

  1. Thick Coating

This is the most common floor polishing technique, which is also known as “waxing.” A semi-liquid or liquid wax, urethane, acrylic, or polymer is applied or coated on the floor with the help of lamb’s wool applicator, mop, or sprayer. Some are buffed out and others left to achieve the shiny floor surface. This is accomplished with high-speed burnishing machine and fiber hair pads.

NOTE: This process is not suitable for porous stone.

That’s all folks. These are the common flooring processes that are used to make even the oldest floor shiny. However, the floor polishing process may vary from location to location and from one company to another. Ask your experts for floor polishing and ask which process will they use.

Wrapping Up

You can reach Prestige Floors for the quality services of floor Sanding Melbourne anytime.