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Preparing A Home For The New Floor Installation

For any home renovation project or flooring project, systematic planning is important for smooth work completion. Flooring projects may be confusing as it includes so much of activities and decision making related to proper floor selection, hiring perfect Floor Polishing Melbourne Company, waste management and many more. For neat and smooth flooring installation work, preparing a place for the installation plays a crucial role, it will be very much smooth and easy to do flooring when the place is already prepared and all unwanted things are removed.

By reading this blog, you will realize the importance of prepping up home before any flooring projects. Preparing the home is just the prime and basic step on which entire flooring performance is dependent. If you are planning to do any renovation or home building projects, keep these things in mind to get your work done hassle-free.

1) Remove the Breakable and Delicate Items from the Home:

Remove all the paintings, hanging objects, and home décor items to prevent them from dust. Keep delicate items like glass, pots, and other items in a safer place to prevent them from breaking and causing the unnecessary mess. Stop the electric, water, and gas services before beginning with the flooring project to avoid any accidents.

2) Keep The Pets At A Safer Location:

Pets have the habit of roaming; move the pets to other safe locations because the chemicals and flooring equipments are harmful to the pets.

3) Clear Up The Room Properly By Removing Furniture And Other Stuff:

Plan all essential move-out in advance before the flooring installation work starts. Move out the room furniture with a cover to prevent them from getting dirty. Prefer doing basic tasks by yourself that will help you to save time and some money.

4) Close The Other Rooms Of The House To Prevent Mess:

Close the other rooms of the house while flooring projects because floor installations are usually a messy job that causes lots of dirt. You can use the masking tape to cover the doors and other things

5) Analyze Whether The New Flooring Will Raise The Actual Floor Height:

Check whether new floor installation leads to heighted floor or not. With expert consultation, you can get necessary ideas about flooring whether to remove the baseboard or trim accordingly.Experts can help to readjust the floor according to your requirement and choices.

6)  Arrange Proper Waste Disposal:

Waste disposal and management is the essential part of the flooring to ensure the clean and tidy flooring work. It is best to offer a separate workspace for flooring contractors to carry their essential tasks and equipment handling as it will helping in flexible trimming and other flooring resizing operations. Prefer hiring a waste disposal service in advance to get your area clean on time.


Floor installation and renovations are a bit expensive jobs that can’t be performed on the regular basis so, make sure you get the job by a professional Floor Polishing Melbourne company that offers durability and guaranteed work. At Prestige Floors, we treat every customer as a priority hence we respond to every request in a short period of time. Book your appointment for the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne with us today.