Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Never Miss These Things About Wood Flooring Before You Choose One

Whether you are concerned about a home or office renovation, few things remain the same no matter, what new arrives in the market. Wood flooring is one of those ever-green choices for the home renovation. If you are finding the timber floor installation Melbourne Company currently then, consideration of this guide can be a good turn.

Before we prefer to find the Floor Sanding Melbourne or floor polishing company, our goal is clear about converting the dull floor into a sparkling one. Indeed!

Prestige Floors is a Melbourne based company that strives to offer all type of flooring needs. With many years of expertise in this field, we can simply suggest wooden flooring is the most-chosen flooring type among the homeowners. It is because this type of flooring makes a room look good and it will add elegance and warmth in a place. However, we couldn’t choose the floor type based on the looks only; there are many more factors that come in a play.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Here we share three most popular type of wooden flooring

Before we go through various wooden flooring types, here are a few choices you could make!

  • Hardwood

Such type of timber flooring is made of real wood from the top to bottom. It also harvests from a variety of trees like pine, walnut, and oak. When it comes to ensuring the durability – It is extremely durable and it will last for a longer period of time. It can also be refinished many times over a longer life. However, most of the hardwood floors come up pre-finished with the top protective layer which should be kept away from the moisture.

  • Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring is basically a veneer of real wood that stuck to several other layers of the wood like plywood. It will give excellent stability to the wood with the time. This type of wood is durable so it can be used in any home area. Also, it holds up better to moisture than other hardwood.

  • Laminate Wood

Laminate wooden flooring is composed of a synthetic material that makes the look of wood classy which will then laminated. However, the hardwood floor is a perfect choice, cost-effective and it is a smart alternative of the laminate. It comes in different wood floor designs and it is resistant to bacteria and mould.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Benefits of wooden flooring

  • The wooden flooring is completely durable and with the care, it can last for a long time
  • The wooden flooring can help you increase the home value if you plan to sell it nearly
  • It will give your home a perfect look and appeal

End of the buzz!

Prestige Floors is the top-most timber floor installation Melbourne Company that works on all the flooring related needs with the dedication. If you want your floor to remain shiny for a longer period, Prestige Floors can be your perfect partners!