Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Know Why Timber Flooring Is Demanding These Days

We get many sustainable resources from nature that have been helping huge numbers of commercial and other businesses. Gas, coal,metals ,crude,sand ,stones  and many more resources that are provided by mother earth naturally free of cost . Renewable resources have helped many people in employment and have been a source of income for most of the commercial businesses like Timber Floor Installation Melbourne and other construction companies that use timber wood in their business.

What Is Timber Flooring?

Timber is the product derived from the trees and widely used in construction industries  for flooring and sanding purposes. Half of our earth is covered with forests with millions of trees  , other than timber trees also offer a variety of valuable commodities like wood,paper,fruits and many more.

Timber flooring is generally known as wooden flooring  that is manufactured from timber specially processed for use as flooring purpose at home and various workplaces.

Benefits of Timber Flooring :

  1. Easy installation
  2. Easy to clean and maintain
  3. offers a rich and classy look .
  4. Timbers are hard and durable
  5. Adds the extra value to your home.
  6. You can customize finishing and designs as per your decor needs .
  7. Timber flooring is safe as it is naturally derived from trees .
  8. Provides better warmness to feet at the time of winter.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

What are the Methods of Timber Installation :

Process of timber floor installation is easy and can also be done by self if confident . Timber flooring installation can be done using four ways  that are nailing down,stapling,adhesives and floating. Choose whichever way you’re comfortable if you are doing by yourself.

Methods of  Timber Flooring Installation :

  1. Nailing:

Nailing is the common method which is being used mostly by the majority of companies for timber installation. Here wooden planks are fixed using special nails with specific flooring mallet that is useful in reducing vibrations and prevents timber for cracking.

  1. Stapling:

This method is also similar to nailing , in this method a huge pneumatic nail is being used to ensure flooring staples and fixing into the timber. Stapling is faster than that of nailing but you have to hire that big nail equipment for the efficient timber installation.

  1. Adhesives:

If your floor already has tiles or timber floors that you don’t want to remove out then you can use adhesive glue to install timber floors on the top of existing floors and you are good to go.

  1. Floating:

Floating allows installation of timber flooring by just locking each other . Here wooden planks lock each other and sit on the top of existing  flooring. Floating methods are mainly used in dance floorings and banquets.

End note :

Carpets and other flooring materials degrade  its performance with age. On the other hand timber flooring looks better as it ages because of its sustainable nature and durability. It’s recommended to perform floor sanding to timber if it has lost his shine and finishing. There are many companies that include Floor Sanding Melbourne services every specific year in their  floor installation contract.