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Know About Most Common Problems Faced During Floor Sanding

Once in a life, every one of us may have tried DIY or floor cleaning, polishing or sanding. Generally, everything has DIY and home remedies depending on its efficiency. It’s obvious everybody wants to save money; it’s fine to do DIY for minor repairs and damages. While one must be extra careful while experimenting for the first time or using any new DIY technique. If you like a creative or unique design, then trying DIY can be your favourite job. At last, everything depends on the final coating.

If you want to recreate your home by yourself and plan to attempt the by yourself, keep reading this blog until the end!

Keep these Two Points in Mind While Doing Perfectly

  1. Run the machine continues to the wall without stopping and proceed with the same method while going back without stopping.
  2. Use the coarse sandpaper to flatten the floor surface efficiently and then follow it with finer grade paper.

With the right tools and equipment, anyone can achieve the perfect using DIY. Just be confident and run the machine without pause to not lead to chatter marks. Try to be a perfectionist; it’s not that tough. Try to prevent chatter marks as they can be seen in the light reflection and affect the floor appearance.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Before coating the floor surface, make sure you clean the floor properly so that there are no dust particles during the floor top coating. The most common mistake the people make during the DIY is that not giving attention to little dirt. Giving attention to the dust particles is important as it will affect the overall reason for the Floor Sanding Melbourne so, make sure you make your DIY worthy.

Carry out floor coating using polyurethane; below are some valuable tips for final coats preparation,

  • Blow down or vacuum the dust from the floor surface before beginning with the first-floor coating. According to experts, it is said that final cleaning is the secret to get successful.

Pro-tip to Collect the Smallest Fine Dust Particles:

  • To perform this method, you will need a rag, soak a significant rag in a bucket of warm water, and try to wring out it as much as possible to leave it slightly damp.
  • Wrap the slightly damp rag to the head of the broomstick; now use it as a tack rag to get rid of the fine particles. You will be stunned to see the result as it removes the fine particles efficiently.


Hope you found the above information useful for performing easy DIY. Your flooring is the most crucial factor of the home; ensure you finish your DIY in a proper way. Hire prestige floors for any Floor Sanding Melbourne services we are highly experienced flooring experts that strive to meet the customer’s expectations. We focus on quality at the utmost priority over quantity.

If you have any ideas or thought for the DIY floor sanding, feel free to share in the comment box.