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How Flooring Trends Have Evolved Over The Ages

A floor has the power to make or break a room’s design. It is an important part of an interior and often the first thing that is noticed when entering a room. Flooring trends have evolved over time, as they have with fashion and many other aspects of life. Luckily, there are now many Timber Floor Installation Melbourne options for you to choose from, no matter what era you are trying to recreate in your home.

How Have Flooring Trends Evolved Over The Ages?

It’s no secret that flooring trends have evolved over the ages. From being a luxury to a necessity, flooring trends have changed to suit the needs of the time. You could say that this evolution has been driven by people’s desire for a better quality of life, which is why homeowners and business owners alike need to pay attention to these changes.

A Bit of a History of Flooring Trends

In the past, flooring trends focused more on parquet and herringbone patterns. These days, however, you’ll find a range of different styles out there: timber floorboards and solid timber floors are becoming more popular with homeowners.

The trend has also changed from polished concrete floors and faux wood to ceramic tiles, stone, laminate, and vinyl. While this may seem like a subtle difference in style over time (and it is), the use of these materials has shifted significantly over time – particularly with tile flooring becoming increasingly popular since its introduction into mainstream home decorating around 1850.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne



Early to Mid-1800s – Parquet and Herringbone Patterns

If you’re looking to install flooring in your home, it’s a good idea to know the trends that have come and gone throughout history. Although it might seem like there is no rhyme or reason behind these changes, they do actually make sense once you understand their context—and how they relate to our modern preferences.

Parquet and herringbone patterns were popular in the early to mid-1800s for their clean lines and uniformity. Parquet is a pattern of wood blocks arranged in a geometric shape; herringbone patterns use alternating rows of blocks in opposite directions.

The 1850s to 1900s – Timber Floorboards and Solid Timber Floors

Timber floorboards were popular in the 19th century. They were used in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms of homes across Australia.

Timber floors were made from hardwood such as oak, beech, or maple. Timber floorboards could be seen with various finishes, including waxed finish, oiled finish and varnished finish.

1920s to 1950s – Polished Concrete Floors and Faux Wood


If you were a homeowner in the 1920s and 1930s, the chances are good that you had polished concrete floors. They were popular because they were hard-wearing, inexpensive and easy to clean. In contrast to the elaborate woodwork found in older homes, these minimalist floors made for a clean look that was also modern.

If your home is from the 1950s or earlier, then it’s likely that some of your floorings is made from faux wood panels. These panels can be real wood veneers over a plywood core or just thin sheets of wood-looking composite material glued together and then laminated over another sheet, as well as thinner sheets used inside cabinets and drawers (which were often covered with linoleum). Faux wood was used throughout kitchens, bathrooms and hallways—anywhere there wasn’t carpeting—as well as areas like entryways where people would see them most frequently.

The 1960s to Present Day – Ceramic Tiles, Stone, Laminate & Vinyl

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Stone
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl


Many changes have been happening in the flooring industry, and we will continue to see more going forward. We hope that this article was helpful for your home renovation project, and if you want to get started on your own then please contact prestige floors today so we can help make it happen. We have a highly-experienced team of flooring experts that is capable of performing Timber floor installation Melbourne and amazing flooring jobs.