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Floor Sanding Melbourne – Difference between Sanding & Buffing

Are you going for Floor Sanding Melbourne? If yes, there is much more to know about the difference between floor sanding and buffing.

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At the point when you sand your hardwood floors, you utilize coarse sanding hardware to evacuate the entirety of the completion and stain from your floors as smooth out the wood underneath those layers of stain and sealer. It is a concentrated procedure that takes everything from the floor by granulating it down to the conventional wood underneath such sparkle.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

When the defensive layers of sealer have been evacuated, you keep on sanding the hardwood to expel any scratches, scratches or different blemishes. Regularly, you would do this with a drum floor sander, an enormous bit of gear you can lease from home improvement stores. It would help if you sanded the floor a few times over with logically better sandpaper to make sure that the floor is as smooth as conceivable before resurfacing it. When you’re finished sanding, you can recolour the floor once more. After the stain has dried, the last advance is to polish it off with an enamel, polyurethane wood finish or elective oil or sealer.


Not at all like sanding, which requires handling the whole floor, you can buff just little zones of your floor if necessary. For instance, in case you have a shallow scratch or small scratch on your hardwood floor, you might have the option to buff it out by hand without resurfacing the whole floor.

Polishing primarily addresses harm and defects in the sealant layers ensuring your hardwood floors. You might need to buff your floors as opposed to sanding them if the completion of the floor is looking dull and scratched. You can likewise buff floors made of different materials, similar to tile, to bring back their shine.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

You can buff your floors either by hand or with remain behind apparatus you can lease from a home improvement store. In any case, it’s critical to clean your floor before beginning ultimately. Something else, soil or residue could stall out in the clean.

To buff out a little scratch in your floor clean by hand, rub metal fleece over the harm until the scratch or ding has been levelled out, and you can’t see it any longer. At that point, re-finish the zone by applying hardwood floor wax with a terrycloth towel and scouring it into the territory. Polish off by scouring the region with a polishing cushion to make it as sparkling as the remainder of your floor.

To buff your whole floor, lease a polishing machine from your neighbourhood home improvement store. On the off chance that you’ve recently cleaned the floor, evacuate the wax clean before beginning. At that point clean the floor altogether and permit it to dry totally before you start the machine and start polishing another layer of clean into the floor.

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