Floor Polishing Melbourne

Floor Polishing – How can you do it? Discover Here!

Are you planning to polish your floor? Do you know the right way to do it? If not, you are in the right place. Today, we will be your guide for the DIY floor polishing Melbourne.

So fasten yourself and keep up the enthusiasm to clean your floor. 

Tools to be used:

  • Sponge mop
  • Dustpan & broom
  • Dish soap and water Or wood floor cleaner
  • Wood floor polish
  • Flathead mop along with microfiber cleaning pad

Step #1: Test the finishing on your floor

Before you begin your floor polishing process, find out what type of finishing is done on it. For that, scrap off a bit from an unnoticeable area with a sharp blade or knife.

If the scrapped material is smudged and doesn’t contain any material, it’s probably a penetrating finish. Quit your plan as such a floor should only be waxed.

If you can notice the clear material, it’s likely a surface finish. Such floors are safe to polish.

Step #2: Clean and clear the dust from the floor

After finding out the type of finishing, empty the entire area. Now, dust and then clean the entire floor. If there’s any furniture, clear that out as well. Your floor must be free of everything. It must be clean as a canvas. Mop the entire floor with professional wood floor cleaner or simply clean it with soap and water solution after successfully sweeping or vacuuming your floor. Give a final pass to your floor with water damped mop to remove any residue.  Finally, dry it with a dry and clean towel.

floor polishing Melbourne

Step #3: Polish and add some shine

Start from the back corner of the room. Pour some floor polishing solution on the floor and start weeping it in back and forth direction. Make sure to add a thin layer of the solution as the double coating can be done after but if it’s in excess, it can ruin the entire floor. Focus on the wood grain and weep back and forth in that direction. Start with a small area and cover the entire floor slowly. The thin layer dries quickly so be sure with the quantity.

NOTE: Polishing can stain your walls and other areas so avoid splashing.

Step #4: Wait for at least 1 day

You should wait till 1 hour to allow light traffic and an entire day for moving your belongings and furniture on the floor. Even the professional’s Floor Sanding Melbourne suggests the same so that you can get satisfying and durable results. For extra protection, you can place felt furniture pads as well.

Step #5: Follow the precautions

Everything is done but it doesn’t mean that you can be reckless with the floor. Maintain your floor by placing rugs on them. It will protect your floor from scratching, staining, other damages.

Why you should hire professionals?

You have done the entire flooring yourself; however, there are a few reasons that make snit important to hire professionals for this task. The biggest reason for hiring experts is advanced tools, high-quality products, and complete services. Some experts like Prestige Floors offer a 100% work guarantee that makes it more crucial to hire only them.

So why not hire the experts of Floor Polishing Melbourne now? Call 0426 806 554 now!