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Everything You Should Know About the Polished Concrete Floor

Polished things are always looking good, whether it is clothes or floors, right? That’s the reason, we prefer to choose accomplished things first, and if we are conscious about our home’s appearance, then we get Floor Polishing Melbourne services at the regular interval by contacting the Prestige Floor company which has mastery in the flooring services.

If you have a concrete floor then for that our company delivers Floor Sanding Melbourne services like a timber floor. When we choose a polished concrete floor for our home, then it will deliver you long-lasting life and easy maintenance. That’s why it becomes the most favorable choice for many people from decades when they do not afford the timber floor.

Want to know everything about the polished concrete floor like its process, application and advantages? Then you should refer our blog for sturdy information.

The concrete Polishing complete procedure

Generally, the concrete polishing procedure is relying on the required finishing of customers. But you can describe it in the below step for the guide.

  • Cut –To open up the floors and make it prepare for the next process, first of all, the expert will cut the floor.
  • Grout –If any hairline cracks or tiny hole creates in the grinding process, then concrete finisher fills it with standard grout so that the floor becomes ready for the next process.
  • Densifier –After completing the grouting process finisher applies densifier to make strong between cement and grout. This process is important for standard polishing services.
  • Polish –Now, the floor becomes ready for Floor Polishing services in Melbourne so that concrete finisher starts their process with grit resin abrasives.
  • Sealer –At the end of polishing, finisher adds a further layer on the floor that is sealer or guard so that finishing stays for a longer duration.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Application of Concrete Polished Floor in General

In the market, the concrete floor is a demanding product due to its versatile application range. From all here we just give an overview of application which is commonly known.

  • Retail stores –To handle heavy foot traffic, the concrete floor is the best choice so that its the best choice for different stores.
  • Salons& Restaurants–When you need a sleek and stylish look then the concrete floor is there for you, that’s why salons as well restaurants prefer it to improve their appearance.

There is an example of professional areas like warehouse, office, hospitals, hotels, auto showroom where you mostly see the polished concrete floor. But in the residential property, it becomes more famous and first preference for look, durability and sturdy structure.

Advantages of Concrete Polished Floor

There are lots of benefits of the concrete polished floor which attracts people toward it in mass. Let’s we also know them.

  • Affordable –the cost of floor polishing is least from the timber floor and other flooring options.
  • Durable –It able to handle heavy load and higher traffic because of its solid strength and durability.
  • Long-life –As it is sturdy in nature and if it will install and maintained adequately, then its life duration is longer can be over a century.

Just like above low- maintenance, environment- friendly, healthy, non-slip, reflective, customizable are further benefits of these floors.

At last,

These are all about the polished concrete floor. If you want to install it or need Floor Polishing Melbourne services for the concrete floor, then you can trust Prestige Floor for standard and efficient results.