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Do You Know Your Indoor Climate Affects Flooring?

There is no doubt about the beauty of timber flooring, having timber flooring at home is always a wow factor and a worthy investment for the home. Timber floor is the premium choice of most homeowners and business owners.  With the timber floor, even the worst and the average room can be transformed beautifully. Every timber floor requires proper care and maintenance, no matter whichever wooden floorboard it is. Take advice from the reputed Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne company to know whether your floor needs sanding or not.

As we sweat with the moisture and humid temperature, in the same way, wooden floors are also allergic to humid weather and moisture. Engineered timber wood is generally resistant to climate while solid timber wood has lower resistance from moisture and other climatic factors. People are aware that seasonal changes affect the timber wood floor but most of the homeowners are not aware that even the indoor climate of the house affects the performance of the flooring.

How Indoor Climate Affects the Flooring Inside the Home

The problem is humidity will be the main issue on summer days, there is nothing wrong in saying that humidity and moisture is the enemy of the timber wood flooring. It can lead to mould growth, bacteria, virus, and mite infestations. Utilise the fan and air-conditioning properly in the summertime and heating in the wintertime to maintain the accurate temperature inside the home. Generally, the humidity should be up to 30 to 50% inside the house to prevent movement of the flooring.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

The problem on winter days is that the room is heated artificially using the heater hence, the air is dry because the air is artificially circulated inside the room.  So, in winter, the wooden flooring is likely to lose its moisture and as a result, the floor gets shrink.

So, you might be confused about how to check humidity inside the house?

  • Humidity level keeps on fluctuating as the season changes from hot to cold. If you are seriously concerned about your timber flooring inside the house then you can use a tool such as a Thermo hygrometer to measure the humidity level inside the room. This tool will help to measure the temperature, moisture saturation and calculate the humidity level in the air to maintain the right humidity in the room.
  • When the timber floor experiences extreme cold or heat, it makes the timber wood weak and stressed. This can lead to cracked or cupping of the floor. The thing you can do is maintain the proper humidity level even if you have artificial heating and cooling systems or any other dehumidifier.


so, by reading the entire blog, you might have realized how the indoor humidity and other HVAC impact the timber floorings. Hire prestige floors for the guaranteed Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne services. Book an appointment with us today and experience the hassle-free flooring service like never before. Our experts strive to make a huge difference by offering high-quality floor finishing to achieve the client’s expectations.