Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Best Areas to get Timber Floor Installation Explained

The entire home deserves to be installed with sturdy and stylish timber floor installation Melbourne. But if your budget is low or you want to use a variety of flooring in your home or office, there are certain areas to choose from.

  1. Hallway

Your hallway will look amazing when you will cover it with a robust timber floor. The hallway is the first area your guests or visitors will see the first; therefore, it must be amazing. You can pick some luxury accessories such as a chandelier to complement the look.

  1. Stairs

The biggest reason for using timber flooring for your stairs is that it’s “anti-skit.” No matter which type of stairs do you own, using timber on the top will give a royal look by ensuring your safety. If you have pets, kids, or old age members in your home, it’s better to go with timber flooring for your stairs. Also, you can use the wooden handrail to complete the look.

  1. Kitchen

When working in the kitchen, it’s natural to spill liquid or other foodstuffs on the floor. Timber flooring is easy to clean and the polishing over its surface prevents staining. Imagine having a marble flooring in the kitchen and spending hours cleaning those nasty stains from the floor. Moreover, dropping oil or water on stone floors can lead to an accident but as timber is skit proof, there are negligible chances of this to be happening. So stay safe with your timber flooring.

  1. Balcony

Nothing can replace the traditional wooden flooring look in the balcony. You can make any home the perfect home with timber flooring in the balcony. Place chair, table, small sofa (if the balcony is big), or a swing to complete the look. This way you can enjoy the outside look or even chill with your friends and family.

  1. Conference Room

When it comes to corporate properties, having wooden flooring in the entire office is pointless. This is because your employees might not be as careful as you are. That’s why having a timber floor in special places such as a conference room is ideal. You can give an amazing look to your room by having timber flooring and a long wooden table surrounded by wooden chairs. So authentic!

  1. Dance Room

If you are a dance lover or your kid practice dance at home, it’s preferable to go for timber flooring. It provides a smooth floor promoting your body to move freely. Also, the material will protect you from slipping. Just install a gigantic mirror to keep a track of each move and your room will look like a perfect dance room. Such an area is suitable for belly dancers. So dance like nobody is watching you on your timber floor.

  1. Garden

Surprised? Well, some people think that having timber or wooden flooring in the garden is a bad idea because it can wear out or rot easily. Your timber floor will indeed bear the sunlight, rain, storms, and other weather wraths, but it doesn’t mean it can’t stand these elements. When installed in the garden, a timber floor is polished in such a way that it can stay for years.

So for which area would you contact the Prestige Floors?  You can even contact them for Floor Sanding Melbourne as well.