Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Basic Things to Ensure Durable Hardwood Refinished Floors

Whether it is a roof, flooring, or interior decor, every seasonal change is going to bring unique problems for the home and there is nothing new in it. Everything has a specific validity period and requires proper maintenance and care to last longer and preserve good condition. Winter seasons bring snow and ice, summer brings hot temperature while monsoon adds moisture and dirt. Despite every seasonal variation, timber floors are the easiest to maintain among all the flooring because of their amazing natural properties. But even if you clean your hardwood floor on the regular basis, it needs professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service every 3 to 5 years for the proper maintenance.

1) Keep A Habit of Cleaning Spills and Spots Immediately:

Whenever you spill anything on the wooden floor, clean it immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid the use of steaming or wiping the wooden floor with a wet cloth as the moisture causes wooden to swell and shrink. It’s better to keep the wooden floor as dry and humidity-free as possible because moisture can damage the hardwood with time causing gaps, splitting, and swelling.

2) Sweeping and Dusting Floor Daily:

Sweeping and dusting on the daily basis keep the wooden floor free from dirt and maintains a hygienic home. Even you don’t wear footwear in the house, dust can come from anywhere hence it is a must-do thing to maintain a clean wooden floor.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

3) Use Furniture Pads:

Scratches on the wooden floors ruin the entire show of the floor so, always prefer to add furniture pads to the legs of every piece of furniture in your house so, you can prevent scratches while you move the things while cleaning. While some scratches can easily be fixed by cleaning and rubbing of soft damp cloth while others might be so stubborn to remove. Include a furniture pad below every sofa, table, chairs, and cupboards.

4) Perform Vacuum Cleaning Every Week:

Every week vacuuming might sound a bit difficult but it is an essential part of hardwood maintenance because just sweeping might not be enough. Vacuuming can help you to clean dust particles or crumbs you might left somewhere in the hidden areas. Vacuuming can pull out the dirt without scratching the floor.

5) Clean Floors with High-Quality Wooden Floor Cleaner Every Month:

Invest in good products to get better quality cleaning. There are many cleaners available in the market claiming to provide the A-one cleaning but always verify ingredients in the cleaning product whether it is ideal to use on a wooden floor or not. Polished Timber can react with some chemicals and lead to spots on the floor, so prefer natural and good cleaning products.

6) Perform Refinishing And Necessary Services Every 3-5 Years:

At last proper maintenance and cleaning can reduce the damage and help you to save on the flooring service. But even after taking care, after 3-5 years, wooden floors may start looking a bit dull and needs proper polishing and coating from time to time. Leave the polishing and refinishing services up to professionals.


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