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Amazing Practical Techniques To Remove Hardwood Floor Stains

Hardwood floors have always been the luxurious choice of the people to make the house look beautiful and durable.  Though every house needs proper maintenance from flooring, roofing and everything. Every factors should be considered before planning house construction, if the maintenance is affordable and worth it, then there is no harm in installing various kinds of flooring. But it can be irritating when the spills and stains don’t go away even after the cleaning.Dark rings and water stains on the hardwood floor looks bad and ruin the overall appearance of the flooring. It’s not always affordable to call professional Floor Sanding Melbourne Company to clean the floors for every minor issue and stains.

Below are Some Practical Methods that are Effective to Clean the Hardwood Stains and Helps in Reliable Flooring Maintenance

1) Use White Vinegar and Cold Water:

Vinegar is proven to remove the topical stubborn flooring stains. It is effective in removing ink, dye and other stubborn marks from the hardwood flooring. Because of acidic nature of vinegar, it effectively loosens the grit and dirt and prevents the floor from corrosion.  Use vinegar in combination with the little water and apply it on the stain. Keep the vinegar on the floor for some time and gently clean with the paper towel or tissue using the one finger method and it’s done. You will notice the stain vanishing slowly. Repeat the method after some time if necessary.

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2) Use Hydrogen Peroxide With Water:

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used in various cleaning products because of its effective cleaning and bleaching property.  It is easily available at the local store.  Prepare a solution with water and hydrogen peroxide and prefer spraying method to effectively get rid of the stained area. Spray generously on the affected area only and cover it with the paper towel or tissue paper and let it sit there for an hour. Pick up the towel and you will notice the stain getting lighter. Keep checking until the stain get removed and clean it with water when done and wipe it efficiently

3) Sand and Sealant Finishing:

Sanding and sealing can also be performed at home using grit sand paper and normal sealing products.  Rub the sand paper on the surface until you get the stain removed and desired shade appear and coat it using the regular sealant when done.

4) Liquid Detergent with Cold Water Treatment:

It is one of the easiest stains cleaning method where liquid detergent is mixed with the cold water and the surface is cleaned with the fiber cloth efficiently.

5) Using Professional Cleaners for Cleaning Stains:

There are many professional hardwood cleaner available in the market that you can buy for the removing the stubborn black stains and old urine stains.


There are variety of cleaning methods and DIY hacks to remove the dark stains from the hardwood floor but it’s important to know the cause of stain and the type of stain occurred to solve it effectively.  Hope you found above home remedies useful and helped you in effective floor maintenance. If you are in need of professional flooring companies, book you appointment at prestige floors for Floor Sanding Melbourne and emergency solutions.