Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

A Full-proof Comparison Between Luxury Vinyl And Hardwood

Have you read the last blog we have shared about choosing timber and how the timber floor installation Melbourne works? Not yet then read it once. We hope you will like it as we like to share worthy information about the floor.

Because working with the floor is our profession at Prestige Floors. Here we always take new challenges & collect ideas to make your next renovation project marvellous.

We also make sure that our customers get quality outcomes with the latest renovation in their home or office. We have completed many Floor Sanding Melbourne projects with happy & satisfied customers. We also care about our readers and so, we used to share flooring related guidelines every few days.

Today we come up with a topic like, what should be preferable hardwood floor or luxury vinyl? 

The time has arrived to pick one between both of these in your home renovation project. Don’t get confused. We’ll share you everything to figure out what goes perfect.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Why are you seeking the floor choices?

  • You may think of building a dream home
  • Renovation of the house
  • For an investment purpose
  • To refinish the floor for increasing home value
  • Floor selection for a personal home corner

Most of you may have these kinds of objectives behind the selection of the floor. Here we are enlisting the characteristics of both these choices so you can filter one.

Sr No. Hardwood Floors Luxury Vinyl
1. They are perceived as a high-end luxury option in the flooring industry. It is perfectly durable for floor covering and work best for busy families with high foot traffic.
2. It remains warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with the ability and hard surface. It is low maintenance with the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and fluctuations in humidity.
3. This can be a timeless beauty and offer style for adding value to the place. This can be taken as a DIY approach with an ease of installation.
4. This will increase the home value and mostly preferred for the kitchen and open concept area. It takes less money compare to the hardwood floors so, it becomes an ideal choice.

We can solve a few of the concerns,

  • If you want to select the floor for spending your life in a place then, choose the hardwood floor.
  • If your need is for the renovation then hardwood floor can be perfect as it increases the home value around 2.5%
  • For the investment, you can go for a luxury vinyl floor covering so the home maintenance and cleaning remain easy.
  • However, choosing for the basement needs can be the toughest one. You want your family to stay comfortable there and on the other end, the basement is a place that gets affected by water damage. Still, luxury vinyl can be a good choice.

Now, we are sure that you can make your own decision for the selection between these two. Apart from everything, timber floor installation Melbourne never goes out of the trend.