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What Safety Precautions to Follow When Having the Floor Sanded?

Floors with time start looking for tires, stains start appearing more, the discolouration becomes visible even from a distance, the finish is worn out in high traffic areas and so on. To make it just the way after Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, it becomes necessary to have these floors refreshed.

This is what Floor Sanding Melbourne ensures. It gets rid of everything that is hurting the aesthetics of the floor. Along with having the extra layer of protection for the doors, windows, and walls make sure you also have the precaution for individual safety.

Here are Some of the Tips that Could Ensure Safety

  • Dust! Dust! Dust!

Sanding is the process that gets rid of the upper layer of the floor that is exposed to wear and tear. Various equipment is used. Different grit of sandpaper is used as per the requirement of the floors. This is not an easy process; just easy it seems to be.

Along with the outcomes of aesthetic floors, there is the presence of dust too. These fine particles of dust can put you and your loved ones in trouble if inhaled. Chances are that it may get into the eyes and cause discomfort and elevated eye issues.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

The studies have suggested that wood dust can cause serious problems for the person already having respiratory issues. Along with the discomfort in breathing it can cause skin problems too.

Apart from keeping this dust from getting into the other parts of the house make sure that you have a dust mask on along with safety glasses for enhanced safety.

  • Keeping The Kids and Pets Away from Home

If you have pets and kids in the house, they are likely to face the dangers of these fine particles too. but the damage done to them due to this dust may be slightly more than you. So, drop the kids and pets at your friends’ or family’s home to keep them away and safe.

  • Dust Fire Is Real

We all are aware that wood dust is flammable. But it won’t end up in flames until something happens that ignites the fire. We all are aware of the scenario that upon sanding the nail heads may pop out from the floorboard. When this nailhead strikes it produces sparks. Chances are that these sparks may end up in dust fire.

So, make sure to keep a check on the nail heads, they do not just cause dust fire but also damage the sanding equipment too.

What Else Can You Do?

When getting the sanding done by the professional you have an option for the equipment that produces a lesser amount of duct or no duct at all. Yes, these are available and you can surely make this special request.

If not that when having the Floor Sanding Melbourne done make sure that you consider all these safety tips to make it a harmless process. Further, enjoy getting the brand-new-looking floor by finishing the sanding with floor polishing.