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Useful Tips to Clean Dog’s Pup and Urine from Hardwood Floors

It can be irritating when your pet urinates on the timber wood.  It requires immediate cleaning because pet urine can react with the timber wood and other polishing chemicals and cause the floor to stain permanently.  Owning a pet is a good thing but it’s equally important to train your pet for proper urinating and pup.  Because you don’t need to always be available at the home to take care of the pet.  Take advice from Floor Sanding Melbourne experts to know how to deal with the dog urine and maintain the hardwood floor.

You might not believe but dog urine can damage the timber wood instantly so, it’s important to use the carpet or train the dog for the good habits to preserve the wooden floor in a good condition.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Some Tips That Can Help To Clean The Dog Urine From The Wooden Floor

1) Start blotting up the urine as much as you can, prevent the spread of urine to the other areas. You can also use a damp paper towel or tissue to clean the urine.

2) Baking soda is great for absorbing the dampness and moisture from the wooden floors.  Sprinkle the baking soda generously on the floor area where the pet urinated.

3) Let the baking soda leave for longer hours or overnight then vacuum the floor, make sure to use a soft brush during vacuuming to prevent the wooden floor damage.

4) After completing the baking soda procedure, choose the high-quality wooden stain remover to eliminate the floor stain. Make sure to test the stain remover on the hidden areas of the home to know whether it works perfectly.

5) Once the stain has vanished, clean the floor using a dog-safe cleaner that is specifically designed for wooden floor cleaning.

The dog can sense their urine by the smell and may return to the same spot to urinate again. Hence, don’t forget to deodorize or disinfect the floor surface with the fragrance.  Dog urine can sting if it’s not cleaned properly. Avoid using ammonium-based cleaner because the smell of ammonium is similar to dog urine. It’s important to prevent the dog from urinating again in the house.  Hence after cleaning properly, deodorize the floor thoroughly until the smell completely disappears.


It depends on the wood types and polishing techniques used. Some may be less reactive to the pet urine while some wood may lead to staining immediately.  As wood is allergic to moisture, it’s obvious that dog urine contains various types of contaminants that might get absorbed in the wooden floor if left for a longer time.  Consult prestige floors for the high standard cleaning service and top-class Floor Sanding Melbourne service.  We provide a warranty on our service with the highest satisfaction. For any flooring requirements, reach us today.

Hope you found the article informative and useful for cleaning the floor let us know your views and ideas of the pet urine cleaning from the wooden floor in the comment box.