Floor Sanding Melbourne

The Top Reasons to Consider Timber Flooring Installation

Flooring is famous for its beauty and durability. You can make your home more attractive by Timber Floor Installation Melbourne. Natural wooden floors are made from recycled wood products. The sanding also removes any varnish, polish, or dye used in the painting. The purpose is to expose a fresh soil layer.

Whereas when it comes to Floor Sanding Melbourne, it is done in several steps. Before you start, the floor will be wiped clean. Repairs cracks and protrusions such as nails and loose plates. The first sanding phase is done with coarse sandpaper. This effectively removes the top layer. Then sand it with medium grain paper and finally sand it with fine grain paper.

Hand sanding can also be done with medium-fine sandpaper. Sounds easy, but this process needs to be done with skill and patience, as it uses the surface of the wood to remove the top layer evenly. A good floor grinding service uses a continuous belt sander to handle non-rigid floors.

Floor Sanding Melbourne


Benefits of Timber Floor Installation

  • The type of timber most people like is oak. One of the reasons oak is so popular is that it is in harmony with culture. Some kinds of oak make attractive boards. It is difficult to lay a wooden board, so it is advisable to ask a specialist to apply it.
  • One of the great things about flooring is how it looks. Timber Floor Installation Melbourne gives an aesthetic and elegant look that looks better with age. Wooden floors have eternal charm because their value and beauty never become obsolete. In addition, they are excellent insulation, which adds warmth to the home. This is an additional benefit in cold climates.
  • These floors are available in a  variety of finishes, styles and colours. You can choose whether to lay untreated or prefabricated flooring. Flooring is more durable than other types of flooring. It also has water repellency. Wood is usually more expensive than different types of flooring, but it’s well worth the investment.
  •  It can last a lifetime and add value and charm to your home. If the surface of this floor is scratched or dull for years, you can sand it or sand it and apply a new urethane layer to renew the surface.
  • The flooring is also easy to clean daily. It does not become a breeding ground for house dust mites, powdery mildew, and mould, unlike carpets. This type of floor can be cleaned daily. In addition, these floor coverings can be placed on concrete slabs that are radiantly heated.
  • The flooring may look expensive, but it has many advantages, and you will not regret installing it on your property. Flooring is also eco-friendly. This is due to the introduction of new methods of harvesting timber and regulations that loggers must comply with. Forestry practices are being monitored to ensure that trees are not over-harvested. In addition, the wood that makes these floors can be recycled or reused from wooden boards obtained from old buildings.

The above mentioned are the main benefits of Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne. Get it installed soon with the help of the right expert. Prestige Floors has the most extensive selection of rugs from around the world. Our company focuses on the fine details in every flooring project at the most competitive and lowest prices possible.