Floor Polishing Melbourne

The 5 Questions That Will Reveal Your Floor Polishing Nightmare

The holidays can absolutely double your workload. Decorating, cooking and cleaning are all your to-do list items that one day can become a necessity. Making sure you don’t lose track in this entire overload, calling around Floor Polishing Melbourne companies is definitely the best plan.

Some Important Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Someone

  1. What Type Of Floor Polish Are You Using?

If you are using a paint stripper, be sure to wear a Breathe Right mask and gloves. Paint strippers can cause exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes, which can lead to health problems like asthma.

  1. Are You Using The Right Equipment?

You need to use the right floor polish and the right equipment to get the job done properly. Use a paint stripper applicator that is designed for floors. Do not use a standard household cleaner applicator that is designed for furniture.

  1. Do You Truly Clean The Floor Before Or After You Polish It?

Both are important in order for your floors to look their best. You must first clean them, and then remove any dirt, waxes, and oils from the top surface so that they do not stick to the paint after polishing.

  1. Do You Remove All Of The Excess Polish?

Remember to remove any remains of the polish completely before allowing a subsequent coat to sit so it can dry thoroughly. Ensure that you leave your floors looking their best!

  1.   Do You Choose A Grit That Appropriately Matches Your Flooring?

With the dangers of using an incorrect grit, it definitely is advised. This can cause serious damage to your floors. It should be noted that different species of flooring are treated with varying degrees of scale hardening agents, and the hardness level for each will vary accordingly. If the wrong type of abrasive does not fit the chemical bonding found in your floor, this chemical can seep through into your wood and cause irreparable damage.

What Is The Risk?

There are a number of risks associated with floor polishing. The most common is the risk of injury. Floor polishers can cause serious injuries if they are used improperly. They can also cause damage to floors, furniture, and walls.

Another risk associated with Floor Polishing Melbourne is the risk of exposure to chemicals. Many floor polish products contain chemicals that can be harmful if they are breathed in or ingested. These chemicals can also cause skin irritation and other health problems.

The final risk associated with floor polishing is the risk of theft. Floor polishers are often stolen from homes and businesses. If someone gets ahold of a floor polisher, they may be able to use it without permission or damage it in some way.

It is important to speak with your floor care professional about any concerns you may have about Floor Polishing Melbourne. They can help you decide whether or not floor polishing is safe for your home or business.

Wrapping Up,

If you’re considering refinishing your floor, you may be wondering if it’s necessary to clean the floor before you start. The answer is yes and no. When a polished floor is first installed, the floor’s surface is completely sealed. This means any dirt, dust, and debris will be trapped in the finish and won’t be able to seep down through the pores of the wood.

However, over time dust, dirt, and other particles will accumulate on the floor. When this happens, they will be easy to wash away with a wet mop. In fact, cleaning the floor before polishing can even help keep your finish looking shinier longer.