Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Taking Care of the Timber Floor to Keep the Finish Intact

After Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, the first thing that homeowners are worried about is finding ways the floor finish remains as it is for long. Floor finish is the reason for the aesthetics that a timber floor provides to the house. timber floors last a century but the finish won’t.

Floor Sanding Melbourne could get rid of the damage done to the floors including stains. Applying the finish after sanding would have made those aged and tired-looking floors lively again. Taking care of the floors in such a way that the finish is not affected has an impact on the frequency of the floor sanding and polishing that you get done.

Ways That You Can Make Sure That the Floor Finish is Not Affected

  • Leveraging the Floor Accessories:

Rugs, carpets, mats, furniture pads, and everything can keep protecting the finish of the floor by reducing the exposure of either feet or furniture. The contact area of the floor is reduced with the use of these accessories. Eventually, wear and tear as well as the scratches and dullness are reduced. You won’t need floor sanding and polishing anytime soon.

  • Trim and Cap Your Pet’s Nails:

Yes, pets can scratch the timber floors. But do not let the timber floor affect your love for pets. The timber floor is susceptible to scratching from any sharp thing like the nails of the pet. This could also help you to groom the nails of your pet timely. All you need to do is to trim the pet’s nails and cup them. This could be enough to keep them from scratching the floor.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  • Regular Cleaning:

Any substance present on the floor that can either dull the finish, stain the floor, starch the floor or so need to be gotten off the floor. This is possible with regular cleaning of the floor. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floor on a regular basis would keep the floor clean and good as new for longer.

  • Protecting It from Ultraviolet Rays:

Sunlight exposure for a prolonged time would make the floor plants expand and contract. This does have an impact not just on the floor finish but also on the time floor. As a result of which, the floors seem to split and crack.

  • Keeping the Dirty Footwear off the Floor:

 Footwear is laden with soil, dirt, debris, and more need to be kept out of the house or be left at the rack at the entrance. You can have either separate footwear for the house or wear socks. A strict no for wearing heels with the sharp heel, these heels would induce scratches on the floor. With time and ignoring the fact, these scratches may increase and make the floor look dull.

Having a timber floor is not enough, utmost care needs to be taken to keep the beauty of the floor intact for a longer time. If needed the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne would rescue the floor.