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How To Remove The Pet Urine Stains From Hardwood Floors?

Having a pet at home is such a good feeling until you look around and find dark patches on the floor that makes the whole floor look ugly. And the whole room keeps on smelling like pet urine for days. One never realises where the pet can pee. If you have not yet found out the favourite spot of the pet’s urination then just lift the carpet off and see the dark patches underneath it. Have you started thinking of getting rid of those patches already? Well, consider sanding and Floor Polishing Melbourne services.

Floor Sanding Melbourne has many benefits; it is one of these, getting rid of the pet urine spots from the floor. Let us get into the details of pet urine hardwood stains.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

  • You may be wondering how pets’ urine causes the stains in the hardwood. Well, technically the urine is mostly water other than dissolved chemicals. And we are very familiar with the rivalry of water and hardwood. The water present in the urine soaks the wood, the organic and inorganic chemicals tend to stain and the smell of the urine gets trapped in the soaked wood.
  • You may have tried numerous remedies and home DIYs to get rid of tea stains but nothing makes a drastic difference. This is because the DIY cloud removes the stain but what about the urine-soaked wood? DIYs cannot work in the depth of the woods. When trying some of the DIYs you may also end up ruining the floor. So better take the advice of the experts on it than trying to use random remedies from videos on the internet. As it is not necessary that what has worked for others may work for you as well.
  • So better to stay away from the DIYs and consider genuine yet effective ways of making the floor look good as new again. One but expensive option is to change the hardwood board This is a choice but not chosen by most of the house owners as every time the floor get stained by pet urine you cannot end up changing the whole floorings or a part of the flooring for it. It is not a cost-effective option.
  • Coming the next effective and cost-efficient alternative is floor sanding. The floor sanding professional would work to the depth of the stain by sanding it. The professionals finish the work by refinishing the floor and returning the floor to what it looked like when it was new.
  • One more thing that you can do that is cost-effective too is do not let the pet urine stain the floor. As soon as the pet urinates on the floor, clean it immediately so that it does not damage the flooring. Keep the pets well-trained so that they do not urinate wherever they wish in the house.

We at total floor services get similar queries and have also been able to give the clients the desired results by providing floor Sanding Melbourne. Pets are lovely, adorable and fun-loving. Do not let the stains on the flooring come in the way of your love for pets.