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Know How Often You Should Polish Your Floors

Polishing and sanding is the crucial part of the timber maintenance to preserve the office and house in a premium condition. The guest can make out the impression from the entrance so, it’s important to get the floor regular cleaning and polished. Whether it is timber wood or marble tiles, every floor requires maintenance and cleaning to keep the floor surface sparkling and spot-free. But everything that is too much can harm hence over cleaning or over-polishing can make the floor appearance dull. Also, it varies from the type of flooring material and the cleaning techniques used on the regular basis. It’s important to know how often you should polish the floor, consult the expert Floor Polishing Melbourne Company to know about the suitable polishing technique.

Know How Often Various Types of Floor Should Be Polished

  • Polishing Marble Floors:

If your house contains more members then it is likely to cause tears to floor tiles over time. Generally, marbles, limestone, and travertine tend to lose shine if your floor is high traffic area. Use the cleaner that is specially designed for cleaning marble

  • Polishing Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood floors may need proper refinishing and polishing from time to time.  Most people have the misconception that refinishing and polishing are the same. Refinishing means removing the entire floor finish and replacing it with new ones. Depending on the floor type and foot traffic, hardwood floors are suitable to polish every 5 to 6 months to preserve their shine.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Polishing Ceramic Floors:

Ceramic floors are safe to polish every 4 to 6 months. Ceramic floors can be easily maintained by regular sweeping and mopping. Polishing will help to restore the protective layer of the floor.

  • Polishing Laminate Floors:

Laminate floors are popular for their aesthetic look and are widely used in a wide range of commercial and residential spaces.  Due to seasonal changes, laminate floors are likely to lose their shine and quality. Hence, it’s important to use the right cleaning product to clean the dirt and build-ups properly.

It’s safe to schedule floor polishing every 5 to 6 months to preserve the longevity of shine and floor quality. Using the right cleaner can also do wonders for the floor. The floors are exposed daily to light, air, and dust hence regular cleaning can prevent fading of shine over time. Take expert advice in case of any flooring issue to get it to repair on time.


Though it depends on the nature of the floor and many other factors, Dirt and moisture are the enemies of every floor if it’s exposed for a longer period of time. Especially timber wood gets damaged faster if exposed to moisture for a longer time as compared to other floors. Wooden floors either get shrink or swollen due to moisture. At prestige floors, our Floor Polishing Melbourne experts are capable of completing the toughest floor sanding and polishing jobs quickly before the deadline. Apart from this, we specialize in all types of floor cleaning and grinding jobs. Book an appointment with us for the best flooring consultation and solutions.