Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

How to Prepare Your Home Before the Timber Floor Installation?

Installation of new hardwood flooring is a strenuous task as a whole. Homeowners are often perplexed about what things they have to take care of to reduce the amount of stress that may come from the timber floor installation. When doing the installation by self this distraught can spike up. As the homeowners have to take care of the Floor Sanding Melbourne and more like survives on their own.

We at Prestige Floors insist on a list of things to be done beforehand to make sure that the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne is done more effectively and no issues pop up in the process.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  • Remove the Valuables 

There are many delicate and precious items that you have places to complete the outlook of the rooms. These delicate and valuable pieces of the house need special care especially when a task like a floor installation have to be undertaken. So, when having the floor installed make sure that you have safely relocated these pieces.

  • Empty the Rooms off the Furniture

The floor installation may involve the process of sanding to leaving the base of the floor. Floor sanding means a lot of dust around the rooms. Make sure that you have removed all the furniture from the rooms that have to undergo floor installation. All these pieces of furniture and valuable item have to be isolated in a separate room to keep the dust and waste away from pilling up on these things.

  • Watchful of the Pets

One cannot control the movements of the pets. Especially when you have a lot of people and equipment in the house. They roam around these out of curiosity. They can also get out of the house in case if the door is left open by the professionals. This raised a concern for their safety. Either you can secure them in a separate room to restrict their activity or can leave them at friends’ and families.

  • Stock Up Masking Tapes and Traps

Sanding inevitable in hardwood installation and with sanding come to the fine dust that can spread in the whole house. Spread if this dust needs to be restricted from other parts of the house. This is where the traps and masking tape does the good work. You can cover up the items and secure the doors and windows.

  • Taking Up the Remodeling Tasks Beforehand

Imagine getting drops of paint or the glue of the wallpaper on the newly installed floor. You get an instant feeling of ruining that ravishing floor and regret that you should have completed the remodeling before the floor’s installation. Well, save yourself from this regret by taking this requirement seriously. Make sure that any of the remodeling tasks are completed before the floor installation is scheduled.


Timber Floor Installation Melbourne would be one of the best decisions you have made for the house until now. Those ravishing elegant floors are worth getting. Do not let mishaps ruin this perspective of yours. So before getting the floors installed makes sure that you have taken care of all the above-listed situations.