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How to choose the best flooring for your home.

Choosing the best flooring is the important decision for house owners while buying or undertaking the renovation. While hiring the best floor polishing Melbourne They can guide you through the process of selecting best wooden floors and also will provide the proper maintenance to your wooden floors.

Before the selection let us know about the types of timber available in the market, some of them are

  • Australian Beech: Known as one of the most hardwoods of Australia, coloring ranges from cream to pale brown. This kind of wood is mainly known for its strength and versatility of its application.
  • Bamboo: Originated from China, Bamboo is incredibly known for its resistance to moisture, Insects, and allergens. Also ranging from various shades of color from a warm caramel color to a lighter natural blond.
  • Blackbutt: It is commonly known for its straight grain and smooth and even texture, and its color ranges from cream to pale brown, sometimes with a slight tinge of pink.
  • Cypress pine: It’s especially known for its hard wearing timber, it has the characteristics of golden brown color and also various shades.
  • Flooded/Rose Gum: It is also most commonly used moderately coarse and even texture. Coloring ranges from attractive pale pink to red brown color.
  • Iron Bark: It has the characteristics of moderately coarse texture, and coloring ranges from pale brown and gray to dark chocolate brown and also dark reds.

Also, there are many other wooden flooring used in Australia mainly Melbourne. It depends on you how you choose the flooring and depending upon the floor sanding is done. Hiring the best floor Sanding Melbourne service will take care of all your floor services and will also guide you for how to maintain your floor for long period of time.

To select the best timber for your floor remember that timber is graded strictly according to Australian standards.

What is grading?

Grading is the degree of natural marks and features. The decision between timber grades, from the unique striking number and with lots of natural features.

There are three main types of grades:

  1. Select grade.
  2. Standard grade.
  3. Character grade.

Select Grade: This grade shows strength, simplicity, and versatility. It has a sleek, uniform and clean appearance, and it is perfect for modern and traditional settings

Standard Grade: This grade shows gum veins, burls, insect trails and unusual grain effects. It has most interesting variations and markings it enhances the design.

Character Grade: This grade is used for its rustic future grade. It has a great level of the natural features generally larger range of color variation. This grade is perfect for those who prefer natural features.