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How Often Do I Need To Sand Back My Timber Floors?

Owning timber floors is fantastic because of the way they appear throughout your home, and the feel of the timber under your feet is unrivaled. For various reasons, floorboards have remained a popular choice for flooring. They are aesthetically beautiful, long-lasting, and complement most furnishings, making them a sensible choice for many homeowners. When you install timber floors, they are cooler in the summer and warmer than other hard floor coverings such as tiles.

Over time timber uses its glory, and that needs to be restored to its natural beauty, Prestige Floors provide a complete Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service right through to finish. As a floor sanding Melbourne expert, we reveal the top symptoms that floor sanding is required.

4 Signs That You Need for Floor Sanding Service

#Your Floor Looks Scuffed And Dull

As a rule of thumb, the floor should be re-sanded every 10 to 15 years, but that depends on the appearance of the floor itself. However, many floorings show signs of surface damage over time, such as scratches and scratches and appear dull. If your hardwood floor looked sad for a while, getting Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service from experts will bring dull and worn wood flooring back to life.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

#Your Floorboards Turning Grey

Discolouration of parquet or engineered flooring requires post-treatment. Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that hardwoods turning grey are a sign of aging. This indicates that the floor is damaged. But polyurethane coatings wear out after long-term use. After all, the board absorbs water from any water source, including wet pet feet and cleaning products. This situation requires immediate rework by sanding and repainting.

#There is Obvious Damage to The Butt

When you see that your floor is displaying signs of more severe damage, you should contact a Floor Sanding Melbourne specialist team. This can mean aesthetic damage, such as deep scratches and grooves. Many problems can be fixed with sanding and buffing, but you should always consult a specialist to look for more severe damage to ensure that the floor is structurally sound.

#Trends And Styles Changing

Sometimes your timber floor is in good condition, but the style is outdated. That is why many homeowners frequently attempt DIY in order to save money, but this will not work with refinishing. An expert knows how much sanding is required to avoid damage to the floor. This is an easy way to add value to your floor is to refurbish it with another stain. Also, you can increase the resale value of your home while preserving the original hardwood floor.

It’s a Wrap!

If you’re trying to get rid of floor marks and tidy up a house and need Floor Sanding Melbourne pros to get the work done quickly, you could be better off spending the time in experts, and Prestige Floors is a prominent provider of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services. We can handle the entire process, ensuring that your floors are correctly sanded and polished, leaving you with brilliantly glossy flooring that will just boost the aesthetic of the area.