Floor Polishing Melbourne

Expert Tips For A Long Lasting Polished Floors

Timber floors have been a popular choice of many homeowners due to their natural look and many people who also opt for Floor Polishing Melbourne to give that added shine to the floor, which wooden floors often lack. Such floors are undoubtedly a great addition to any house, which makes it look more beautiful than ever before along with drastically enhancing the property value. Such floors are great for a natural look and best for the ones who are looking for a classy appearance.

Useful Tips That Can Help You to Maintain Your Polished Timber

  • Apply Felt Pads in All Furniture

Self-adhesive and protective felt pads should be applied to all furniture legs, one must pay attention to dining chairs as it is the most frequently moved item in furniture causing damage to the floor. You can rough up the bottom of the chair leg with sandpaper; this will prepare the surface for better adhesion. After that apply the felt to the rough surface.

  • Use Entrance Mats

As wooden floors are popularly used at every commercial and domestic, it’s crucial to maintain them in a good way. The use of rigid plastic materials is also used for removing the grit and dirt from the sole of the footwear. Make sure you enter the room with a clean foot.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  • Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

 It is important to keep the floor clean most of the time otherwise the grit will act like sandpaper under the shoes and cause unnecessary and accelerated wearing of the floor especially in main traffic areas of your home like the kitchen, dining, etc. You can either clean it or vacuum it, and it’s more convenient for the caretaker.

  • Use A Suitable Cleaning Product

 Avoid using supermarket cleaning products. These products can leave layers and can cause rejection issues later when maintenance coatings are needed. You can use the products recommended by the manufacturer. Half a cup of denatured alcohol can be used for half a bucket of warm water. This is a neutral cleaning solution suitable for cleaning all types of flooring.

  • Try To Avoid Dog Claw Damage

 Most of us love pets, but we also know that pets can damage our property, so training properly Is recommended. It is better to keep the claws smooth. You can clip your dog`s claws and round off the edges with a piece of sandpaper or emery board. The sharp edges can cause permanent damage to your floor, which should be avoided.

  • Diffuse Direct Sunlight

The direct sunlight can dry out the board of that particular area resulting in a lowering of moisture content that widens the gap between the boards. In many extreme cases, it can also result in the cupping of the board.

  • Find A Reliable Flooring Service Provider

It is important to get the inspection done from time to time and check the status of the floor. Look for flooring experts that are experienced. They are also experts in every kind of floor repairing and installation.

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