Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Common Post-Installation Timber Floors Issues You Might Face

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne can be a daunting task. You could face various issues on the wood floor if these are not maintained properly.

Top Two Issues That Are Often Faced By the Residents

Irregular Gaps

Not all gaps are alarming, but some could be. Having too big and irregular gaps ruin not only the look of your flooring but also damage the entire foundation. Wood floors are susceptible to movement. If installed correctly, floorboards can hold tight to each other during the most humid times, such as winters and monsoons and reveal a gap during dry summers. Irregular gaps are the results of flooring that is extremely wet most of the times when it is installed, but these can also be the results of the installation of the flooring in the driest areas. There could be gaps because floorboards were installed overheating duct without adding any additional or protective layer. Areas, where sunlight hits directly throughout the day or is near to could lead to irregular gaps in the floorboards.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

These gaps are an aesthetic issue and can be repaired when disrupting the entire look of the floor, not when measured for a specific width.

If you repair gaps when they are widest, don’t leave sufficient clearance between each floorboard and make a floor that clasps when it swells.

Plus, never use wood filler to revive the gaps. Instead, create a patch by gluing wood silvers to the edges of each floorboard. Be careful while applying glue to one side of the silver to avoid gluing any boards together.


When the bottom of the board is more wet than the top, its edges can cup. Wide boards care more disposed to cupping, but it could happen to strip flooring as well.

Often, cupping can happen when the flooring is mounted over a wet crawlspace or basement. Install a vapour retarder between floorboards and sub floors which will be helpful to slowdown the condition of moisture migration, but it could be relied on a permanent resolution to these moisture issues. Make sure that you add a vapor retarder and membrane while installing the entire floor.  You can also hire Floor Sanding Melbourne experts for this task.

A few cupped floors could lie flat when the moisture is gone. Other floors could be distorted permanently. All you have to do is just sand the cupped area, but only when the humidity of the top and bottom is between 1%. You can also drive a moisture meter via the sub floor to see the bottom of the boards. In case you sand the topmost edges of a cupped floor early, you could end up with crowned boards when they are completely dry.

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