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An expert Floor Sanders ideas on buffing the commercial Floor

Is your floor losing the charm? Do you want to make it shine again? Then, there are many other ways to bring back the floor to shine to life. You can opt for a Floor Polishing Melbourne services to get back the shine that you have lost due to the wear and tear throughout a day.

Have you ever heard about the floor buffing? There have been many blogs about Floor Sanding Melbourne but limited information about the buffing of commercial floors.

Seek the information nowhere but here! We bring up an ABC of buffing your commercial floor.

Before we move further, it’s important to get the introduction of buffing and how will you maintain it with consistency.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Buffing – Well, it is just like a deep cleaning of the floor. The procedure will include the exfoliation of the top floor later to bring out the original beauty and shine. With the usage of the right tools, you can simply buff the floor types like wood, tile, laminate, and concrete.

However, there are two types of buffing. The first one is spray and another one is dry.

Spray buffing – In this type of buffing, they use a liquid to remove the dirt from the floor and make it look glossy. Experts make use of polishing solution with the mechanical action of the buffer pad for removing the scuffs and enhance the charm. This one is the most common buffing type and it is used with the specialized machine.

Dry buffing – Here the machine is used above 1000RPM. The purpose of this technique is to smooth the finish and remove marks. The process is usually recommended for the professional floor care experts who know about handling the buffer.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

How many times should you buff the floor?

If we talk about the commercial places where there remains high foot traffic, it is important to buff the floor on a monthly basis. This will keep the floor look new and shiny. The employees and clients would like the freshness of the place.

The more often you prefer buffing, the better it could be for the company. Also, it will help in maintaining the floor longevity. When you prefer consistent buffing, it will remove debris and scratches which wear down the floor with the time. The process of buffing can extend the floor lifespan which will help in saving the cost with the time.

If we talk about the low traffic area, it could be okay to buff every two or three months. Prestige Floors can be your perfect companion to fulfil all your floor cleaning needs.

End up!

When it comes to keeping the floor shiny for a longer span, experts’ interruption is important. Prestige Floor is a top-most Floor Polishing Melbourne Company that works on everything that can make your floor look better than before. Here, we use effective equipment to clean up the floor rightly.