Floor Sanding Melbourne

A detailed guide on the different types of flooring

Prestige floors are the best and most trusted for the flooring related services. We understand how important it is for you when you decide to get flooring done. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. We are delivering services of timber floor installation Melbourne wide.

We use the best quality material which will last longer than usual. We have been providing services for many years now. There is something aesthetic about the quality and beautiful designs of the floor. It will add more beauty to your house. Beautiful floors will compliment your interior designs.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Types of floors-

We provide services for different types of floors-

  • Timber floors- A high-quality timber floor has so many benefits like it is not only tougher but it also requires low maintenance. When you install a timber floor you get them nice and warm vibes in your house. There are so many designs for timber flooring which will make your house look amazing. When you decide to install timber floors, it is a very practical choice because it does not require very high maintenance. Timber floors are affordable and the quality we use for timber flooring is the best you could get.
  • Tile floors- Tile flooring is the choice of almost everyone because of its versatility and strong nature. The durability of tile flooring is amazing and it will last longer than you expect. It will last for around 10-20 years and this will also add value to your house. Tile flooring requires low maintenance and there is a wide range of designs. The best part is you will get so many options and you can choose any that will match the interior of your house. Tile flooring is environmentally friendly and it will last for a long time when it is installed properly.
  • Concrete floors- Concrete floors are sustainable and they give a pretty good and traditional look. Concrete floors are easy to be taken care of, the only maintenance required for the concrete floors is mopping with soapy water. The demand for concrete floor is increasing because of its versatile and adaptable nature. It is floor considered as longevity as it requires very little maintenance and it will last for a long time. Concrete floors add value to your house as well as it makes your house look just perfect.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

About us-

Here at prestige floors, we have two targets, our first target is “customer satisfaction” and another one is “best quality”. When you hire us, we keep in mind your requirements and work accordingly.  We have the best quality materials that will not only make your house look good but it will also last longer than usual.

Our workers are well-trained and they will work tirelessly to give you the best results. We know the task assigned to us is very big but we are professionals and we will never fail our customers.


We have the best quality services for floor sanding Melbourne wide. If you want your flooring to be done by professionals, contact us for more details.