Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

A Detailed Guide On How To Choose Timber Flooring Services

The moment you decide to renovate or rebuild the home, lots of questions & suggestions start bouncing up into your mind. As a concerned homeowner, we ask as many people as we can to make smart Timber Floor Installation Melbourne choices. But it doesn’t end here – people give suggestions based on their experiences but, you are walking on a completely new path, with new ideas. Relying simply upon any of the Floor Sanding Melbourne Company could never be acceptable if you want your home to have something standard and unique.

Hence, Prestige Floors is here to cover all your needs just like a pro. During our work experience as a timber floor installation company, we have gained so much love from our customers. We don’t stop here, strong word-of-mouth also has helped us to represent a rock-solid company and a trustable door that homeowners can knock on any time and expect to leave only & only positive experience.

What more could any company expect!!!

We are completely blessed at the position where we are currently and we are aiming to serve homeowners with alluring timber flooring solutions. We are here to help our readers to choose timber flooring and avoid obstacles in a way of home renovation or construction. Here we go.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Choose Hardwood Flooring Smartly

  • Choose Solid or Engineered Flooring

Hardwood flooring comes up in thick planks of solid timber naturally. In the recent time, solid hardwood is available, but many companies choose to sell engineered flooring which is made with a thinner top layer of hardwood that prevent the floor from shifting at the time of expansion. For basements or apartments with concrete subfloors, this type of flooring will be more suitable compare to any other. On the other end, solid wood is installed over more than two layers of plywood. Still and all, it’s suggested to choose engineered flooring carefully as they have thin top layers that can’t be sanded or refinished in the future in case if it gets damaged.

  • Select Prefinished

Hardwood floorings can be purchased with a raw face that the professionals get finished. The main benefit of prefinished wood is that you have enough idea about what you are going to get. Once you select any flooring product, you will have the same to use in maintaining your home décor and choose other design elements like cabinetry, textiles, and wall coverings. Prefinished flooring even takes less amount of time for installation as there is no need to apply the same color or sealant.

  • The Smart Selection of Finishes

Oil finishes scratch easily and it also makes the scratch relatively less noticeable. The oil penetrates the wood and it has a better look and feels that is soft and natural. But, it is more resilient to damage especially if you have children or pets in the house. You can easily maintain your home with a soft oil finish, but you need to choose the procedure more often. The more you choose polyurethanes, the less often you need to do thorough maintenance.

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