Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

4 Most Common Timber Flooring Installation Errors to Avoid

The aesthetics and warmly feeling timber floors bring to a home is unmatchable. It is the major reason for increased popularity or being the evergreen choice of the homeowners. Getting the timber floor is treated as getting a touch of luxury for the home; apart from the upkeep and regular care, even utmost attention is paid to the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne.

Though over the years, you would have the backup of Floor Sanding Melbourne to keep the shine and feel of the timber floor just like when you installed it but leaving the room for errors during the installation would not be fixed by even sanding and refinishing.

This Is Why We Are Here With A List Of Pit Holes To Save You From Falling In Any Of These If You Are Opting To Do The Timber Floor Installation By Yourself

  • Inaccurate Spacing of Nails or Staples

Nails and staples are the reason your timber floorboard would stay intact in the place as they held the boards down strongly, but the improper spacing is the error that one should not underestimate as it would result in peaking, lippage, or excessive movement.

  • Not Prepping the Subfloor Properly

If the subfloors are not properly prepped for the timber floor installation, it becomes more like issues like loose boards. Over time the problems would enlarge and lead to numerous other problems which would require expensive repairs.

As the sunflowers have a ha considerable amount of impact on the flooring of the homes, take utmost care to ensure that it is prepared in a way to support the timber floor for a prolonged period.
Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne


  • Neglecting the Check of Moisture Levels

It is among the most crucial consideration to never overlook when installing the timber planks. Humidity and timber floors do not go quite well. The timber planks contract and expand in accordance with the humidity level. When the surrounding air drys, the timber planks contract and when humid, it expands.

If you do not take this into consideration when installing the boards, boards would be under pressure when you have not left the space to expand. It would start cracking with time. Similarly, when the boards would contract, there would be visible gaps during the winters when the air is dry.

  • Not Inspecting Hardwood Boards Prior Installation

Just the way you have to prep the floor for a better installation, you have to also have a close look at the timber boards to check if they are of good quality or if there is a presence of defects and so. If such boards are stalled, the manufacturer is to blame and not the installer.

By inspecting the floorboards, you can have the peace of mind that all boards are of quality; if not, the manufacturers would get them replaced.

Now that you have the perfectly installed timber floors, maintain them with Timber Floor installation Melbourne to keep them looking good as new as the sanding would remove all the flaws like discoloration, pealing finish, scratches, stains and more.