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The Does and Don’ts of Floor Sanding: How to Get a Smooth Finish

Floor Sanding is the process of removing the top layer of your flooring to expose a smooth surface. This can be done on wood, concrete, or vinyl floors. Floor Sanding Melbourne is often used to prepare a surface for refinishing or staining. It’s important to note that floor sanding is a renovation project, and it should only be attempted if you’re comfortable with DIY projects and have some experience with carpentry. Floor sanding can be a messy process, so it’s important to take precautions to protect your belongings and keep the workspace clean.

What Are The Benefits of Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is an important step in refinishing your floors. By removing the old finish and sanding down the wood to create a smooth surface, you create a surface that is ready for your chosen finish. Floor sanding also opens up the wood grain, which allows the finish to penetrate more deeply, creating a longer-lasting finish.

What Is The Dos And Don’ts Of Floor Sanding?

Before you start sanding, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Second, work in a well-ventilated area and wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in any particles. Third, start with the coarsest sandpaper you have and work your way up to the finest. Finally, always sand in the direction of the wood grain. When it comes to sanding, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Here are the most important ones:


-Work in a well-ventilated area

-Wear a dust mask

-Start with the coarsest sandpaper and work your way up to the finest

-Sand in the direction of the wood grain


-Sand against the wood grain, as this can damage the surface

-Sand if the finish is still wet

Floor Sanding Melbourne

How to Choose The Right Floor Sanders?

When it comes to floor sanders, you have a few different options to choose from. The most common are belt sanders, orbital sanders and drum sanders. Drum sanders give you the smoothest finish, but they can be a bit more difficult to use. Belt sanders are the next best option and are perfect for removing paint or varnish from floors. Orbital sanders are the least powerful but also the easiest to use. So, how do you decide which sander is right for your project? It depends on the condition of your floor, the type of finish you want and your own level of experience. If you’re not sure which sander to choose, our Floor Sanding Melbourne expert team at Prestige Floors can help you make the right decision.

How to Care for Your Floors After Sanding

After sanding your floors, you’ll need to take some extra care to keep them looking good for years to come. Here are a few tips:

– Keep furniture and other items off the floor for at least 48 hours. This will allow the finish to cure properly and increase durability.

– When you do move furniture back in, place pads or coasters under the feet to avoid scratches and damage.

– Vacuum regularly, at least once a week. Be sure to use a soft brush attachment or no attachment at all to avoid scratching the floor.

– Avoid using water or any cleaning products that contain ammonia on your floor. These can dull the finish and damage the wood.


Floor sanding is a great way to give your floors a fresh start and a smooth finish. By following the dos and don’ts of floor sanding, you can ensure that your floors are sanded properly and look their best.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

A Few Huge Benefits of Installing Polished Concrete Floor

Last year, homeowners have spent a lot on Floor Polishing Melbourne as they believe floor polishing is the only option when the floor starts losing the charm. Somehow, it’s true also. But what if you install a floor and it remains the same for the upcoming many years?!

Can it be possible? Yes, it is. The installation of polished concrete floor brings up lots of benefits that no one has thought of earlier.

Prestige Floors, being a floor polishing and Floor Sanding Melbourne Company knows that homeowners spend lots of money on floor sanding and polishing to bring out shine to their floors. But, if they install polished concrete floors, they need not worry about floor shine for a few more years.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

  1.   Long-lasting

Concrete is difficult to deal with in a day to day life. No matter the amount of foot traffic you come up with in your daily life, polished concrete will remain durable with you to fulfil all your needs. However, heavy machinery will bring up a little wear and tear with it. The flooring will remain the same for a longer period with your needs.  

  1.   Resistance

The flooring material like vinyl or laminates that aren’t suitable with various chemicals. Polished concrete floors will remain resistant to chemicals and other harmful materials. A few substances can even damage your floorings. With the help of additives and coatings, it will become easy to maintain the floor charm for a longer period.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

  1.   Cost-effective

Polished concrete is so much cost-effective compare to any other flooring choice. Concrete is an affordable option for flooring and polished more alluring that are affordably achievable. Polished concrete flooring is an affordable option for residential and commercial flooring.

  1.   Various style choices

So, what’s your style choices? No matter the style choices you prefer to have in their home, you can have endless style choices. The polished flooring has lots of choices in terms of colours, textures, and choices. You will have lots of choices when it comes to style and textures. If you select a properly implemented polished concrete floor, then your floor will start to shine.

  1.   Eco-friendly

Polished concrete floors are a perfect choice if you want to incline towards eco-friendliness. Basically, concrete is nothing but a stone, sand, and water that is available on earth in a huge amount. So the thing is, concrete is an eco-friendly material that doesn’t harm the environment or mankind. When most of the flooring materials is full of chemicals, by selecting concrete flooring, you are helping our mother earth to heal.

Final thought,

So whenever you feel the need for Floor Polishing Melbourne or floor sanding jobs, Prestige Floors can help you filter the options and choose one that suits all your needs. All in all, concrete polished flooring is the most suitable choice for residential as well as commercial needs.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

Major Reasons Why Timber Flooring Is So Famous

Wondering why Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne is so famous?

Explore The Following Benefits To Know The Answer

  • Easy to clean

Timber doesn’t allow dust to stay on it for a long time. Also, any dirt is clearly visible on it. Therefore, you can clean it easily. Besides, the polishing over hardwood makes it impossible for dirt build-up or spills stains to become permanent.

  • Amazing look

Nothing can replace the beauty of timber floor. The way it looks, the way it enhances even the smallest space, and the vibes you get inside a home with wooden flooring are unmatchable. So if you want to enhance your indoor, go with timber flooring.

  • Longevity

Those who want flooring that stays for years without needing to replace it, timber flooring is the best choice. The hardwood is strong and comes from the strongest trees, such as an oak tree. Hence, having the flooring equipped with such strong material will augment its durability.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

  • Enduring investment

The biggest reason for choosing timber flooring is that it’s the best investment. Timber flooring is of utmost durable, and you can rely on it for many years. Also, it increases the value of your property when it comes to selling your home. Many home buyers want a home with fine wooden flooring because it has a unique and stylish look that enhances the entire home. Hence, if you have wooden flooring at your place, it’s possible to increase your ROI.

  • Diversity

The biggest reason to choose wooden flooring is that it comes in a variety of designs. From horizontal to vertical, you can install any pattern of wooden flooring. You also get a huge variety of colours with wooden flooring because, after Floor Sanding Melbourne,Floor Sanding Melbourne you can ask the professionals for a specific colour.

  • Less noisy

Not many people know that wooden flooring can absorb noise. It means when you walk over it, it’s not going to make much noise as other flooring types such as marble, stone, cement, etc. If you are a musician and don’t want other people in the home to be disturbed when you practice, go for wooding flooring.

  • Healthy air

The biggest reason people choose timber flooring over others is that the wood contains a natural property of purifying the air. Its behaviour remains the same, even after installing it at your home. Also, it doesn’t allow dust and air bones to reside in your indoor air. This makes wooden flooring the best option for a healthy environment in your home.

  • Evergreen quality

Timber flooring provides you with an ageless beauty that you can cherish for years. The hard material of timber is of utmost durable and remains the same, even it’s the 1000th day, after installation. However, you might require regular maintenance and addressing the issues to make it look as good as new for years.

That’s why timber flooring is so famous.

So are you ready for Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne installation?

Grab your gadget and hire the experts right now.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Incredible key points to hire professional Floor Sanding Company

Don’t think, you should abstain the work which is not your cup of tea? Let leave the job to the professional because no one can do the same job as effectively as professionals can. The same applies to Floor Sanding Melbourne of the floor as it essential to look for the factor like quality, care and installation, which only perform well by a professional company to get the stunning surface. Since process demand attention, attention and only attention to do correctly.

Flooring is attraction point of the home especially if you have a luxurious house and no wonder timber floor is best one to timeless beauty and elegance, but at the same time, it requires Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne by the time to keep looking beautiful and sheeny.

Why professional like Prestige Floors for the pretty floor?

Here are the key points why it is better to let the professionals handle the job:

  1. Years of Expertise.

The most key important point matter for sanding the floor experiences and that you will get from only professional Floor Sanding Melbourne Company as years of experience and expertise they carry along with skills and educations to get your job done with ease. Doing on own have possibilities of mistake or wrong way which harm the floor and also time-consuming with the undefined outcome. Hence, the first and foremost benefit you can avail is the experience.

  1. Equipments.

Scrubbing the floor for long will not give an aesthetic look to your floor means you need proper pieces of equipment and techniques to deal with stain and marks. Let’s think you do on own in amount of hours but do you think that can beat the speed and quality of the latest machine from a professional company? Hence, instead of wasting time on scrubbing or other jobs, a professional company can make your job easy and effective with the use of trendy types of equipment.

  1. Timber Floor Sanding MelbourneCompany charge less.

Most of the people think that they save money by doing own or by hiring labours but if you compare the charge of renting out machine and the time you waste on finishing the work, you will get to know the actual difference and can realize that professional company is best to choose. As timber floor requires less maintenance and that’s the reason the company offer very less charge to sanding the floor, which saves your money.

  1. Protect Property

Doing on own can damage your flooring system because you cannot identify which product or chemical suit to your floor as products varies from floor to floors like kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Hence, having a professional sanding company is ease to get peace of mind from such confusion. And that’s how you can protect your floor or flooring from damages.

  1. On time Work Done

You cannot spend your day behind the sanding process, and that’s why to save your time professional sanding company get the job done within or before clocking the time. A professional sanding company always provide estimated time before taking the work on hand, and that’s how you will get flexibility.

Avail Highest Level of Floor Cleaning With Professional Floor Cleaning Services

Tiles or home flooring, when selected correctly and installed in the best manner can enhance the overall look and feel of your house in the best way. Therefore, if you have already installed tiles and flooring of your choice, then it is essential to pay attention towards it cleaning process as well. Doing so will help you to increase their life span in the best way.

With the help of professional services of tile floor cleaning & polishing in Melbourne, you can ensure that your tiles are cleaned thoroughly once or twice in a month. These professional services are targeted towards helping homeowners to carry out the cleaning process for tiles and flooring of your house. These services further help you to get rid of hassles and fuss pertaining to the cleaning process, while the whole tile and floor cleaning work is carried out by a professional team of experts.

Apart from this, you can be sure of achieving the highest level of cleaning quality, when it comes to professional tile cleaning polishing in Melbourne. When you book for these services with a professional company, then you can be sure of availing the best cleaning service. Not only this, the whole cleaning process is carried out by a proficient team of experts, who carry out the floor and tiles cleaning process by making use of the best cleaning equipment and cleaning agents as well. They are expert at carrying out the cleaning job and ensure that the cleaning job is carried out thoroughly leaving  no scope for dust or dirt behind.

When you approach a professional tile or floor cleaning company for availing tile and floor cleaning services, then you can be sure of getting them cleaned in the best way. A professional tile or floor cleaning company has a separate team of professional experts, who are trained and expert in the whole cleaning job. Not only this, they can deal with the cleaning process for different types of tiles and flooring. Therefore, they are flexible with the work days, so you can expect work from them even on weekends as well.

With the range of professional services available at your disposal, you need not worry about anything as you can avail the best quality of cleaning service for the tiles or flooring of your house. Not only this, you can also make sure that the professional floor cleaning services are offered to you as per your convenience. Apart from this, the level of cleanliness you achieve through professional services is really of high quality compared to the manual work you get from these professional range of services. Therefore, with the help of professional floor or tiles cleaning services carried out by a team of professional experts is way great, when compared to the manual work.

Thus, with professional services of effective tile lay floor polishing in Melbourne you can be sure of getting the best value for your invested money and effective services as well for the home flooring or tiles.


Style Your Home With The Better Timber Floor Installation

Is the process of installing flooring easy and faster? Many people go through this type of question as the home is the place where most of the people’s dreams come true. Timber floor installation Melbourne works with perfection as to keep the house to look fashioned; which could match the floor with wall and furniture. To cover the flooring in a unique way of the concrete floor could be done by using polished concrete Melbourne. While at the time of renovation time, it could be comfortable and faster to cover the floor surface with polished concrete to create its eye-catching platform.

Timber flooring – create a unique look and style

The task that could cover floor damage at the time of installation of the new timber floor or even at renovation; surface use to perform sanding and polishing process. Need to make the platform which helps to select the quality and timber floor installation Melbourne.  The variety of different range is developing timber flooring that creates a unique look and style of flooring. This type of flooring brings a comfort level with walking and safely as they need low maintain and also prevent unwanted issues at home.

Style of fashion

In the market, there are many different styles available for timber flooring to create the home flooring surface beautiful and style they can easily install to the flooring. It allows providing the option to lay the surface of the floor to create a future style of fashion.

  • Using the high quality of design and pattern which prove to be practical benefits which have to use materials that set on the flooring surface. While covering up the old flooring with polishing concrete, which helps to increase the value of the home.
  • Utilizing the quality material with latest technology and design.

Polished concrete Melbourne consisted of an extended period as it gets to the finished basement and helps to create well-deserved inroads into residential homes.

  • As it comes with the ability to seal and stain the concrete that has come with different flooring option such as marble, granite and slate.
  • As it also offers a slew of benefits to home builders and creates a well-developed flooring design.
  • At the time of installation, another issue that needs to face through is to have high-quality floor and materials and need to have practical knowledge for the perfection flooring at homeroom.
Floor Polishing Melbourne

Few Fixes Related To Wood Floors That Can’t Be Neglected

When it comes to indoor designing, bamboo floor at Melbourne home is an essential course act. They come at a price, and also that price is wear as well as tears.

Whether it’s from footwear, furnishings, pet dogs, or house mishaps; the unfortunate truth of wood is that it weakens. With a little love as well as a great deal of knowledge, you could fix, redecorate, as well as change wood floorings for an impact as great as brand-new.

A word of advising though: Make certain you recognize how you can sand securely prior to you begin. There’s a procedure to this, and also if you make any type of significant mistakes, the decking floor repair and replacement problems might set you back greater than the sanding deserves.

Utilizing a belt sander with light-weight sandpaper, you could get rid of much deeper scrapes along the grain of the timber.

Water Evaporation

When it comes to a leakage or comprehensive water damages, the very best choice is to simply do every little thing in your power to completely dry that flooring out as long as feasible. You’ll be able to make an analysis on exactly how to fix or change your wood flooring once it’s dried out up.

Fining Sand

Fining sand is generally the primary step prior to making one more, further fixing or redecorating your wood flooring, yet it is entitled to some stating.

Whether it’s tiny openings from nails and also furnishings edges or bigger dings from audio speaker wires and also family pet claws, a little timber filler goes a lengthy method.

Timber Filler

In some cases, a tiny ding or scrape is simply unworthy the moment or initiative of requiring to your flooring with a full-sized sander.

Depending upon the damages, you could integrate this filler with additional sanding or perhaps board substitute. Generally, however, this is a remarkably functional fixing choice well worth the financial investment.

Below are a couple of functional ideas:

  • Depending upon the surface, cleansing could include cozy water as well as a towel, a flooring brush, or a sponge wipe. Chemical cleaners could be efficient also, however ensure to investigate their result in advance, in situation they could discolor or bleach your bamboo floor Melbourne.
  • Quit the resource of the water. Obstruct it if it’s a leakage. Wipe and also cleanse it up totally if it’s a spill. Any kind of residues are most likely to maintain saturating right into your flooring, so ensure you obtain it all.
Floor Polishing Melbourne and Sanding Melbourne

How Solid Hardwood Flooring Installation is Beneficial?

Flooring helps you to get a good covering for your house. Therefore, you should choose one that fits your requirement and falls under your budget range as well. There are plethora of options available, when it comes to flooring as it helps in bringing unbeatable elegance and beauty to different types of residential properties. It is advisable to opt for solid hardwood floor for your house, as it is sure to bring unbeatable elegance and beauty to any household property.

If you wish, you can also opt for installation of laminate floating floor for your home, but remember one thing, it should serve your purpose in the best way. It has been observed that homeowners nowadays are considering to install solid hardwood floor for their house. The best thing about this flooring is that its elasticity makes it the best suitable flooring and it proves very helpful in fighting against the odd flaws of thermal expansion. Owing to their functionality and flexibility, this type of flooring is liked by several houseowners across the globe.

When you consider installing hardwood flooring for your house, then you are sure to get plethora of benefits from it. This type of flooring, when installed proves very aesthetically appealing and also adds great deal of interior decoration to your house.

Apart, from this it also adds to the resale value of your house, which makes it a worthy investment. This flooring is a perfect option, especially for places which attracts high level of traffic on daily basis such as living room or hall of your house.

There are plethora of interesting patterns available in this type of flooring and you can also refer to customer testimonials to get a fair idea about the flooring options. No other flooring option can beat the elegance, charm and beauty, when compared to hardwood flooring. Therefore, if you want nothing less than for your home than you should better opt for solid hardwood floor option.

Following are some of the great advantages of getting this type of flooring installed at your house or office:

  • This type of flooring has great amount of durability and has strong structure as well. Besides, this type of flooring is easy to maintain and has also wide appliances which can be easily used over this type of floor.
  • This flooring can be easily de-sanitized by making use of the best techniques and can be deodarized as well to fight stubborn pet stains and odours in the best way.
  • Aesthetically, this type of flooring option bestows a great look to your house or office and also adds to its value in a innovative way.
  • You will get different options in hardwood flooring, but the differences in which each piece is constructed, harvested or has finishing process makes this type of flooring option the best compared to other flooring options provided by the market.

Thus, it can be said that this flooring not only offers great value for your house, but also proves to be a worthy investment as well.

Floor Installation Melbourne

3 points to recognize prior to getting a Carpet

You’ve picked the color, the design, and pattern – however exactly what should be concerns related to the carpet dimension? How do you exercise the best measurements for the room? Basically, an overview of the carpet dimension for your house will surely involve a couple of aspects, after you are done with laminate floating floor installation at your Melbourne home. Follow are our ideas listed below.

  • What furniture is in place currently?

A carpet needs to be broader compared to the lengthiest furniture within the area, such as the couch, dining table, or bed. Do act upon this size and keep it in mind whenever planning to get carpets. Many carpets are found within a couple of common dimensions so can choose which one fits best with your requirements, or even better consult floor installation services Melbourne to guide you.

Take into consideration furniture variables, like dining table and chairs clearance which could be dangerous if the carpet is not big sufficient. You surely do not desire dining tables to be fifty percent on the carpet and remaining fifty percent occupied by chairs when your visitors are in fact resting at the table.

  • Larger carpets are a misfit to a living area

Distortion in an excellent way! It might appear like a strange concept; however larger carpets have the tendency to make areas appear aesthetically bigger. Erring on the bigger dimension permits the space to really feel full however cozy while developing bigger borders around the furniture which is outstanding in little areas.

With this stated, the carpet ought to not be huge, specifically if there are stunning floorboards or similar things. Revealing exactly what is below, structures the area producing equilibrium and consistency.

  • Cleaning and Treatment of the Carpet

High grade rugs have to be consistently and skillfully cleaned up, as what laminate floating floor installation Melbourne companies say. That is even more vital when your carpet is in a high foot traffic location, or is made from all-natural products, like woolen, that could absorb a bad fragrance easily if not taken care of.

Not to forget, a carpet that isn’t really cleaned at the very least twice a year could end up being extremely unhygienic. See to it that you should be paying for having the carpet cleaned routinely from cleaners, or if want to treat it as a DIY job then perform it rigorously every year. Some carpets require much less upkeep compared to others.

Still finding difficult to get an ideal carpet suiting the flooring? Consult us for helping you out on the same.

How to utilize the carpet?

Do people within your home, such as young kids, invest ample time in playing or resting on the floor? Flat-weave and low-pile carpets are much better for high-traffic locations, while sisal or shag carpets function well in low traffic locations. So, take into consideration how the carpet will certainly be made use of in order to pick the ideal one as recommended by leading floor installation services from Melbourne.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

How To Deal With Water Damages Suffered Timber Flooring?

Refined wood lumber floor covering gives a timeless and advanced appeal to any kind of house. A stunning and sophisticated wood flooring could conveniently end up being spoiled in case of water infiltration.

It would certainly be natural to think that a timber floor sanding firm from Melbourne can’t make things reparable and you might surely be seeking substitute after such water damages. However, by taking the needed actions early on, you could have an expert firm do the job. Just in case if you are running out on time, implement these simple tips for avoiding things to worsen.

  • Get rid of products from water impacted areas

Furnishing and carpets will certainly absorb water and so you will have to get rid of all furnishing products and carpets as soon as possible.

  • Wipe excess water at lowered locations

Eliminate all excess water stocking places where it is difficult to reach. Relying on the quantity of stagnate water you could utilize a wipe for scrubing or using an appropriate damp vacuum cleaner as you would find with timber floor sanding Melbourne firms.

  • Rub down the flooring surface

Cleaning floor area will certainly get rid of any kind of pollutes from the flooding water that could trigger damages at a later phase. Impurities could be born in lumber in an entraped manner triggering mould to form. Scrub the flooring surface area with a mould elimination based disinfectant to eliminate all impurities.

  • Totally dry the flooring

One of the most reliable system at drying the flooring is using a dehumidifier and blowers. To enable the dehumidifier or blowers to remove the dampness, see to it that you open up home.

  • Check for mould damages

If the water is resting on the flooring boards for quite some time, it would certainly have swell and cupped after a few days drying. Inspect all boards for fractures, swelling and cupping, by consulting a timber floor sanding Melbourne based firm. If there are indications of damages, you will have to decide on whether you change the private boards or change a whole area.

  • Look for indicators of mild dew

When all locations have actually been covered for damages due to mould development, and you are simply enjoying the outcomes, then you could possibly take a wetness degree examination in numerous different areas. Ascertain to examine lots of locations to offer an exact analysis of the moisture degree. You need to have the dampness degree below all-natural moisture.

  • Sand & re-coat the wood floor covering surface area

After finishing the extensive actions for drying the wood floorings, you need to have them fined sand, re layered, and brightened to bring back a lovely and  classy coating.

If this seems tough to follow get on board experts like us within Melbourne for timber floor sanding. With such experts, you can enjoy sanding and re-coating procedure reinstate water harmed floorings to its initial classy appearance.

No work is huge or tiny for us concerning timber floors. Hence, contact us to know what we can do for you.