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4 Flooring Sanding Facts You Should Be Aware Of

Choosing the best Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is your responsibility to keep you and your family safe and secure and get the best flooring service. Prestige Floors has built a strong reputation in the residential and commercial markets for providing high-quality service and low-cost timber flooring. We have the most experienced team, and professionals know to handle all situations.

Flooring Sanding is a process soaked in history. There are many of the same ideals and practices, but decisions have changed over the last decade. If you are thinking of helping a professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, you must understand the truth about the process. This allows you to make informed decisions. We can also be deeply grateful for this beautiful service.

Following Are Some Facts That You Should Be Aware Of

  • The first truth is about the crushing process. Floor Sanding Melbourne with traditional methods generated a lot of dust. As the floor was polished, particles were thrown into the air, and these landed extensively and were not limited to the area where you worked. The dust has moved and settled down. In other words, it took a long time to clean up after the process was completed.

Dust-free sanding machines have revolutionized this process. As a virtually dust-free service, polishing hardwood floors is now much easier and less hassle. The filter system removes particles and dust, which will improve the sander’s visibility during the sanding process. In addition, cleaning work after polishing the floor is significantly reduced.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

  •  The second truth deals with the assumption that a company is tied to a product and a machine. The best Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service professionals provide independent professional services.

This means that they are not tied to a franchise or affiliate because they work independently. The advantage of this is that you are not notified of the device or product you are using. This allows you to fully tailor the service to your task and provide an excellent personalized finish.

  •  The third truth deals with the idea that wooden floors can be polished over and over again. The specialists of your choice have the experience and knowledge to remove only what you need during the sanding process. If you peel it off too much, the flooring can be restored less often.

If you weigh too little, you will have dents, damage, and unsightly spots. It also does not reflect this professional service well.

In general, there is a limit to the number of times a wooden floor can be polished. However, this is determined by several factors. All of this can be provided by selected professionals to provide personalized advice.

  •  The fourth truth deals with the assumption that it is a costly process. All machines, products, technologies and techniques were developed in this way, making the process very cheap.

 You get a lot for your money and the opportunity to get the most out of your beautiful hardwood floors. If you choose a reputable local specialist, then it would be worth it. You will support yourself with information and advice on all aspects of wooden floor care and cleaning.

 From the above information, it is clear that Floor Sanding Melbourne has evolved better than in recent years. This timeless craft provides incredible insight into the process of skillfully restoring one of the most popular types of flooring. This information is organized to help you make decisions when hiring a floor grinder.

Timber Floor Sanding

Essential Things to Remember When You Decide to Do Floor Sanding

The first factor to remember when Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is that you don’t have to wait long for the floor to wear and sand it. It means getting to work. Completely stripping the surface of the parquet floor before calling an expert will affect the wood, which means that the wood also needs to be replaced. This can undoubtedly be an expensive procedure.

Some Facts About the Floor Sanding Process:

Flooring Company Survey

If you are trying to do a  Floor Sanding Melbourne job at home, you need to use the right contractor for that job. How do you find them now? You don’t have to be an expert in this kind of work. But still, you need to do a lot of research to get the right company that can meet your needs and reach your expectations.

However, to do this, you need to know some basic things. This helps evaluate these professionals at various project stages, including before, after, and during work. It would help if you also looked at well-developed and well-maintained floors.

It’s a Hassle-Free Process

It is not uncommon to delay such a process for fear of factors such as odour and dust. In doing so, they are afraid of moving their families while the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne work is in progress, so they ignore even the most obvious signs. But don’t worry. If you hire an expert in this regard, they will do the job perfectly, and your family will not feel a little uncomfortable.
Floor Sanding Melbourne

Hire the Right Professionals to Do The Job 

You need to interview at least three contractors to do this. Also, keep in mind that contractor fees and project costs are not the only factors to focus on in this particular situation. In these cases, it is not the only or best option. Take some time in this process. Get a portfolio of their work and look them up properly. Make sure they have the correct license and insurance for such a job. Make sure your contract contains all the necessary details.

Covering Immovable Furniture

When sanding the floor, you need to cover the immovable furniture. Sanding work is usually completed by applying a sealer. The room should be dust-free in advance. Otherwise, dirt and dust can get stuck under the sealant, and it usually spreads dust everywhere when sanding. For this reason, heavy, immobile furniture should be covered with old blankets and sheets. If you can remove furniture from the room, do so before the sanding team comes to work.

These are some of the things to be known before the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne process. Hiring the right expert is also an essential and challenging job for Floor Sanding Melbourne. Prestige Floors is the best floor sanding and floor polishing service provider. We have specialised in the preparation and leveling of the floors so that the floor’s finish, feel, and effects remain for a long-lasting time, and our prices are competitive and affordable.

Timber Floor Sanding

Why Should You Get The Timber Floors Sanded?

Do you have a timber floor at home? If yes then you have one of the most aesthetically pleasing floors in the home. No wonder if guests have a great impression is you home. Well, it is no more unknown that timber floors last up to a century but how to keep the timber floor good as new up to a century is really a great question. The solution to this is Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne. It may sound simple and regular but it can do wonders for you and your home.

Here is What You Must Anticipate If Your Choose to Get Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne at A Regular Interval

  • No More Visible Imperfections: 

Sanding ensures not only an improved appearance for your floor (often as flawless as brand new) but also reduces the risk of these imperfections growing larger and becoming more serious. Sanding saves you all of the energy, money, time, and nerves associated with hardcore wood floor repairs and even replacing your entire floor.

  • More Sturdiness: 

As your hardwood flooring ages, the gaps between the boards widen. The nails that are holding the boards in place start to work their way up until the heads are slightly raised. These two factors contribute to the unevenness of the floorboards. When the boards are uneven, they can be damaged by objects moving across them. Even your feet can break off a board that is slightly raised above the other boards nearby.

When you sand your floors, you’ll need to re-nail the nails in their proper place. The boards will then be sanded, and any pieces that are slightly elevated will be removed. The gaps that have formed between the boards will be filled, and the overall strength of the floor will be increased.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

  • Allergies Would No More Trigger Frequently:

The reduction in allergen content in your home is a significant benefit of having your timber floors sanded and polished on a regular basis. Dust particles and other debris or pollutants in the air become stuck to the rough surface of the flooring as the polish wears off.

The surface of the wooden floor is also difficult to clean because it is absorbent due to a lack of polish. It is extremely uncomfortable for anyone in the house who suffers from respiratory diseases. Polished floors, on the other hand, do not attract dust particles. You can even clean them with a quick swipe or mop.

  • Great For Increasing Home Value: 

Unquestionably, sanding and polishing a floor improves its overall appearance, making it more appealing and affluent. It also improves the durability and dependability of the floors. As a result, they raise the value of the house or property. If it is not taken care of, it will become an eyesore and make the house appear unappealing. Investing in professional sanding and polishing services for your floors ensures that they remain aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the value of your property rises.

Not to forget, get it done only by the Floor Sanding Melbourne professionals!

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

While Sanding A Floor, What Should You Keep in Mind?

Restoration of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne procedures has been popular for several years. It not only produces stunning results, but it is also a green option. By restoring beautiful wood that only needs a makeover, you are not encouraging more wood to be cut off, and it is also good for your health because wood floors are significantly healthier than carpet.

Ordinary store solutions aren’t designed to deal with specific types of floors, and they frequently leave a residue behind, giving the impression of a drab, lifeless environment. However, there is a fantastic ‘no dust wood Floor Sanding Melbourne solution’ that not only rejuvenates wood floors but also keeps homes dust-free and tidy.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne begins with rough sanding, which removes debris, marks, and the floor’s current finish so that the rough sanding traces are removed. Fine sanding can be accomplished with 100 grit paper. The medium sanding can then be done with a higher grit paper.

Dust-Free Sanding Benefits

  • The issue with traditional floor cleaning machines is the amount of airborne dust generated while sanding, which creates an unpleasant and hazardous atmosphere for both the operator and the homeowner, not to mention the length of time it takes.
  • Dust-free sanding machines employ the most up-to-date devices in the floor cleaning industry. An innovative filtration system allows the operator to sand down wood floors without generating a dusty environment.
  • Better professionals who care about your indoor air quality have invested in dust extraction systems, acknowledging the value and necessity of such systems to their clients.

    Timber Floor Sanding

  • The big protective machine bag traps all dust, and the filter prevents the particles from diminishing the machine’s effectiveness. Dust extraction devices remove a significant quantity of dust and older finish materials that would otherwise remain in your home for months after the floor finisher has left.
  • The high-powered edge sanding system has several head sizes to reach those hard-to-reach areas. The dust-free sanders’ strength produces an extremely smooth finish, perfect for resurfacing the wood. After that, a long-lasting finish applying to ensure that the wood floor is restored to its former splendour and will last for years to come.
  • For both property owners and experts, there are evident benefits. A homeowner will benefit from virtually eliminating the airborne dust generated by traditional wood floor sanding. This machine can sand in any direction without damaging the grain pattern, a safer environment for your family, a superior finished product, and overall value for money and peace of mind.

Professionals who use “no dust wood floor sanding machines” provide a more effective and efficient service because they can monitor their work continuously and thus perform sanding, faster turn-around, and clean-up with the confidence that they are providing a refined product that is smooth, clean, and durable for years to come. Professional wood floor cleaners must provide high-level and personalised services in an ever-evolving sector, which the tremendous dust-free methods offer with confidence.

Prestige Floors is certified to the highest level in the Melbourne floor polishing sector, and we use the best industry practices in every project. Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne’s every species has a different wood grain and colour; we provide a wide choice of timber species to satisfy everyone’s tastes. We offer the best floor Sanding Melbourne service to keep your floor refinished and shined.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Do You Know How Much Moisture Level is Acceptable for Wood?

Are you a wooden floor lover? If you have wooden floorings at home, you might have across the wooden shrinking and swelling because the wooden is allergic to moisture. To maintain the wooden furniture and other items in good condition for a longer time, it’s important to know the basic maintenance knowledge such as how much moisture level is fine for the wooden.  Well, it depends upon the types of wood you have at home.

According to expert research, 6 to 8% of moisture content is fine for the wood, but if the moisture content is increased more than 8% then it can start causing damage to the quality of wood.  Moisture content varies from season to season hence, it is important to take proper care and maintenance in every season. Consult the reputed Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company for effective advice and maintenance solutions. It’s obvious that moisture will be present in any form, so the question is how we can remove moisture from the wood.

  • Kiln Drying:

Wooden moisture content is never constant as it depends on the interaction with the environment and climatic factors. Kiln drying is the technique to dry the moisture from the wood. Kiln drying is the widely used wooden drying technique in the industrial sectors that helps to dry the building materials and wood up to 15%. Generally, freshly cut wood is likely to be wet and contain more moisture but it usually evaporates naturally.  By kiln drying technique, it helps the wood to absorb the moisture released by the wood to maintain the proper balance.

  • What is the Moisture Content Acceptable for the Interior?

The moisture content differs from place to place. If it’s about exterior wood, then 6 to 8% is the acceptable moisture content. In the case of house interiors, the acceptable level of moisture content is 9 to 14 % depending on the composition and type of wood.

The wooden moisture can be measured by using a quality moisture meter. Although there are two methods that are mainly used for testing moisture levels in woods that are.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

  • Oven Dry Testing:

Oven dry testing is the oldest and most commonly used method for the measurement of moisture levels. This method usually produces the accurate results of wood testing. In oven-dry testing, the wood is dried in a special oven or kiln for drying and its weight is monitored periodically to determine the moisture level.

The process can be time-consuming but the difference in weight can help in determining the moisture level, it’s important to have a special oven for the drying.

  • Moisture Meter Testing:

Moisture meter comes basically of two types that are pin less wood meter and pin-type wood meter. Moisture meter testing is the fastest way to test the moisture content.

Final thoughts:

To know more about moisture content meter testing, you can easily read the information in detailed online. Consult prestige floors for high-quality floor installation. We are highly experienced in floor installation and Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne. To know more about our flooring service, kindly book an appointment with us today.

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Best Timber Wood Homemade Cleaners You Should Know

Are you a DIY lover who always search for the home remedy for everything like cleaning floors and other household purposes? DIYs are the perfect solution that allows you to explore creativity and learn innovative solutions at home. Especially house cleaning and day-to-day works. Not everyone can afford a professional cleaning service all the time hence DIY can be the best reliable solution to cover up the minor renovation and cleaning tasks using the homemade things.

But anyhow, professionals are professionals for reasons. So, calling out professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is necessary.

Do you know you can clean your timber wood floors with homemade ingredients? The majority of people are not aware of how various home ingredients can help in effective floor cleaning because most people clean the floors with ready made cleansers.

There are mainly two ways by which timber floors can be maintained in a good condition that is floor sanding and polishing. But with the sanding and polishing, cleaning regular with mild cleansers can preserve the wooden floors in good condition and prevent other flooring issues such as staining, uneven shades, and many more. If your wooden floors are very old and haven’t sanded for a long time, consult the reputed Floor Sanding Melbourne Company. Below are some of the useful home ingredients that has best cleaning properties and can be used for cleaning hardwood floors efficiently.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

1) Water + Vinegar

Warm water and vinegar are the best cleaning solution that one can use regularly for cleaning hardwood floors. Take an equal amount of the warm water and vinegar in a small container and clean the surface with the soft damp cloth, it is also the best cleaning agent for kitchen, bathroom, and other house areas.

2) Water + Vinegar + Essential Oils

There are wide variety of essential oils available in the market. Adding essential oils can add a good fragrance to the cleaning and create a fresh environment.

3) Organic Soap + Water + Vinegar

Using plant-based organic soap, water and vinegar acts a good cleaning agent and cleans almost all dust and grime from the surface.

4) Vinegar + Vegetable Oil

Prepare a mild solution of water and few drops of vegetable oil. It can be used to provide the finishing to the wooden surface by spraying. Wipe with a clean soft cloth after spraying.

5) Teabags

Used tea bags can be used as cleaning the wooden floor, it effectively provides shines and lustre to the floor. It also has anti-bacterial properties.

6) Lemon Juice + Olive Oil + Hot Water

Because of the acidic nature of lemon, it has good cleaning properties and gives shine to the floor surface while olive oil provides a better finishing.

7) Washing Powder + Water + Vinegar

Regular washing powder and hot water effectively cleanses the oils, dust, and grime and offers a sparkling clean surface.


It’s not necessary to be an expert in cleaning floors, anyone can easily clean the floors by using the above ingredients whether they are beginners or experts.  Hope you found the above information useful and helped you in maintaining a sparkling clean home. Just make sure to take the right quantity for the best cleaning. The ingredients like essential oils, olive oils, vinegar, and lime juice are required to use in a small quantity as they have acidic properties. Choose Prestige Floors for the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, floor installations, and any kinds of flooring services.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Basic Things to Ensure Durable Hardwood Refinished Floors

Whether it is a roof, flooring, or interior decor, every seasonal change is going to bring unique problems for the home and there is nothing new in it. Everything has a specific validity period and requires proper maintenance and care to last longer and preserve good condition. Winter seasons bring snow and ice, summer brings hot temperature while monsoon adds moisture and dirt. Despite every seasonal variation, timber floors are the easiest to maintain among all the flooring because of their amazing natural properties. But even if you clean your hardwood floor on the regular basis, it needs professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service every 3 to 5 years for the proper maintenance.

1) Keep A Habit of Cleaning Spills and Spots Immediately:

Whenever you spill anything on the wooden floor, clean it immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid the use of steaming or wiping the wooden floor with a wet cloth as the moisture causes wooden to swell and shrink. It’s better to keep the wooden floor as dry and humidity-free as possible because moisture can damage the hardwood with time causing gaps, splitting, and swelling.

2) Sweeping and Dusting Floor Daily:

Sweeping and dusting on the daily basis keep the wooden floor free from dirt and maintains a hygienic home. Even you don’t wear footwear in the house, dust can come from anywhere hence it is a must-do thing to maintain a clean wooden floor.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

3) Use Furniture Pads:

Scratches on the wooden floors ruin the entire show of the floor so, always prefer to add furniture pads to the legs of every piece of furniture in your house so, you can prevent scratches while you move the things while cleaning. While some scratches can easily be fixed by cleaning and rubbing of soft damp cloth while others might be so stubborn to remove. Include a furniture pad below every sofa, table, chairs, and cupboards.

4) Perform Vacuum Cleaning Every Week:

Every week vacuuming might sound a bit difficult but it is an essential part of hardwood maintenance because just sweeping might not be enough. Vacuuming can help you to clean dust particles or crumbs you might left somewhere in the hidden areas. Vacuuming can pull out the dirt without scratching the floor.

5) Clean Floors with High-Quality Wooden Floor Cleaner Every Month:

Invest in good products to get better quality cleaning. There are many cleaners available in the market claiming to provide the A-one cleaning but always verify ingredients in the cleaning product whether it is ideal to use on a wooden floor or not. Polished Timber can react with some chemicals and lead to spots on the floor, so prefer natural and good cleaning products.

6) Perform Refinishing And Necessary Services Every 3-5 Years:

At last proper maintenance and cleaning can reduce the damage and help you to save on the flooring service. But even after taking care, after 3-5 years, wooden floors may start looking a bit dull and needs proper polishing and coating from time to time. Leave the polishing and refinishing services up to professionals.


Here at prestige floors, we expertise all kinds of floor installations, cleaning, and restoration services, call us anytime for any type of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne requirements and flooring jobs and get your flooring job done with the guaranteed satisfaction.

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What are the Different Kinds of Wooden Flooring?

When it comes to installing fresh wooden flooring at your home or office, it’s worth exploring the possibilities of wooden flooring. There are three basic and major types of wooden flooring that you must know before even going for Timber Floor Installation Melbourne.

Engineered Hardwood

You can find abundant styles in engineered wood. This wood is made of multiple layers of woods, glued together to create a thick plank. An original wood veneer is applied on the top of these, which you can sand and polish a specific number of times. It helps you to remove damage signs.

Engineered wood is considered to be more stable than hardwood and hardly get affected by humidity and change in weather. It is inexpensive and attractive than other floorings.

Solid Hardwood

Nothing can beat the attractiveness and timeless beauty of solid hardwood. The visual appeal you get for your residential or commercial place is worth spending every single penny on solid hardwood.

These woods are made from 18 to 20mm thick wood board, and it is easier to install as compared to other wood types.

Some floors could be harder than others, but it usually depends on the wood species. Different wood types have different hardness and wear & tear capacity.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

The biggest reason to choose hardwood is its capability to be sanded and polishes over and over again. So if you think you have lost the appeal of your solid hardwood after 5 or 10 years, you can hire the professionals and ask them for re-sanding and polishing to revive the wood.

Besides its hardness and thickness, it could be a bit difficult to install solid hardwood. You need to glue it and nail it to keep each plank in place. So the entire installation process can be a bit expensive.

There are following famous kinds of solid hardwood floors:

  • Pine
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Hickory
  • Rosewood
  • Ash
  • Oak

You can pick any of the above hardwood flooring types and choose the right Floor Sanding Melbourne agency for the best results.

Laminate Flooring

This flooring is just a compressed fibreboard plank, which has photographic images of the wood grains. Laminated flooring contains a protective layer that prevents damage and scratches.

This is the most cost-effective option and available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and designs.

However, with all these qualities, laminated flooring doesn’t provide you with that amazing look you could get from other original wood boards. As the laminated flooring isn’t that thick and its edges get damaged after some time.

If the laminated flooring is not installed properly, it will look faulty and unappealing.

So Which Flooring Did You Like The Most?

For proper guidance, you can get in touch with the experts and help them install the best flooring at your place.

A leading Timber Floor Installation Melbourne agency will help you choose the right wooden flooring that will suit your style, temperature changes, location, family type, business type, foot traffic, etc.

So get in touch with the professionals right now.

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Things You Can’t Ignore Before Opting For Timber Floor Installation

The flooring is the essential component of home which can either make or ruin your house impression, so don’t hurry in choosing the flooring  because it’s the base of the house on which you have to live ,walk ,sit ,sleep and rely for many day to day things. If you are having cheap quality floorings or carpets, don’t expect your guests and family members will enjoy staying inside your house and secondly it will leave a negative image of your house, doesn’t matter how expensive it is. So, always choose the standard Floor Sanding Melbourne service to clear scratches and restore the lost finishing of the floor.

Types of Timber Flooring:

There are various types of timber flooring that are as follows:

Solid Timber Flooring :

Solid hardwood flooring boards are basically manufactured using a single piece of wood with a thickness of 18cm to 22 cm. It’s classy and made up of rich pure timber which never goes out of class.  It can be polished and sanded periodically to regain its shine and finishing

Pros:  It is durable, beautiful and long lasting

Cons: It is expensive and swells in moist weather and shrinks in dry weather.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Laminated Flooring :

Laminate flooring is a synthetic component which is manufactured by combining multiple layers like HDF core, moisture resistant bottom layer and another layer is replicated wooden designed with a protection shield.

Pros: It’s affordable and looks like real wood and easily maintained

Cons: It can’t be repaired once it’s damaged hence it has a short life span.

Composite Wood Flooring :

Composite wooden flooring are also known as engineered wooden flooring because they are highly durable and provide good moisture resistance and scratch resistance. Composite wood is industry manufactured with chemical binders and protective coatings hence they are called engineered woods.

Pros:It is a great replacement for solid wood flooring and comparatively cheaper and easily maintained.

Cons: chemical bindings may irritate some people with sensitive immunity.

Parquet Flooring :

Parquet flooring is used for decorative purposes that can be made with both solid and engineered woods.

Pros: Best for enhancing the beauty of flooring with elegant patterns.

Cons: it requires time to search for unique wood for making unique designs.

Bamboo Flooring :

As bamboo is sustainable material, it grows faster as compared to hardwood trees.

Pros: It is naturally resistant to moisture

Cons:  As it is highly moisture resistant, it leads to growth of mould and mildew.

Cork Flooring :

This is made up of cork oak tree and designer in multi layered tiles where the bottom layer consists of compressed cork and the middle layer is made up of MDF and HDF fibreboard and the top area is made up of the high quality cork.

Pros:it has natural anti-microbial properties that prevents growth of mould and mildew.

Cons:  it is more prone to heat.

Wind up:

Hope now you are aware about the various types of timber and its uses. So, if you are planning for flooring at your home then choose the best Floor Sanding Melbourne for a long lasting and rich feel.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

What are Some Common Timber Flooring Myths?

Wooden flooring is popular in the entire world. The popularity has given birth to many wooden flooring myths, which are important to bust so that you can install your favourite wooden flooring without having any doubts in your mind.

Today, we have busted the major myths that will make you to all your Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service provider right now.

So read along…

  • It’s An Expensive Affair To Install Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is one of the most famous luxury flooring, and that’s why people think it includes a lot of money to install. The truth is wooden flooring comes in a huge variety of material and hence, prices. You can also go for refurbished floors, which can enhance your interior and last for many years.

  • It’s Not Easy To Manage Wooden Flooring

It’s no rocket science to maintain wooden flooring. All you have to do is just go for daily sweeping and vacuuming. You can also use a cloth to remove liquids from the floor. If you have lost the shine of your wooden floor, just use a professional wood cleaner to restore the shine.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

  • You Get Scratches Easily On The Wooden Floor

It’s true that you can get scratches on the wooden floor only when heavy or hard or pointed items are dragged over the surface. Marble and stone flooring also get scratches with the same objects. However, going for professional Floor Sanding Melbourne can easily restore your floor.

  • Wooden Flooring Is Shrinking Forests

Wooden flooring is natural, which can be recycled easily. Being the most eco-friendly flooring, it can be manufactured without any artificial element. Hence, you can also buy recycled wooden flooring planks for your flooring project.

  • Wooden Flooring Is Not For Those With Transferable Job

Wooden flooring enhances the appearance of your house and boosts the value of your property. Hence, people who shift often could consider as the best investment to get big returns.

  • Wooden Flooring Makes No Difference In The Room Temperature

Wood works as a natural insulator and can easily warm a room easily. It indicates that you don’t have to worry about winters and dropping temperature, unlike marble and stone. It also helps in balancing the temperature changes.

  • Wooden Floors Show More Dirt And Dust

 Dust can ruin any floor, be it marble, tiles, stones, etc. But on wooden flooring, dust is easily visible and can be cleaned in one go.

  • Wooden Flooring Can Increase Global Warming

One thing many people don’t know is that wooden flooring is carbon neutral. Therefore, it doesn’t contribute to global warming. Plus, it doesn’t release any gas, which could affect our environment. Hence, it’s safe to install wooden flooring without affecting mother nature.

  • Wooden Floors Can’t Bear Heavyweight and Traffic

It’s true that some kind of wooden flooring (cheap) can be affected by heavy traffic and wear & tear. But when you have installed high-quality hardwood, you don’t have to worry about anything, not even the paws of your pet.

Now that you know the truth get in touch with the best Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne agency right now.