Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

4 Tips & Tricks for the Right Timber floor installation

Are you seeking to install wood flooring? You’ll need appropriate tools, cutting, design, and a few abilities for doing the setup. Timber floor installation, Melbourne is a home improvement undertaking that may invite heat, style and beauty into the inside. Before you begin installing wood flooring, a great deal of preparation is needed. You want to generate an estimate of the materials you’ll need and then put orders. Engineered flooring is a good choice for offices and homes. It doesn’t twist and crack under moist conditions, and this really is the best advantage of the same. It provides additional value to the house and raises the aesthetic allure. Together with the wood floor setup, you may attain the type of appearance that you’re craving for.

  1. The cause of the prevalence of wood floors

Timber flooring is your classic favourite. It’s a lot thicker than engineered hardwood flooring. You may install the wood floor upon the plywood used. However, ensure the surface under the wood floor is over the grade. There should be no moisture from the sub floor tiles. Appropriate preparation is the trick to the effective setup of wood floor.

The foundation where you put the ground has to be smooth, well levelled, clean and sound. It can be existing hardwood flooring in fantastic condition. There’s not any need to eliminate the previous flooring because you might install new flooring right on the sub floor. Engineered flooring provides a whole lot more relaxation than marble flooring. If you would like to steer clear of routine repair job, you are able to choose engineered wood material.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  1. Eliminating base doors and moulding

Whether you would like to put in the flooring over a classic surface or you also wish to do Floor Sanding, Melbourne lately, eliminate the shoe moulds and doorways. Baseboards ought to be removed if there aren’t any shoe mouldings. Do the numbering over moulding planks then replace them when completed. The surroundings of the space have to be ideal, and it shouldn’t throw a negative influence on the ground. An excessive amount of traffic into the region, humidity swings, or excess fever isn’t desirable.

  1. Prepare the subfloor before installation

The subfloor must be structurally solid, thick, flat, and well placed. You can use a plank of a carpenter to discover rises or drops. Whether there are lumps, use sandpaper to measure the surface. Fill up the drops with a few levelling compounds. Screw squeaky stains and reseat raised attachments with the assistance of 1 1/2 inch screwdriver. Now, pay the floor area with black foliage.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  1. Can humidity and heat affect the hardwood flooring?

Strong hardwood floors are very susceptible to becoming damaged because of moisture. At first, you have to correct wooden substance into your home atmosphere. This can prevent any contraction or expansion of substance. The setup must start in the most observable and also the longest wall.

You need appropriate instruments and equipment to your instalment of wood flooring. Table saw is required to decrease the timber. In addition, you require appropriate measuring tape to assess the wooden planks, ply as well as the distance. Look at taking skilled aid for wood flooring installation providers.

So use these useful tips so that you opt for complete and safe timber floor installation, Melbourne.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Never Miss These Things About Wood Flooring Before You Choose One

Whether you are concerned about a home or office renovation, few things remain the same no matter, what new arrives in the market. Wood flooring is one of those ever-green choices for the home renovation. If you are finding the timber floor installation Melbourne Company currently then, consideration of this guide can be a good turn.

Before we prefer to find the Floor Sanding Melbourne or floor polishing company, our goal is clear about converting the dull floor into a sparkling one. Indeed!

Prestige Floors is a Melbourne based company that strives to offer all type of flooring needs. With many years of expertise in this field, we can simply suggest wooden flooring is the most-chosen flooring type among the homeowners. It is because this type of flooring makes a room look good and it will add elegance and warmth in a place. However, we couldn’t choose the floor type based on the looks only; there are many more factors that come in a play.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Here we share three most popular type of wooden flooring

Before we go through various wooden flooring types, here are a few choices you could make!

  • Hardwood

Such type of timber flooring is made of real wood from the top to bottom. It also harvests from a variety of trees like pine, walnut, and oak. When it comes to ensuring the durability – It is extremely durable and it will last for a longer period of time. It can also be refinished many times over a longer life. However, most of the hardwood floors come up pre-finished with the top protective layer which should be kept away from the moisture.

  • Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring is basically a veneer of real wood that stuck to several other layers of the wood like plywood. It will give excellent stability to the wood with the time. This type of wood is durable so it can be used in any home area. Also, it holds up better to moisture than other hardwood.

  • Laminate Wood

Laminate wooden flooring is composed of a synthetic material that makes the look of wood classy which will then laminated. However, the hardwood floor is a perfect choice, cost-effective and it is a smart alternative of the laminate. It comes in different wood floor designs and it is resistant to bacteria and mould.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Benefits of wooden flooring

  • The wooden flooring is completely durable and with the care, it can last for a long time
  • The wooden flooring can help you increase the home value if you plan to sell it nearly
  • It will give your home a perfect look and appeal

End of the buzz!

Prestige Floors is the top-most timber floor installation Melbourne Company that works on all the flooring related needs with the dedication. If you want your floor to remain shiny for a longer period, Prestige Floors can be your perfect partners!

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Major mistakes to avoid during Timber floor installation

Having a timber floor installation Melbourne includes a lot of work, especially when you are doing it yourself. If you have decided to install a timber floor all by yourself, you are in the right place.

So explore the following tips and prevent many mistakes.

Neglecting to Face-Nail Boards Close to the Wall

Compelling nailing wood flooring is made simple by pneumatic nailers that permit the nails to situate directly over the tongue of each piece. It gives space to the following segment to opening in without obstacle from the past part. Be that as it may, as you close to the contrary divider, it gets tricky to utilize the pneumatic nailer in light of the constrained freedom nailing space. The best arrangement is, consequently, to confront nail, all sheets introduced along with the dividers. It wipes out the requirement for a claim to fame instrument just as the tedious procedure of taking care of the issue.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Picking Wrong Wood Putty

Notwithstanding the section and tongue include that permit lumber flooring pieces to snap together, it is ideal for making sure about them additionally set up by nailing to the floor. Along these lines, the nails heads are uncovered, which gives the ground surface a somewhat revolting completion. Wood clay is consequently expected to fill the nail gaps; however, you should make sure to get the correct one for your floor. It is because lumber flooring comes in fluctuating stains, and in this way, wood clay of an inappropriate shading will make the influenced region stand out in contrast to everything else. In case you utilize dim lumber pieces, at that point, it is suitable to apply wood clay with dark shading. When you have filled each nail gap, clear off the abundance of wood clay to give the floor a smooth surface.

Cutting the Groove End

At the point when you begin laying the wood flooring pieces, you should be cautious about how the pieces fit together. It is because each piece has a furrow, which gets the nearby part, and a tongue, which locks onto the past deck piece. At the point when you get to the divider, you need to cut the wood with the goal that each part fits cosy. Many people get this progression wrong and wind up, cutting the furrow end of the wood. Disposing of the furrow end will, therefore, prompt a ground surface hole between the influenced pieces. While the issue can be fixed, the procedure is generally tedious. In this manner, first, guarantee that the end you are going to cut is the tongue end and not the furrow end for immaculate lumber flooring.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

The above mistakes might seem smaller, but these can ruin your flooring altogether.

In case you need perfection, get in touch with the professional agency of Floor Sanding Melbourne like Prestige Floors. They are experienced and have handled hundreds of projects.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your gadget and hire the best flooring company now!

Timber Floor Installation

What Are The Benefits Of Engineered Wood Flooring Installation?

When it comes to style the home, every homeowner will prefer to start from the floor. That’s right actually. Once upon a time, the installation of the hardwood floor was a trend among the homeowners. And, now the timber floor installation Melbourne has taken a place to renovate the home with style. How many of you know about the material?

Well, for most of the people the installation of timber into the floor may be new. Not only the hardwood floor look will increase home value, but it can create a luxurious environment.

When the solid wooden Floor Sanding Melbourne can still be an optimal choice but, engineered wood flooring can be the perfect solution to the homeowners for many more reasons.

After knowing these things, it could be easy for you to understand why so many people prefer engineered wood flooring over any other material.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Economically perfect

The material of engineered wood is cheap than other solid wood flooring material. This is because the manufacturers have layer engineered wood with plywood during the construction process. It is made up of solid wood and goes perfectly well. Those who have a limited budget can easily get an appealing floor look by choosing the wood.

You’ll have versatile flooring

Due to the engineered wood stability, it is temperature resistant and it can make the look versatile. The material can be used as cladding without affecting the wood durability and it can be safe for the installations. The cladding can become a common trend nowadays with homeowners as they choose to create natural outdoor living spaces.

Gives an aesthetic appeal

Engineered wood has so many perks that they can give a look with different finishes, colours, width, and wood types. The material can go perfectly with the interior without any issue and ensure the cohesiveness and flow in the home. One more advantage of it is that engineered wood can be sanded down with the time to reapply a complete finish to the floor without affecting stability.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Most of the residential homes prefer to install hardwood floor instead of any other choices, because of the misconception that it is real wood. On the other end, engineered wood is also natural with the plywood and the major difference can be the production procedure of both. It can quickly become a perfect choice amongst the design world for the properties and the ability to look like solid wood.

It can literally turn your simply or ordinary-looking floor into a charming one with no time.

Ending up!

When you are thinking about timber floor installation Melbourne there are many other choices you should not overlook. The engineered wood floor installation can be beneficial. If you are planning to renovate the home then, start with the floor. By choosing the right floor material, you can literally feel a worthy investment. Check out various materials, ask to the professionals, and spend on the right services. Don’t forget the trend but don’t follow it blindly too.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Is hiring timber floor installation Melbourne Company beneficial?

Timber floor is the primary source of indoor beauty especially when you have a big house, and that’s why you need to install properly because if something went wrong, then there’s a chance your floor look dull and damaged. Having timber floor installation Melbourne from a professional company like Prestige floors is always worth it, especially when you are building a new home.

Timber is known for its beauty and durability that you know but do you know that without proper installation you have to face problems. You need to take the help of professional installer because only they can help you to install safely and that’s why you need to ensure about professional help.

Why You Should take the help of Professional for Timber floor Installation?

So as above said timber floor represent the beauty of the home, and that’s why you need to take care of it while installing. As a process like empty space, broken tiles and other problems can ruin the floor beauty and no wonder measurement which only professional can eye on.

Timber Floor Installation

Time Savvy Process

Yes, It is because as a homeowner, you cannot identify where you have to eye on most but professional know very well. You know that having a professional means a combination of skills, knowledge and wide expertise no matter how you have built the home. You can easily install the timber floor with the help of a professional timber floor expert, and that’s how you can save time from consuming in the unwanted and unnecessary task. And that’s the reason you have to take care about it before installing your own.

Appealing Floor with Professional Hands

The most important benefit you can avail from professional is quality installation. You know and can understand that timber floor installation is hard when it comes to adding home because you have to maintain the charm if you have a Victorian home. And that’s the reason you need to take care of proper installation because there’s a chance your floor will look bad. Having professional hands can help you to enhance the beauty of the home as they always work with dedication and measurement with which you no longer have to worry about getting standard work. Hence, with the help of a professional hand, you can easily install the timber floor, and that’s how you can add beauty to the floor.

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

Minimum Waste and Damage

The most important benefit you can avail from professional timber floor installation is expertise. Prestige floors believe that having a professional can help you to enhance the beauty of your floor along with the help of experience and skills. You know and can understand that having a professional can help you in reducing damage and waste with you no longer have to worry about getting your work done. You have an in-house team of professional and experienced timber floor installation can help you to reduce the chance of waste and damage.

Summing Up!!!

Are you looking for timber floor installation Melbourne? Then Prestige floors can help you as we are providing Floor Sanding Melbourne services with you no longer have to worry about getting your job done.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

What Is Better for Timber Floor Installation? Floating or Glue Down

Whenever you are going for Timber Floor Installation Melbourne with solid subfloor would it be advisable for you to pick a floating hardwood floor or one that is glue down? The accompanying rundown of upsides and downsides should help you in settling on the correct decision.

Theimportant thing you ought to do anyway is checked with your structure’s layers. Mostly Prestige Floors’ expert is decides set up that oversee the technique for hardwood flooring establishment and sort of sound protection utilized. Just like floor installation, we also use proper techniques for Floor Sanding Melbourneafter installing is correct.

Let’s begin with the floating floor technique for floor installation.

The term ‘floating hardwood floor’ alludes to the technique for establishment. A floating floor lays on underlay and isn’t fixed to the substrate or sub-floor. Gravity holds the floor down.


  • More affordable than the glue down option because of less establishment time and negligible glue cost.
  • Simpler to introduce particularly for the DIY
  • Calmer for your neighbour’s underneath. The two air pockets between the deck and underlay and between the underlay and the solid separate sound transference among you and your neighbours.
  • A got done with drifting floor avoids or ‘gives’ sightly when strolled on. This makes a living on the floor, simpler on your legs and back. Try not to stress, the development in the floor is not out of the ordinary because the floor lays on a delicate underlay anyway the measure of diversion must not be over the top. 1/8″ is worthy.
  • Your solid sub-floor ought to be levelled appropriately before your ground surface contractual worker. This work is viewed as a billable extra. You ought to have no unexpected drops or edges in the solid before you start establishment. Deficient or poor straightening will leave unreasonable weaknesses in the completed floor, which can make development and lead issues later on.
  • Sound wall. There are many sound-appraised underlays available, each with their upsides and downsides.

GlueDown Floors

  • With this strategy for the establishment, the completed floor feels more grounded and increasingly strong underneath. This is because the floor configuration doesn’t consider development or slight avoidance.
  • Envision the sound of a stride on glue down the floor to be a ‘dull crash’ instead of a more splendid ‘click’ sound that accompanies the floating floor structure. The sound of the floor is commonly calmer to live within light of the fact that less commotion is reflected go into the room you are in.
  • Glue down floors is more work serious about introducing. The glue alone will include a critical expense. On the off chance that a sound wall is required, at that point it should be stuck to the solid first, including one more expense for each square foot for the glue PLUS work to introduce.
  • Evacuating a glue down floor is an extreme activity. The cement is solid and planned not to give up.

In the End,

So, according to the expert of Prestige Floors and your flooring need, you should choose the better floating or glue down for Timber Floor Installation Melbourne. But leave this decision on our professional, its best for you.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Must Knowable Timber Floor Installation Methods and Its Apply Tricks

Timber flooring adds a special touch to a home. It offers toughness, engaging quality and a simple to-clean deck surface. Timber flooring is an excellent and characteristic item that separates it from other floor covers. It is hotter than tile yet more cleaned than covering, and numerous property holders decide to introduce their own timber floors without anyone else. Presently new manufacture strategies and establishment devices and procedures make it simpler for Timber Floor Installation Melbourne.

  • Stapling

A huge pneumatic stapler lets you fire staples from the firearm that are utilized to make sure about timber ground surface to a reviewed compressed wood subfloor. Because of their significant expense tag as indicated by Hammer Zone, these machines make speedy work of introducing timber flooring however should be leased from a home improvement store.

  • Making sure about

The most widely recognized technique for introducing timber ground surface of any kind includes nailing the boards to a pressed wood subfloor. For those figuring out how to introduce Floor Sanding in Melbourne, there’s a no less complicated method than the nail-down system.

Dissimilar to different strategies which essentially expect you to be a novice woodworker or even an expert craftsman, the nail down technique on the best way to introduce timber deck can be cultivated by any individual who can swing a sledge. Extraordinary deck nails are utilized alongside a ground surface hammer to keep parting in the boards from abundance vibration.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  • Gliding

Gliding timber floor establishment permits you to introduce flooring into your home, business or another kind of building that isn’t nailed to the real planks of flooring in your home. Gliding boards lock together and lay on another deck material or a stopper cushion. Regularly, they just snap together or now and then are stuck set up. Just built timber flooring is appropriate for this establishment technique.

  • Glues

In the event that there is a current tile or timber flooring in your home as of now, and you’d incline toward not to evacuate it, cement permit you to introduce your new timber floors over them. Just if the subflooring and current deck material are sound and smooth, the glues will follow accurately, and this strategy requires fume hindrances.

Instructions to Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Regardless of whether you utilize an underlayment is an individual inclination, however, most experts will suggest it. Felt paper, tar paper and rosin paper are standard underlayments for timber flooring. These assistances shield the deck from dampness that may move upward from the zone underneath the subfloor, and they help to forestall squeaking.

Wood filler is embedded into the gaps made by nail heads. When the wood filler dries, you will softly sand it with finish-coarseness sandpaper until it coordinates the encompassing region.

Stain the tracks to secure the outside of the wood. Leave the stain to dry, as indicated by the maker’s headings. Apply the subsequent coat and again let the stain dry. Introduce the remainder of the sheets by daze nailing them — which intends to nail them through their tongues — with 2-inch flooring spikes.

The Bottom Line,

So, these are the different Timber Floor Installation Melbourne methods which are used by our Prestige Floor experts in their services. Hopefully, it improves your knowledge you know which method used for your floor service.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

How to choose the right Timber Floor? A Go-to Guide!

Planning for timber floor installation in Melbourne? But do you know which type of timber is suitable for your house? If not you are in the right place. Today, you will get to know the best methods by which you can find out the right timber floor for your place.

So let’s get started!

Solid or Engineered Flooring

The traditional wood comes in a thick plank of hard timber.

Nowadays, such thick wood is highly available and used in many homes.

However, many companies are offering engineered flooring, which contains planks made of thinner hardwood top and bonded with other layers designed to avoid floor shifting during the contraction cycle.

If you have an apartment with a concrete subfloor, engineered flooring can be beneficial in terms of installation. Solid wood, on the other hand, needs to be multiple layers of plywood. This increases floor height and decreases the ceiling height form the floor. Also, with existing doors, it can be a difficult task to adjust the new solid wood floor.

Site finish or Pre-finish

The hardwood comes in two forms – site finish and pre-finish. Pre-finish is something that already ahs top polishing and stains. The site finish is the raw plank that will be installed first and the finishing (Floor Sanding Melbourne) will be done later.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

The biggest benefit of pre-finish is that you know what you are getting. However, you might not be able to modify it as per your desire. With on-site wood, you can get any flooring design especially stain design. But pre-finish wood is quick to install and inexpensive. But with the on-site finish, you can get that elegant customised look.

Finish Type

There’s a wide variety of finish types. From oily hybrids to penetrating oil to UV-cured urethane finish, you can choose any type of finish. But, basically, there are two types of finish: oil and polyurethane.

The oil finish makes the wood soft, natural, and matte. However, it can’t prevent stains and scratches.

The polyurethane is strong and creates a thick topcoat on the wood surface which is perfect for heavy wear and tear. If you have kids or pets or both, the polyurethane wood finish is just perfect for you.

With oil finish, you can easily repair or touch-up but with polyurethane, you need to replace the entire wood.

When it comes to maintenance, the oil finish is the easiest one.

Type of Wood

Oak is the king of hardwood and for a good reason. It is robust, durable, and handles stains well. It also has that natural element that can enhance any home.

Walnut wood is also popular for its softer feel and deep colour. If you are looking for a darker room appeal, walnut is just perfect.

There can be abundant other materials that you can install at your home. Just ask the professionals and get the right one.

Choose the Grain Pattern

Logs are normally cut in three ways – rift-sawn, plain-swan, and quarter-swan. All these cut types produce three different colours of the wood, Pick which one will go with your interior and you are good to go.

All of the research is worth doing only if you are going to hire reliable, trusted, and experienced professionals like Prestige Floor.

You can hire them for your timber floor installation Melbourne and get satisfactory results.

Hire them now!

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Home designs – Choosing the best flooring option for your home

Allow your home to look natural flooring by using timber floor installation Melbourne, and even carry out the task of floor sanding Melbourne will require a large sander for the main area,  a specialized edge sander for any edges also as any stairs.

Thus time should be taken to ensure that the correct equipment is hired; your local floor sander hire station should be able to offer information. The acts of sanders are mighty, and they need to be to achieve the right result. Make sure to use a surface that seamlessly remembers your room’s surroundings. Best-served experts are also in the position to offer bespoke wood finishes, submitting a truly unique application.

Need to check for floor condition

A wood floor sanding expert will offer the benefit of detailed information and advice on which wood finish is best suited to your particular floor. Before doing anything, you should check your floor condition to ensure what type of sandpaper grit you should use. his is to avoid further damage and waste of your time. The act of floor heating should be kept separate from the concrete underneath.

An insulation layer or builder’s foil should be applied over the concrete. The wires are clipped to netting surrounded by edging to compensate for any expansion of the sand/ cement layer.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Look for the suitability:

  • Timber flooring is often noisy, especially in upstairs rooms; use rugs to deaden the sound of footsteps in busy areas, and always use the insulation suggested by the installers.
  • The act of reclaimed timber flooring is usually well-worn, and it tough enough for most living areas, although you should avoid bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Solid wood flooring is suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, halls and bedrooms
  • Flooring surface is ideal for living areas and bedrooms but avoids places with water, ass seepage between the joins can cause planks to swell or discolour.

Need to clean with highly polished floors

Timber floor installation Melbourne is the most stylish and classy of all floor covering; they have that look and feel of warmth and are quite soft and forgiving on the feet. Floor Sanding Melbourne allows keeping clean; any spilt food or drink is easily swept or mopped up without too much fuss. Also, the timber floor starts showing signs of wear after a while with scratches and dents, which are more visible on the highly polished floors. Whereas, aged flooring, the characteristic lines of flooring, there’s engineered wood flooring and layer floors as well as varied panels and end grain wood stone floors.

Turn your attention here,

Look for the beautiful timber floor installation Melbourne, for building a real sense of style and personality and a modern, up-to-date feel within any home. Thus advanced housing flooring techniques have introduced several new products to give your rooms, house premises with enhances attractive looks and added comfort. Allow having the stylish floor covering a surface, and many online flooring stores are providing a wide range of floor.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Complete Guide to Purchase Right Timber Floor for Your Property

Whether you are renovating your home or developing a new home, flooring is a fundamental thing in home designing. But you never negate its importance into the appearance of home’s look. If you are thinking about the elegance and standard look in the flooring options, then you should consider the timber floor as a priority. For standard quality and complete Timber Floor Installation Melbourne services, you can come at a reputed company like Prestige Floors.

But what about the selection process? When you explore the flooring market for then, you find a lot of timber flooring options. Now up to you, which one you choose. But choosing the right timber floor which suits your environment and budget is challenging. You can also take help from your Floor Sanding Melbourne provider company who handle your flooring project.

Need help? Then follow our steps which are described below, its surly help you to choose the right timber floor for your property.

  1. Know the Importance of Installation Point

The location of timber floor plays a vital role in the selection process, if you know about where you install the floor then you get the other information like subfloor and budget.

  1. Select Correct Grade of Timber

There are various grades comes in the floor like spirals, insect trails, gum veins, burls and many more. Such type of category gives timber floor different and elegant character. So that you should notice grade in your selection.

  1. Style Without Any Doubt

For the style and attractive look is the main features of the timber floor so that you should select a style from the wide range, it only depends on your personal taste. With style and look, you also choose the colour combination of floors.

  1. Technical Spaces of Flooring

Hardness and durability are the important factors in the selection of timber floor, but every floor is not the same. That’s why you should decide the quality of the timber floor and select according to that the flooring option for your rooms. In entire, you should also notice the use of flooring and traffic on the surface according to this you can choose the quality of the floor.

  1. Maintenance Equally Important

Branded item comes with higher maintenance requirement, this note not only applicable to women, but it is also right for a timber floor. If you are capable of maintaining the glory of timber floor then and only installing timber floor at your property.

  1. Integrity of Supplier

Selecting the right company for timber floor is equally important, like choosing the right floor. If you visit Prestige Floors as your supplier and contractor for your timber floor, then your half work is completed with surety.

  1. Budget – Never Forget

Budget can be changing your entire selection process at the end if you do not consider it a priority. There is a wide range available in the market, but is it suit our budget limit? If yes then go ahead and of no then forget it for your property. You should check every point in the timber flooring option after putting your budget in your mind so that wrong road should be avoided.

Summing up,

Whenever you consider the above points in your timber floor selection, then your half work is completed. After this, your entire Timber Floor Installation Melbourne and other work will handle by an expert from Prestige Floor.