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Do You Know How Much Moisture Level is Acceptable for Wood?

Are you a wooden floor lover? If you have wooden floorings at home, you might have across the wooden shrinking and swelling because the wooden is allergic to moisture. To maintain the wooden furniture and other items in good condition for a longer time, it’s important to know the basic maintenance knowledge such as how much moisture level is fine for the wooden.  Well, it depends upon the types of wood you have at home.

According to expert research, 6 to 8% of moisture content is fine for the wood, but if the moisture content is increased more than 8% then it can start causing damage to the quality of wood.  Moisture content varies from season to season hence, it is important to take proper care and maintenance in every season. Consult the reputed Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company for effective advice and maintenance solutions. It’s obvious that moisture will be present in any form, so the question is how we can remove moisture from the wood.

  • Kiln Drying:

Wooden moisture content is never constant as it depends on the interaction with the environment and climatic factors. Kiln drying is the technique to dry the moisture from the wood. Kiln drying is the widely used wooden drying technique in the industrial sectors that helps to dry the building materials and wood up to 15%. Generally, freshly cut wood is likely to be wet and contain more moisture but it usually evaporates naturally.  By kiln drying technique, it helps the wood to absorb the moisture released by the wood to maintain the proper balance.

  • What is the Moisture Content Acceptable for the Interior?

The moisture content differs from place to place. If it’s about exterior wood, then 6 to 8% is the acceptable moisture content. In the case of house interiors, the acceptable level of moisture content is 9 to 14 % depending on the composition and type of wood.

The wooden moisture can be measured by using a quality moisture meter. Although there are two methods that are mainly used for testing moisture levels in woods that are.

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  • Oven Dry Testing:

Oven dry testing is the oldest and most commonly used method for the measurement of moisture levels. This method usually produces the accurate results of wood testing. In oven-dry testing, the wood is dried in a special oven or kiln for drying and its weight is monitored periodically to determine the moisture level.

The process can be time-consuming but the difference in weight can help in determining the moisture level, it’s important to have a special oven for the drying.

  • Moisture Meter Testing:

Moisture meter comes basically of two types that are pin less wood meter and pin-type wood meter. Moisture meter testing is the fastest way to test the moisture content.

Final thoughts:

To know more about moisture content meter testing, you can easily read the information in detailed online. Consult prestige floors for high-quality floor installation. We are highly experienced in floor installation and Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne. To know more about our flooring service, kindly book an appointment with us today.

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Best Timber Wood Homemade Cleaners You Should Know

Are you a DIY lover who always search for the home remedy for everything like cleaning floors and other household purposes? DIYs are the perfect solution that allows you to explore creativity and learn innovative solutions at home. Especially house cleaning and day-to-day works. Not everyone can afford a professional cleaning service all the time hence DIY can be the best reliable solution to cover up the minor renovation and cleaning tasks using the homemade things.

But anyhow, professionals are professionals for reasons. So, calling out professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is necessary.

Do you know you can clean your timber wood floors with homemade ingredients? The majority of people are not aware of how various home ingredients can help in effective floor cleaning because most people clean the floors with ready made cleansers.

There are mainly two ways by which timber floors can be maintained in a good condition that is floor sanding and polishing. But with the sanding and polishing, cleaning regular with mild cleansers can preserve the wooden floors in good condition and prevent other flooring issues such as staining, uneven shades, and many more. If your wooden floors are very old and haven’t sanded for a long time, consult the reputed Floor Sanding Melbourne Company. Below are some of the useful home ingredients that has best cleaning properties and can be used for cleaning hardwood floors efficiently.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

1) Water + Vinegar

Warm water and vinegar are the best cleaning solution that one can use regularly for cleaning hardwood floors. Take an equal amount of the warm water and vinegar in a small container and clean the surface with the soft damp cloth, it is also the best cleaning agent for kitchen, bathroom, and other house areas.

2) Water + Vinegar + Essential Oils

There are wide variety of essential oils available in the market. Adding essential oils can add a good fragrance to the cleaning and create a fresh environment.

3) Organic Soap + Water + Vinegar

Using plant-based organic soap, water and vinegar acts a good cleaning agent and cleans almost all dust and grime from the surface.

4) Vinegar + Vegetable Oil

Prepare a mild solution of water and few drops of vegetable oil. It can be used to provide the finishing to the wooden surface by spraying. Wipe with a clean soft cloth after spraying.

5) Teabags

Used tea bags can be used as cleaning the wooden floor, it effectively provides shines and lustre to the floor. It also has anti-bacterial properties.

6) Lemon Juice + Olive Oil + Hot Water

Because of the acidic nature of lemon, it has good cleaning properties and gives shine to the floor surface while olive oil provides a better finishing.

7) Washing Powder + Water + Vinegar

Regular washing powder and hot water effectively cleanses the oils, dust, and grime and offers a sparkling clean surface.


It’s not necessary to be an expert in cleaning floors, anyone can easily clean the floors by using the above ingredients whether they are beginners or experts.  Hope you found the above information useful and helped you in maintaining a sparkling clean home. Just make sure to take the right quantity for the best cleaning. The ingredients like essential oils, olive oils, vinegar, and lime juice are required to use in a small quantity as they have acidic properties. Choose Prestige Floors for the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, floor installations, and any kinds of flooring services.

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Basic Things to Ensure Durable Hardwood Refinished Floors

Whether it is a roof, flooring, or interior decor, every seasonal change is going to bring unique problems for the home and there is nothing new in it. Everything has a specific validity period and requires proper maintenance and care to last longer and preserve good condition. Winter seasons bring snow and ice, summer brings hot temperature while monsoon adds moisture and dirt. Despite every seasonal variation, timber floors are the easiest to maintain among all the flooring because of their amazing natural properties. But even if you clean your hardwood floor on the regular basis, it needs professional Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service every 3 to 5 years for the proper maintenance.

1) Keep A Habit of Cleaning Spills and Spots Immediately:

Whenever you spill anything on the wooden floor, clean it immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid the use of steaming or wiping the wooden floor with a wet cloth as the moisture causes wooden to swell and shrink. It’s better to keep the wooden floor as dry and humidity-free as possible because moisture can damage the hardwood with time causing gaps, splitting, and swelling.

2) Sweeping and Dusting Floor Daily:

Sweeping and dusting on the daily basis keep the wooden floor free from dirt and maintains a hygienic home. Even you don’t wear footwear in the house, dust can come from anywhere hence it is a must-do thing to maintain a clean wooden floor.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

3) Use Furniture Pads:

Scratches on the wooden floors ruin the entire show of the floor so, always prefer to add furniture pads to the legs of every piece of furniture in your house so, you can prevent scratches while you move the things while cleaning. While some scratches can easily be fixed by cleaning and rubbing of soft damp cloth while others might be so stubborn to remove. Include a furniture pad below every sofa, table, chairs, and cupboards.

4) Perform Vacuum Cleaning Every Week:

Every week vacuuming might sound a bit difficult but it is an essential part of hardwood maintenance because just sweeping might not be enough. Vacuuming can help you to clean dust particles or crumbs you might left somewhere in the hidden areas. Vacuuming can pull out the dirt without scratching the floor.

5) Clean Floors with High-Quality Wooden Floor Cleaner Every Month:

Invest in good products to get better quality cleaning. There are many cleaners available in the market claiming to provide the A-one cleaning but always verify ingredients in the cleaning product whether it is ideal to use on a wooden floor or not. Polished Timber can react with some chemicals and lead to spots on the floor, so prefer natural and good cleaning products.

6) Perform Refinishing And Necessary Services Every 3-5 Years:

At last proper maintenance and cleaning can reduce the damage and help you to save on the flooring service. But even after taking care, after 3-5 years, wooden floors may start looking a bit dull and needs proper polishing and coating from time to time. Leave the polishing and refinishing services up to professionals.


Here at prestige floors, we expertise all kinds of floor installations, cleaning, and restoration services, call us anytime for any type of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne requirements and flooring jobs and get your flooring job done with the guaranteed satisfaction.

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What are Some Common Timber Flooring Myths?

Wooden flooring is popular in the entire world. The popularity has given birth to many wooden flooring myths, which are important to bust so that you can install your favourite wooden flooring without having any doubts in your mind.

Today, we have busted the major myths that will make you to all your Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service provider right now.

So read along…

  • It’s An Expensive Affair To Install Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is one of the most famous luxury flooring, and that’s why people think it includes a lot of money to install. The truth is wooden flooring comes in a huge variety of material and hence, prices. You can also go for refurbished floors, which can enhance your interior and last for many years.

  • It’s Not Easy To Manage Wooden Flooring

It’s no rocket science to maintain wooden flooring. All you have to do is just go for daily sweeping and vacuuming. You can also use a cloth to remove liquids from the floor. If you have lost the shine of your wooden floor, just use a professional wood cleaner to restore the shine.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

  • You Get Scratches Easily On The Wooden Floor

It’s true that you can get scratches on the wooden floor only when heavy or hard or pointed items are dragged over the surface. Marble and stone flooring also get scratches with the same objects. However, going for professional Floor Sanding Melbourne can easily restore your floor.

  • Wooden Flooring Is Shrinking Forests

Wooden flooring is natural, which can be recycled easily. Being the most eco-friendly flooring, it can be manufactured without any artificial element. Hence, you can also buy recycled wooden flooring planks for your flooring project.

  • Wooden Flooring Is Not For Those With Transferable Job

Wooden flooring enhances the appearance of your house and boosts the value of your property. Hence, people who shift often could consider as the best investment to get big returns.

  • Wooden Flooring Makes No Difference In The Room Temperature

Wood works as a natural insulator and can easily warm a room easily. It indicates that you don’t have to worry about winters and dropping temperature, unlike marble and stone. It also helps in balancing the temperature changes.

  • Wooden Floors Show More Dirt And Dust

 Dust can ruin any floor, be it marble, tiles, stones, etc. But on wooden flooring, dust is easily visible and can be cleaned in one go.

  • Wooden Flooring Can Increase Global Warming

One thing many people don’t know is that wooden flooring is carbon neutral. Therefore, it doesn’t contribute to global warming. Plus, it doesn’t release any gas, which could affect our environment. Hence, it’s safe to install wooden flooring without affecting mother nature.

  • Wooden Floors Can’t Bear Heavyweight and Traffic

It’s true that some kind of wooden flooring (cheap) can be affected by heavy traffic and wear & tear. But when you have installed high-quality hardwood, you don’t have to worry about anything, not even the paws of your pet.

Now that you know the truth get in touch with the best Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne agency right now.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

How Timber Floor Sanding Service Can Make Your Floor Look Like New?

If you have gone for timber flooring in your commercial or residential places, then you will choose to maintain it to ensure its beauty. But, with time are you tired of scratches on your timber floor? We at Prestige Floors are a leading name on reputable flooring in providing Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service facilities to meet your flooring needs.  No matter if you have hardwood floors or parquet, sanding our service can make your floor look good as new and last for many years. Our Floor Sanding Melbourne method is also used to carve new wood from old wooden floors.

When it comes to flooring your home or office, it is very important to maintain the wooden floor by periodic floor sanding.

Many Advantages of Floor Sanding So, Let’s Find Out:

Floor Sanding Will Make Your Floor Look New:

When your home has been on the floor for some time it will begin to show signs of aging. You feel that the stain on the wood has begun to distort; Scratches can also develop on wood. However, our experienced sander team will help you to recreate the flooring and not only make your flooring much smoother but also give it a glossy and more attractive look.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Floor Sanding Enhances The Lighting In Your Home:

Do you want your home to have more natural lighting? If yes, then our Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne service can be your ultimate choice. With a sanding process on your floor, the light will be allowed to bounce off, resulting in superior lighting throughout the room. You do not need to turn on the lights, natural lighting enough throughout the day.

Floor Sanding Enables You To Add A New Stain To Your Flooring:

If you are thinking about reinstalling your floor, sanding is something you should consider first. If you want the stain to be applied evenly, you should have a simple service before application. Whether you want to change the look of your room, or you just want it to look like your floor, sanding is a great idea.

Gives You Less Chance Of Sweeping:

When your hardwood floor has too many grooves, it will accumulate more dust particles. This indicates that you need to sweep your floor more often than not. However, if you close those gaps, you can reduce the time spent on cleaning. By Floor Sanding Melbourne your floor you will get rid of those ugly grooves and your floor will have the same smooth and clean look that it used to have before.


A freshly look of sand timber flooring for your commercial as well as residential place is definitely tempting. When your floors are properly sanded, they are more attractive than they normally would be. Are you not satisfied with the condition of your wood floor? Scheduling Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne at Prestige Floors and get old can be transformed into an impressive one.

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How You Could Damage Your Hardwood Floor

Floor Polishing Melbourne is one of the preferable attributes in North American residences. The majority of individuals do not desire to spoil their wood floorings, however, if you make any of these points that are precisely what will certainly occur!


If you do not move regularly, it can gradually harm your wood floorings. If you desire to spoil your floorings, do not move them.

Cutting Your Pets Nails

Pet dogs, as well as pet cat claws, can quickly scrape as well as damage wood floorings (as well as the noise of them striking the flooring can drive you insane!). If you’re all right with damaged floorings, go on as well as leave them, yet you and also your family pets will most likely be a whole lot better if you maintain them cut.

High Heels

Using high heels around the residence is an excellent method to destroy wood floorings. Do your floorings support as well as leave the heels at the door.

Have a Mat Near the Door

After that do not place a floor covering by the door, if your outside door opens up best onto your wood floorings and also you’re all right with absolutely wrecking them. A floor covering is a barrier in between the outdoors as well as in where you can rub out any kind of dust and also grit that’s gathered on your footwear. If you tip straight from outside onto the wood no matter how better the Floor Sanding Melbourne is, you’ll leave dust, grit as well as perhaps make some scrapes.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Making Use Of Too Much Liquid Cleaner

The fluid is an adversary of wood floorings. Today’s wood is dealt with to sustain particular quantities of damp cleansing; however, this does not imply you must soak your floorings with a fluid cleanser. When it comes time to wet-clean your flooring (every 4 to 6 weeks depending upon foot web traffic) deal with little locations at once and also using just a wet towel or wipe.

Utilizing the Wrong Rug Pad

Carpet pads are excellent for maintaining a rug from gliding about on wood floorings, yet the incorrect one can leave marks and also harm your flooring. Rubber-backed floor coverings can plain your flooring’s sparkle, and even create some staining. To safeguard your wood flooring usage, a mix felt and also rubber pad to maintain your rug from moving.

Furnishings Pads

If you desire scrapes and also marks on your lovely wood floorings, do not make use of furnishings pads. Any time you rest down on a couch or chair that’s best atop wood floorings, the item will undoubtedly move ever before so somewhat, and also the legs will certainly note the flooring.

Family pet Stains

It will undoubtedly wreck the flooring if your family pet has a mishap on the flooring as well as you leave it for as well lengthy. Frequently tidy it instantly to maintain the damages to a minimum. Make sure to completely dry and also clean both the timber and even the carpet flooring beneath if the mishap takes place on a location carpet.

So go for complete Floor Polishing Melbourne.

Timber Floor Sanding

How to choose the best colour for your timber floor?

Timber floor installation Melbourne not just add a bit of elegance into your house but also create your living room seem more extensive based upon the décor and wall colour. Whether you choose to choose a stained or natural wood colour, you ought to find wall colours which compliment your hardwood flooring and layout nicely.

Colours for Light Hardwood

You can’t ever go wrong using a neutral paint colour that could complement your lighting hardwood flooring perfectly. Colours like white or grey may be an wonderful improvement based on what room you are seeking to repaint. If you would like to keep it easy, it is possible to go with white to the walls and trim, and that is going to make certain all the attention goes for the flooring irrespective of your timber’s undertones.

When you elect for neutral colours, you’re also leaving space to have fun with seasonal accent colours throughout the year.

Colours for Cherry Hardwood

If your floors are cherry wood or possess some reddish undertones after the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, seem to include comparison using a soft apricot or yellowish wall colour. There’s loads of space to utilize so try searching for any colours which are muted or crossways the other side of the colour wheel.

If you are a colour fan, then you may like painting your walls an excellent shade of green or blue. This option may truly highlight the rich tone of this cherry hardwood flooring.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing in Melbourne

Colours for Dark Hardwood

Dark hardwood floors are a gorgeous selection and can add sophistication and elegance to any house. Dark hardwood floors have a tendency to create spaces seem younger and cozier so any vivid colours or colour with gold undertones will the ideal fit for your house.

If you enjoy keeping up with trends, grey wall colours would be the ideal addition to your house with light-coloured furniture options. Greys have countless amounts of undertones, so select wisely, or you might wind up getting a dominantly blue or purple wall.

All these not-so-dark; however, not-so-bright wood colours could be used with similar wall paint colours. Neutral wall colours like khaki can use medium brown wood colours.

If wood furniture comprises more than the typical dark wood of mahogany or the pale wood of ash, then inspect the dominant colour on your furniture and utilize it as the foundation for the wall paint colour.

Reddish wood furniture can go nicely with green wall paint since the green will improve the redness of this timber. But it would be helpful if you were cautious with the colour that you pick for your walls. The green needs to be near an earthy colour rather than neon.

Antique timber can come in many different colours so that it can go with dark or light wall colours.

Furniture Alternatives

Making certain you love your house’s new look is vital. If you already have the furniture which you are going to be putting in your house, then you are going to need to use that as advice for your brand new wall colour. Avoid using identical colour shades and select colours that comparison both your flooring and furniture.

So go for timber floor installation Melbourne and choose the best colour for your floor.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

3 Major Benefits of Having a Professional Floor Sanding Service for your property

Timber floor sanding Melbourne is an easy task, as building a new home with timber flooring, unique timber flooring is very demanding. To keep the flooring of your home in good condition, Prestige Floor is a great place for you to get the best services related to flooring. When you want to complete the flooring, you should always choose the best professionals. On reputable floors, we offer professionals who can serve you like floor sanding in Melbourne services. That dull flooring can be improved by experts which definitely looks impressive.

The floor is one thing you cannot ignore if you want your home to appear attractive. If you have installed timber flooring in your home, you need to take proper care of it so that it will look perfect and sparkle like new. Excellent flooring plays an essential role in adding more value to your home. When you want to build flooring, you should always choose the best. On the prestige floor, we take care of you and your choices. It will be performed by our expert professionals who have years of expertise in offering the best services to its clients.

The following major benefits to you regarding floor sanding service are:

  1. Stress-free process

The method of sanding removes a lot of dust which needs to be removed once the sanding is done. Eliminating this dust is often very stressful because we want to make sure that the dust that can stay on the surface does not have a negative impact on anyone or anything. We need to save some money even though we are trying to make stay safe for ourselves and the family around the house.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

  1. Protects the Atmosphere of your property

If the work is done in an office or at home, there is a possibility that the dust that is produced enters the surrounding air. As a result, the person will breathe the dust. This person has to health risks cannot be overstated. It can cause both short-term and long-term respiratory problems that can lead to poor health. Dust-free sending, on the other hand, ensures that no dust will enter the air breathed by the people around.

  1. Less consuming time & Affordable services

This process usually takes less than a day. Unlike other options on the market, sanding is preferred for saving time. When taking the services of timberfloor sanding Melbourne, we make sure you see the experience and knowledge of the team. Our floor sanding is not expensive compared to a fully developed process. You can restore the look of your property using this process to save a lot of time and money.


The popularity of timber floor sanding Melbourne raises many questions. If you have anything on your mind, you are on the prestige floor, in the right place and we are there to help you with any type of flooring issue.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Prestige floors- best place with the best professionals for flooring

Prestige floor is the best place to get the best services related to flooring. When you want to get the flooring done, you should always choose the best professionals. At prestige floors, we offer timber floor sanding Melbourne services.

 We are the best in the city and we also use the best quality material that will last indefinitely.

Here are a few services listed below-

The services are provided by professionals only.

  1. Timber floors-

We deliver the best services for timber floors. Timber flooring is the best and affordable and we deliver the best services for it. The material is environmentally friendly and durable. It does not require high maintenance.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

  1. Tile floors-

We offer services for tile flooring. Tile floors require low maintenance and they are durable. We ensure you the quality we use will last indefinitely. The tile floors are cost-effective and at the same time, it is they are eco-friendly. Also, the resale value is equally what you pay. So there is no harm in investing the tile flooring.

  1. Concrete flooring-

Concrete flooring is demand and used by most of people. The reason behind that is there are so many different and classy designs available in concrete flooring. Concrete flooring is stiff and it will stay stiff for a very long time. Concrete floor posses high thermal mass and this makes concrete floor energy efficient.

Why us?

The prestige floor is one of the best places because we have given the right training for our workers. We have also adopted all the latest techniques that are in trend and that will help in the completion of flooring as soon as possible. Our workers are dedicated and they will work hard to give you the best results. We also make sure that all the safety measures are taken while working.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

We believe that the quality of services is above everything and we will work hard to give you the best results. You can also tell us your requirements and we will work accordingly. The best part of our services is that we deliver the best services at affordable prices.

We also make sure that the material we use for flooring is the best quality material. We will use all the advanced techniques and we will install the flooring properly.

 If you want the best services, you should hire the best only.


We understand that it is difficult to find the best services for floor sanding Melbourne wide. But to hire the best you will have to do the little important research because when you pay for the services you expect the services to be the best. If you want the best, consider us and we will never fail you. If you want to know more about our services you can reach us out. All the important details are mentioned on the website. We are available at your services and we will be happy to offer you the best services. You can also give us a call, our experts are here to help you.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Prestige floors – for the best services of flooring for your house

Good flooring plays an important role in adding more value to your house. When you want to build the best flooring, you should always choose the best. On prestige floors, we care for you and your choices. We are known for the best services. We have many services related to flooring. Timber floor sanding Melbourne will help you to add more value to your house.

When you are tired of dull floors then your flooring needs to be changed. Here we are delivering all the services related to flooring.

We have many services and here is the list of it-

  • Timber floors-

Timber floors are an idea when it is for the flooring of houses and buildings. They can last Indefinitely when the care is taken properly. When you are considering installing floors in your new house or you are just renovating it you can count on timber floors. Following are few services related to timber floors-

  • Laminate floating floor
  • Bamboo floor
  • Decking floor
  • Engineered floor
  • Parquetry floor and many more.
  • Tile floors-

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

This flooring is not very expensive so many people can afford it. It is very easy to maintain tile floors. When the quality of the tiles is good, this can last for many years. You don’t have to worry about the quality we use, because we use the best quality material. We have the following services for tile floors-

  • Tile floor laying
  • Tile floor repair
  • Tile floor cleaning and polishing
  • Concrete floors-

Concrete floors cannot be damaged easily. It is durable and it gives the great traditional look to your house. It does not need high –maintenance and it is very cost-effective.

  • Concrete floor cleaning and polishing
  • Grind and seal
  • Fully mechanical polishing

Why choose us?

Prestige floors are one of the most reliable companies in the city. We are known for the quality of the services we give. We have well qualified and trained staff and our workers are committed to excellence. They will work hard to give you the best results. We know that bad floors are daunting and it just does not make you feel good. All you have to do is hire professionals like us. We will take care of everything and we will help you to make your flooring just perfect.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

We have a wide range of color choices, patterns, textures, and designs and you can choose whichever you like. The attractive designs will not only increase the beauty but it will also add value to your home.

We have advance techniques and the best workers who will install the floors properly. Our workmanship is of high-quality and our workers will work according to your requirements.

Good flooring will reflect your choice and taste.


We are most trusted for floor sanding Melbourne wide and we have many other services related to flooring. Contact us today to know more about the services we provide.