Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing in Melbourne

What to expect from timber floor polishing professionals?

Professional is always pro might you have heard but have you experience it because it is. As at Prestige floors, experts believe that timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne services from an expert is worth it as they have knowledge and experience. You know that professional always eye on quality no matter how small and tough work it is and that’s the reason you need to choose an expert before attempting own.

Floor sanding and polishing are necessary when it comes to representing home beauty and durability. You cannot ensure safety and beauty without sanding the floor by the time, and that’s why you need to polish. Some people think that it’s the waste of money which is a myth because if you hire an expert, then you no longer have to worry about it.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

How timber floor sanding and polishing experts can help?

Timber floor sanding and polishing is an essential job, especially when you want to décor the floor and beauty of the home. You know and can understand that timber represents the beauty of the home, and that’s why you need to ensure about sanding and polishing which only professional can help. And that’s why below you will get to know how professional can help.

Enhance the beauty of home

The most important and beneficial benefit you can avail is beauty. You know the floor with old age have lots of problem like dust between gap, allergens and many other issues. Having timber floor sanding and a polishing expert from prestige floors can help you to repair such problems, and that’s how you no longer have to worry about getting a problem again. You can also ensure about the stability of the floor, which is a great benefit you can avail from professionals.

Add Value to Home or Property

The most important benefit you can avail from Floor Sanding Melbourne is of increased value. You know that getting floor sanding and polishing from professional means clean and beautiful place no matter how bad floor you have and that’s the reason you need to choose professionals. Some people think that hiring floor sanding and polishing expert cause to waste of money which is wrong as with the help of them you can add value to the home. You can enhance the beauty of the home, which can attract the customer or property hunter, and that’s how you can avail profit. Hence, with the help of a professional, you can earn money from your home as a beautiful home can impress anyone.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

Avoid damages and reduce bad organisms

At prestige professional believe that having dust and dirt can cause the problem on the floor. You have to face problems like allergens and other damages like broken floor. And that’s why the company and team always suggest people to have professional floor sanding and polishing services. You cannot rely on local sanders as they can ruin the property and essentials. Hence, hire professional like us and avoid damages and reduce bad organisms.

Winding Up!!!

Want to sand your residential floor? Then come to Prestige floors as we are helping homeowner since last few years with timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne services.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

Essential Tips for Deck Sanding Process Before Refinishing Task

Do you want to change your older decks’ looks? Then what about your concern for Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne from the prominent company that is Prestige floors. Here we share some best tips for deck sanding process, which undoubtedly useful for you.

After a profound force washing, the wood filaments of the different parts of the deck regularly raise as they extend with water. When dry, these wood strands can frequently stay raised and may cause splinters. Thus, you should anticipate Floor Sanding Melbourne your wood deck after force washing and before recolouring and fixing. This critical advance will guarantee that your resurfacing work gives extraordinary outcomes.

Ensure your deck is altogether dry before you sand. Treat the deck surface, the railings, and the edges of sheets as various errands, differing the sanding strategies for each.

  • Readiness Steps

Start via cautiously investigating all the surfaces you will sand—surface decking, edges, steps, and railings. Ensure all latches are driven down underneath the outside of the wood. Some old screws may be expelled and supplanted. If there are any freeloads up, right now is an ideal opportunity to drive new latches to make sure about them.

  • Sanding the Deck Surface

While sanding hardwoods, the objective is generally the smoothest surface conceivable, yet this isn’t the situation while sanding an outside deck surface. For sanding deck wood planks, use sandpapers with cornmeal no more unpleasant than 60 or 80. Sanding with better coarseness papers will smooth the wood to where the pores start to shut down, which will ruin the ingestion of stain or sealer into the wood. Utilize medium weight on your hand sander, checking for equality of appearance as you go.

  • Sanding Board Edges

Sanding the external edges of the deck board might be somewhat troublesome relying upon your deck structure, particularly if the railings have a low base baluster rail that makes get too troublesome. Here, a little detail sander may demonstrate helpful if your standard orbital sander won’t fit. Once more, utilize a sandpaper coarseness of 60 to 80 for the end grain of decking sheets, and make a point to sand as equally as could be expected under the circumstances.

  • Sanding the Railings

Sanding the railing of your deck is significant since it the most noticeable component and the one where individuals concentrate. Also, the handrail is especially essential to get smooth to keep away from splinters that may harm hands. On railings, utilize 80-to 100-coarseness sandpaper, and go to considerable lengths to sand all surfaces and fissure.

Vacuum altogether, yet additionally clean all surfaces with an off cloth to expel all hint of sanding dust before you proceed onward to polishing and fixing.

  • Clean the Wood Before Staining or Sealing

It is ideal for moving just polishing and fixing rapidly in the wake of sanding. Ensure that all surfaces are deliberately vacuumed free of sanding dust, at that point wipe the surfaces down with an attach material to evacuate all hints of residue before proceeding onward to polishing or fixing.

Few Words,

Apply the above tips for deck sanding process and get the desired result. When you need professional Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbournewith expert hands, then you can reach us at Prestige Floors any time.

Timber Floor Sanding

Effective Tips to Make Your Floor Prepared for Floor Sanders

In the case of building or remodelling, the beginning date for sanding and coating floors is basic, especially according to different exchanges. Carpentry, electrical, putting, plumbing and coating ought to be finished before taking a shot at the floor can begin. For the best outcomes guarantee all other tradesmen have finished their work or are away from the floor before the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne starts, besides those territories noted beneath, for example, the last coat on avoiding sheets.

Before the floor sander from the Prestige Floor comes to do their work, what should preparation need?

The groundwork for Sanding and Coating

  • You need clear and safe access to the site. Is there adequate stopping/access for getting the overwhelming apparatus in? If not, if you don’t mind talking about with us so elective game plans can be made.
  • You’ll have to control our floor sanding gear, so guarantee there is sufficient lighting and force accessible. Force ought to be on inside the house – not from a place of work power box. Water additionally should be accessible.
  • Make sure the floor region to be sanded is freed from garbage and furniture. All furniture ought to be evacuated together with all floor covering, including staples, tacks and so forth. In the event that there are staples, tacks and smooth edges on the floor, a citation for its evacuation can be given so plan to the additional expense.
  • Remove all unlocked nourishment from the washroom and other stockpiling territories – the smell of polyurethane can corrupt them.
  • It fits with new kitchens to leave kick loads up off until consummation of the floor. On the off chance that new rug is being laid in certain rooms, it ought to be done after the floor is done.

Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne

On Finishing of Floor Sanding Melbourne and covering your floors

  • Avoid strolling on the floor for at any rate 24 hours.
  • It takes 7 days for the polyurethane to solidify completely. At any rate 72 hours after the last coat is applied, you can return your furniture in the rooms. Abstain from hauling furniture; lift and spot where conceivable in any case the polyurethane will be harmed. On the off chance that you drag your furniture over the floor, you will hazard scratching or gouging your floor.
  • Be mindful so as not to stroll in coarseness and different abrasives (socks just) until the floor is completely relieved following seven days.
  • Never wear stilettos on timber floors as the heel point harms the floor and leaves unattractive spaces.
  • To help with limiting scratching of your recently sanded and covered floor, spot or paste little bits of felt or defensive furniture cushions to the feet of all furnishings and overwhelming items. These can be cheaply bought from home improvement shops.

Care and Maintenance

To keep your floor putting its best self forward, residue and mop once per week at the very least. Residue all the more regularly relying upon the measure of earth conveyed into the house and the number of individuals living in the house.

Summing up,

If you want you to get excellent Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services from our company that is Prestige Floors, then you should do the above preparation before we arrive at your place as well as leave your place.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

Why Choose Prestige Floors for Office Timber Floor Sanding?

How a business place represents itself plays a crucial role to grow in the marketplace. Prestige Floors states how business persons have started going for timber floor sanding Melbourne for their office or store entrance. The reasons are many, but we have listed the major ones.

Can be Maintained & Cleaned Easily

It’s easy to maintain timber floors after polishing than that of the carpeted area. The polishing makes the floor smooth and easy to clean. There are numerous layers of the polishing that resist stains and dents. You can easily remove spills and other stains with a mop. All you need is regular cleaning and sweeping to maintain the quality of wood for the coming years. Only that is enough to restore the details and sleekness of the timber floor.

And, the best part about the timber floor sanding and polishing is even if you start to get some scratches or wear & tear on the floor, you can easily revive it with professional sanding service. However, once you have done the sanding and polishing service to your timber floor, it will not require any for many months or a year.

In case you have high foot traffic, sanding and polishing will make it durable. A professional and complete service can increase the life of your floor to 10 years. But cleaning is a must.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

New Look to Space

You can’t simply rely on marble or carpets to provide a better look to your office. With proper floor sanding Melbourne, you can provide details to the patterns and designs. The earthy look can be matched with plants and other ornaments. The best part about the timber floor is that it can easily match any type of paint colour and interior theme.

No matter which type of business do you run, timber flooring is the best for you.

Various types of timber styles are available out there. Your existing hardwood floor can be restored with a one-time timber flooring and sanding service. All you need is a team of trained professionals such as Prestige Floors to increase the life of your floor. You can even replace your marble, tile, or concrete floor with the hardwood. It’s easy to install and maintain.

  1. Hard Woods Vs Carpeting

The reason for choosing hardwood over carpeting is simple – carpets can tear, damage, lose its quality, and become dull over time. Moreover, if it gets damaged with water, you need to buy the new one, which is not the case with hardwood. You can install hardwood for a robust, attractive, and durable floor.

That’s why choosing timber floor sanding and polishing for your store or office opening is the right option!

Prestige Floor offers you all a wide range of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne services. B it residential or commercial buildings, it is suitable for all.

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So make your move to get in touch with such a renowned organisation for complete timber floor sanding and polishing.

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timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne

Why Should You Avail timber floor sanding and polishing Services?

Raise your hand if you also believe that timber flooring is Key to Represent Appealing Appearance!

Because we at Prestige floors strongly believe especially when it comes to commercial properties. We know how appearance is important in business to impress clients and generate new leads. At one time might other floors will fail at representing stunning but not timber and you will wonder as timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne services make it more beautiful and appealing.

Well, sweeping and scrubbing will not alive more!

Yes, we all do routine cleaning to stay safe and comfortable, but it won’t work to enhance the beauty of the place. We cannot consider those daily jobs a standard method as there’s time come where we have to avail Floor Sanding Melbourne.

What is the Purpose of Timber Sanding and Polishing?

Very often! Residential property has more usage of the floor than other areas means people often like to sit in indoor. And that’s the reason getting dust, dirt and grime because of traffic is common which demands for timely sanding and polishing.

We know the norms of timber as it’s nothing but the wood and needs less maintenance or no maintenance. We have to do little care to keep timber floor charming and appealing. As it helps to maintain timber floor durable and workable for a long.

Why timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne is worthy?

Timber is the type of floor which can lighten the beauty of the whole property and that we know but what if it looks weary? Oblivious we have to take care to sand and polishing as it makes floor attractive and inviting.

Benefits that Prestige floors have Defined is,

  • Diminish the Allergens

We have to welcome our uncalled guests like allergens if keep floor unpleasant and that happen in case of the timber floor. Having the floor dusty and dirty have chance to create such harmful organisms, and that’s the first reason of getting timber sanding. We cannot keep floor weary for a long as it can create health risks, and no wonder might you and your family got problems. And that’s the reason we always sand and polish timber by removing allergens.

  • Attractive Look or Appearance

 Timber is wood which can represent the best look if you keep clean all the time. We know that timber is wood which enhances the appearance of the floor as well as property. We cannot get the same appearance by other options like tile, grout and marble floorings. Ultimately, you can magnify the beauty of the home and can add value by sanding and polishing.

  • Add Custom Choice

Tile and grout have limited choices in choosing shades mean we cannot opt for the shade we like to where with timber it’s accessible. Timber floor has great design and shades with you can choose according to choice and requirements. We can also go for the custom option to meet the interior shades, and that’s how we can make a combo of beauty.

  • Save money and Add Value

Quite cool! Then it is because wood material comes at a base price no matter which shades you choose or like. We know and believe that with less investment, you can enhance the property value and appearance. Having timber in the premises add value and no wonder attract property hunters. Hence, value-added feature for property along with less investment.

In the Box!!!

Want to lighten your timber floor? Then come to Prestige floors as timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne is our expertise, and with that, we make property appealing and stunning.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

Three Reasons Why Your Should Consider Getting Your Floor Polished By Us

The floor of your house is of great importance and we as a timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne service providers know that it has a great capacity to attract the visitors and also leave a great impression at the very first sight. We all try our best to protect and take care of the condition of our floors but sometimes we end up damaging it unknowingly. This damage can cost is a lot of money in order to recover the floor.

Development in the floor can play a big role in beautifying the interior of a house or workplace. A floor with a smooth finish has never failed to attract a lot of eyes around it and give a whole new aesthetic appearance to it too. There are many people who invested a great deal of resources in maintaining the good look of the floors of their house with our Floor Sanding Melbourne.

  1. Setting Up A Pleasant Atmosphere In Your House

Well maintained interior of a house can also set up a beautiful atmosphere for your house and whoever resides in it. A damaged floor is often the result of carelessness or overly done works. When you stretch the limits of your floors and run your daily chores without heeding the condition of your floors, then you’re quite likely to face this problem. When the floor of your home wears out with the numbers of times it is being used, then you are going to lose the shine it was brought with. Our timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne can help you with it.

  1. Get Your Floor Polished By The Hands Of Professionals

You will be delighted to know that it is very easy to maintain the floors but if you have no personal experience in how to do it then it is suggested that you leave that work up to the hands of professionals. The floor of your house keeps you safe from a lot of inconvenience. A rough floor can give you but also cause you some serious damage if you are not precarious. In the similar way as smooth floor can give you a smooth finish but it also means that you won’t have enough grips to work on it.

  1. Maintaining The Seamlessness Of Your Floors

If you ever feel confused regarding the necessary steps that you can take to maintain your floor, can you can directly reach out to us letters inspect your floor before we start working on it and giving it is smoother finish. We can help you unleash all the benefits that your floor has for you. It’s very important for you to know that your floor needs to be sanded at least once in a while by our Floor Sanding Melbourne. When it comes to maintaining the shine of your floor it needs to be recoated too.

In Conclusion, These procedures must be carried out at regular intervals if you want to have the maximum effect of polishing on your floor. If you are using your floor roughly then you are more likely to come across many troubles that are caused to you by it.

Timber Floor Polishing

Handy Tips You Can Include For Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing

When you think about sanding & polishing of the timber floor, it will help you bring the shine back to life. Timber floor couldn’t look new forever, you need to approach professional timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne Company to maintain the floor charm. The material of timber can be a perfect flooring choice you can make for the easy maintenance and outstanding character of the place. 

Prestige Floors can help in maintaining the home’s value

There are so many things said for the aesthetic look of the floor and to deliver quality to the house. Such renovation can turn the house in a home and it will add significant value to the place. Most of the time, we focus on the design and beautiful home creation but how to maintain the place? It’s time for you to consider about the recent wood floor sanding in the home. When had you leveraged the professional home sanding and polishing approach?

Don’t you remember?! Have you inspected the floor properly? Do it has scratches, scuffs, or patches? If you found it on the floor then it will become a time to think about seeking floor sanding and polishing company. This could be the right time to help the surface to obtain the charm back & it is the right time to handle the sanding as early as possible. 

How will you prepare the sanding and coating procedure?

  • You will have complete access to the site. You need to look into the guideline, whether there is enough parking space for the heavy machine or not. You need to discuss with the right company to handle the arrangement.
  • Through this, we will handle the floor sanding using powerful equipment. Thus, it will become important to deliver enough light and power for the procedure.
  • Always make sure that the area of the floor needs to be clear if there is dirt or debris. All the furniture need to be removed with using the floor covering like tacks or staples.
  • Through a professional approach, you can remove the unseal food from the storage areas.

Floor sanding and polishing can help in renovating the floor with a beautiful look. To handle the job, you need to hire a professional expert. More than refurbishing the timber floor, it would be important to handle the floor with a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. In such a case, it will become important to go through the floor than need to be replaced. This is because hardwood floors are costlier than any other floor material. No matter, whether you are going to hire any company or handling it on your own, you need to know a few tips given above.

timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne

How To Add Elegance To Your Property By Installing Timber Floors?

Wood or timber flooring allows developing elegant outlook flooring. Thus there are several advantages that a house owner enjoys on installing the timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne. Today the market is on-demand for timber flooring because of its naturally warm colours and textured design and then it is very easy to clean. It is made of a wide variety of timber and bamboo offering different attractive designs.

  1. Design elements affect home and business

Many manufacturers produce an infinite number of colour and natural wood or timber grain combination to offer the customers’ room decor and style. Timber flooring is one of the most important design elements in the home and business.

On the platform of timber floors, it allows adding value and value and comfort to one’s decor. A modern human-made material such as polished stainless steel and vast expanses of glass and the timber provides a striking contrast.

More than timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne service the timber floor use less water and energy to produce than the other flooring options. There are kinds of flooring which are comfortable and easy to walk on. These last long and add slightly of elegance in your room. Today ther are flooring manufacturers which included exotic woods in their plans to meet growing popularity. Some of these fascinating looks are even available in wood laminate flooring.

  1. Get a vast range of shade of timber flooring

The trend of floor sanding and polishing seems to be with a factory-applied coating. This eliminates dust from sanding, fumes from finishing and setting before the floor can be walked on. Thus another benefit is that the factory finishes are usually much more stringent than the polyurethane applied in the field.

Are you known about? Timber floor is perfect for both winter times and summertime as it is refreshing to walk on during summer and at the same time provide excellent insulation during colder winter.

  • Now get a vast range of choice of natural shades of timber floor, ranging from sand colour or pale euro to darker and more vibrant shades of brown.
  • The best part is that when you see the flooring laid on the house, the lighter and darker shades mix perfectly with each other and give a great look to the surface that depend on the beauty of the product.
Floor Sanding Melbourne

What Is The Advantage Of Polishing Timber Floor In The House?

Depending on the type of timber, may encounter some damage to boards from borers or termites. After removing the old floor coverings, it may be revealed that at some previous stage, the configuration of the room has been changed by the removal of a wall. Timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne is noticeable as a darker moisture mark in the shape of a wall or a cabinet stained into the timber boards.

Get most stylish and classy of all floor coverings

  • On the other hand, timber floor is also natural to keep clean, any spilt food or dirk is easily swept or mopped up without too much fuss.
  • Timber floors, in my opinion, are the most stylish and classy of all floor coverings; they have that appearance and sense of temperature and are pretty soft and releasing on the feet.
  • Also, timber floors start displaying signs of wear after a while with injuries and dents, which are more visible on the highly polished floors.

Even solid timber floors are more expensive to purchase and install than most other floor covering as generally, the timber had to be sanded and then coated with urethane after installation. The signs of timber floors after the damage of scratches and scratches which are more noticeable on the extremely polished floors. The storey is polished, and sanding work is done then well buffed and prepared sealing or to stain.

What service a professional floor polisher or sander will provide?

The excellence floor polishing and sanding company will offer a number of services and also they are able to help you will different methods on the best looks that you will need. The professional timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne, the business can repair any injuries and can repair or restore all sorts of messes that are past repair, and they will make sure they meet them to the floor.

  1. Have colour matched to the flooring board

In many cases, the amount of damage will not be revealed until the floor is initially sanded. If the damage is relatively minor and has not affected the structural integrity of a particular board, it is possible to fill them with suitable filler that is closely colour matched to the specific board.

The professionals will use high-end vacuums that suck up most of the dust that is surfaced from sanding the wood. Another service that is offered is to refinish your existing hardwood floors. Furniture in your home will also be covered to prevent dust from getting on your belongings.

When Is The Right Time To Find Out Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing Company?

Yesterday, I met one of my school-time friend who is interior designer and knows well to design & make over the home. I asked her about my queries with the home. We are past tired of the appalling rug in our parlour and exhausting vinyl in our kitchen and need to supplant both with some sort of cover flooring. For cost reasons, we have never think about the new floor installation. All now we can do is, seeking the top-notch timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne Company and come out with the best choices. 

When I approach the floor installation Melbourne company, they suggest me to realize the overlay flooring establishment impediments

Cover deck is a wonderful and adaptable ground surface framework that you can introduce yourself. Or on the other hand, in the event that you don’t feel you have what it takes, you can have an expert do it for you.

We suggest that, regardless of what level you are, dependably work securely; practice good judgment; read and comprehend the establishment guidelines before you start; give yourself satisfactory time; and never endeavour more than you feel great doing. At that point be very glad for your achievement when you venture back to appreciate the lovely cover floor you’ve recently introduced!


  • Laminate ground surface is scratch-safe since it’s made of a composite material like plastic.
  • Because the cover ground surface snaps and bolts together, it’s easy to introduce.
  • For a littler room, utilize a lighter-shaded ground surface to make the space feel hotter and a lot bigger.
  • Always purchase more ground surface than required in the event that you make some terrible cuts.
  • Laminate ground surface can be introduced straightforwardly over existing deck.

Quick Guidelines

Before you go out to shop, draw a sketch of your live with measurements. Make note of changes to different sorts of ground surface and different highlights like stair arrivals and outside entryways. Approach your sales rep for assistance picking the correct change moldings for these regions.

You’ll require a couple of uncommon devices notwithstanding essential hand devices like a measuring tape, square and utility blade to realize how to introduce wood flooring. We acquired a cover flooring establishment unit from the maker that included plastic shims, a tapping square and a last-board puller, yet in case you’re helpful you could manufacture these instruments.

A few kinds join a vapour boundary and cushioning. Introduce this sort over concrete or different floors where dampness may be an issue. Others decrease sound transmission. Take additional consideration when introducing underlayment that incorporates a vapour obstruction. Lap the edges up the divider and cautiously seal every one of the creases as suggested by the maker. Keep a move of tape convenient to fix inadvertent tears and tears as you introduce the floor.

There are many timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne companies but be sharp while relying upon any of them because, a good company can help you with the complete experience.