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What Safety Precautions to Follow When Having the Floor Sanded?

Floors with time start looking for tires, stains start appearing more, the discolouration becomes visible even from a distance, the finish is worn out in high traffic areas and so on. To make it just the way after Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, it becomes necessary to have these floors refreshed.

This is what Floor Sanding Melbourne ensures. It gets rid of everything that is hurting the aesthetics of the floor. Along with having the extra layer of protection for the doors, windows, and walls make sure you also have the precaution for individual safety.

Here are Some of the Tips that Could Ensure Safety

  • Dust! Dust! Dust!

Sanding is the process that gets rid of the upper layer of the floor that is exposed to wear and tear. Various equipment is used. Different grit of sandpaper is used as per the requirement of the floors. This is not an easy process; just easy it seems to be.

Along with the outcomes of aesthetic floors, there is the presence of dust too. These fine particles of dust can put you and your loved ones in trouble if inhaled. Chances are that it may get into the eyes and cause discomfort and elevated eye issues.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

The studies have suggested that wood dust can cause serious problems for the person already having respiratory issues. Along with the discomfort in breathing it can cause skin problems too.

Apart from keeping this dust from getting into the other parts of the house make sure that you have a dust mask on along with safety glasses for enhanced safety.

  • Keeping The Kids and Pets Away from Home

If you have pets and kids in the house, they are likely to face the dangers of these fine particles too. but the damage done to them due to this dust may be slightly more than you. So, drop the kids and pets at your friends’ or family’s home to keep them away and safe.

  • Dust Fire Is Real

We all are aware that wood dust is flammable. But it won’t end up in flames until something happens that ignites the fire. We all are aware of the scenario that upon sanding the nail heads may pop out from the floorboard. When this nailhead strikes it produces sparks. Chances are that these sparks may end up in dust fire.

So, make sure to keep a check on the nail heads, they do not just cause dust fire but also damage the sanding equipment too.

What Else Can You Do?

When getting the sanding done by the professional you have an option for the equipment that produces a lesser amount of duct or no duct at all. Yes, these are available and you can surely make this special request.

If not that when having the Floor Sanding Melbourne done make sure that you consider all these safety tips to make it a harmless process. Further, enjoy getting the brand-new-looking floor by finishing the sanding with floor polishing.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Taking Care of the Timber Floor to Keep the Finish Intact

After Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, the first thing that homeowners are worried about is finding ways the floor finish remains as it is for long. Floor finish is the reason for the aesthetics that a timber floor provides to the house. timber floors last a century but the finish won’t.

Floor Sanding Melbourne could get rid of the damage done to the floors including stains. Applying the finish after sanding would have made those aged and tired-looking floors lively again. Taking care of the floors in such a way that the finish is not affected has an impact on the frequency of the floor sanding and polishing that you get done.

Ways That You Can Make Sure That the Floor Finish is Not Affected

  • Leveraging the Floor Accessories:

Rugs, carpets, mats, furniture pads, and everything can keep protecting the finish of the floor by reducing the exposure of either feet or furniture. The contact area of the floor is reduced with the use of these accessories. Eventually, wear and tear as well as the scratches and dullness are reduced. You won’t need floor sanding and polishing anytime soon.

  • Trim and Cap Your Pet’s Nails:

Yes, pets can scratch the timber floors. But do not let the timber floor affect your love for pets. The timber floor is susceptible to scratching from any sharp thing like the nails of the pet. This could also help you to groom the nails of your pet timely. All you need to do is to trim the pet’s nails and cup them. This could be enough to keep them from scratching the floor.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  • Regular Cleaning:

Any substance present on the floor that can either dull the finish, stain the floor, starch the floor or so need to be gotten off the floor. This is possible with regular cleaning of the floor. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floor on a regular basis would keep the floor clean and good as new for longer.

  • Protecting It from Ultraviolet Rays:

Sunlight exposure for a prolonged time would make the floor plants expand and contract. This does have an impact not just on the floor finish but also on the time floor. As a result of which, the floors seem to split and crack.

  • Keeping the Dirty Footwear off the Floor:

 Footwear is laden with soil, dirt, debris, and more need to be kept out of the house or be left at the rack at the entrance. You can have either separate footwear for the house or wear socks. A strict no for wearing heels with the sharp heel, these heels would induce scratches on the floor. With time and ignoring the fact, these scratches may increase and make the floor look dull.

Having a timber floor is not enough, utmost care needs to be taken to keep the beauty of the floor intact for a longer time. If needed the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne would rescue the floor.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Know About Refinishing Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to bamboo flooring, one might think that it can’t be sanded and refinished. Bamboos are always a love for the home decor lovers and nature loving persons as bamboo offers the stylish green look. But with the time, every flooring needs service and some repairing.  Some bamboo flooring can be refinished, it all depends on the type of flooring. Bamboo floors are mainly classified into horizontal, vertical and strand-woven bamboo flooring. To choose better among the types of bamboo flooring, consult the reputed Timber Floor Installation Melbourne Company.

Three Main Types of Bamboo Flooring:

1) Horizontal Bamboo Flooring:

It’s basically made up of bamboo stalks that are glued in a horizontal pattern to form a good plank.

2) Vertical Bamboo Flooring:

It’s basically made up of thin strips of bamboo and the strips are aligned in such a way that it looks vertical pattern hence, giving a modern and lavish look.

3) Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring:

Strand woven is not actually made up of the bamboo; basically it’s made up of the stalks by shredding its fibre. It’s bonded with adhesive and processed under the high-pressure and heat to make it durable and strong.

Can Bamboo Flooring Be Refinished?

Other categories of bamboo flooring are as follows:

  • Solid bamboo
  • Engineered bamboo
  • Carbonized bamboo
  • Non-carbonized bamboo (natural)

Bamboo also comes in solid and engineered wood, among both, engineered bamboo is considered to be the best because it includes attaching evener fiberboard. Well if we see generally, some bamboo floors can be refinished while others may be not depending upon is quality and feature. For engineered bamboo also, it’s important that it should be thicker than 2 mm to perform refinishing on it. It’s better to take the advice of flooring experts before experimenting any polishing, refinishing or sanding to get the effective consultation. Expert’s advice will help you to make the better choice.

Other than this, carbonized floors are much scratch-resistant and softer in nature hence, it is easy to refinish.  Carbonized bamboo floor stays the same throughout the life and shade doesn’t get lighter. Though carbonized bamboo floors are natural and can cause scratches hence, they are not suitable for refinishing.

It’s always better to have stain check if you are planning for the bamboo flooring. Like other wooden floors, bamboo has its own unique feature to give a mimic look. Conduct a deep research about the various types of bamboo flooring and select the best according to your choice, features, durability and budget. If you have a pet at your home then its good idea to for the scratch resistant bamboo to ensure the longer life while preserving the quality. There are also various cleaning products available in the markets that are specially designed for cleaning bamboo.


Consult the expert Timber Floor Installation Melbourne Company for the guaranteed flooring service. Book appointment at prestige floors today and get the high-standard flooring service. Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comment section and feel free to share your experience with bamboo flooring in the comment box.

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How to Prepare Your Home Before the Timber Floor Installation?

Installation of new hardwood flooring is a strenuous task as a whole. Homeowners are often perplexed about what things they have to take care of to reduce the amount of stress that may come from the timber floor installation. When doing the installation by self this distraught can spike up. As the homeowners have to take care of the Floor Sanding Melbourne and more like survives on their own.

We at Prestige Floors insist on a list of things to be done beforehand to make sure that the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne is done more effectively and no issues pop up in the process.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  • Remove the Valuables 

There are many delicate and precious items that you have places to complete the outlook of the rooms. These delicate and valuable pieces of the house need special care especially when a task like a floor installation have to be undertaken. So, when having the floor installed make sure that you have safely relocated these pieces.

  • Empty the Rooms off the Furniture

The floor installation may involve the process of sanding to leaving the base of the floor. Floor sanding means a lot of dust around the rooms. Make sure that you have removed all the furniture from the rooms that have to undergo floor installation. All these pieces of furniture and valuable item have to be isolated in a separate room to keep the dust and waste away from pilling up on these things.

  • Watchful of the Pets

One cannot control the movements of the pets. Especially when you have a lot of people and equipment in the house. They roam around these out of curiosity. They can also get out of the house in case if the door is left open by the professionals. This raised a concern for their safety. Either you can secure them in a separate room to restrict their activity or can leave them at friends’ and families.

  • Stock Up Masking Tapes and Traps

Sanding inevitable in hardwood installation and with sanding come to the fine dust that can spread in the whole house. Spread if this dust needs to be restricted from other parts of the house. This is where the traps and masking tape does the good work. You can cover up the items and secure the doors and windows.

  • Taking Up the Remodeling Tasks Beforehand

Imagine getting drops of paint or the glue of the wallpaper on the newly installed floor. You get an instant feeling of ruining that ravishing floor and regret that you should have completed the remodeling before the floor’s installation. Well, save yourself from this regret by taking this requirement seriously. Make sure that any of the remodeling tasks are completed before the floor installation is scheduled.


Timber Floor Installation Melbourne would be one of the best decisions you have made for the house until now. Those ravishing elegant floors are worth getting. Do not let mishaps ruin this perspective of yours. So before getting the floors installed makes sure that you have taken care of all the above-listed situations.

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Preparing A Home For The New Floor Installation

For any home renovation project or flooring project, systematic planning is important for smooth work completion. Flooring projects may be confusing as it includes so much of activities and decision making related to proper floor selection, hiring perfect Floor Polishing Melbourne Company, waste management and many more. For neat and smooth flooring installation work, preparing a place for the installation plays a crucial role, it will be very much smooth and easy to do flooring when the place is already prepared and all unwanted things are removed.

By reading this blog, you will realize the importance of prepping up home before any flooring projects. Preparing the home is just the prime and basic step on which entire flooring performance is dependent. If you are planning to do any renovation or home building projects, keep these things in mind to get your work done hassle-free.

1) Remove the Breakable and Delicate Items from the Home:

Remove all the paintings, hanging objects, and home décor items to prevent them from dust. Keep delicate items like glass, pots, and other items in a safer place to prevent them from breaking and causing the unnecessary mess. Stop the electric, water, and gas services before beginning with the flooring project to avoid any accidents.

2) Keep The Pets At A Safer Location:

Pets have the habit of roaming; move the pets to other safe locations because the chemicals and flooring equipments are harmful to the pets.

3) Clear Up The Room Properly By Removing Furniture And Other Stuff:

Plan all essential move-out in advance before the flooring installation work starts. Move out the room furniture with a cover to prevent them from getting dirty. Prefer doing basic tasks by yourself that will help you to save time and some money.

4) Close The Other Rooms Of The House To Prevent Mess:

Close the other rooms of the house while flooring projects because floor installations are usually a messy job that causes lots of dirt. You can use the masking tape to cover the doors and other things

5) Analyze Whether The New Flooring Will Raise The Actual Floor Height:

Check whether new floor installation leads to heighted floor or not. With expert consultation, you can get necessary ideas about flooring whether to remove the baseboard or trim accordingly.Experts can help to readjust the floor according to your requirement and choices.

6)  Arrange Proper Waste Disposal:

Waste disposal and management is the essential part of the flooring to ensure the clean and tidy flooring work. It is best to offer a separate workspace for flooring contractors to carry their essential tasks and equipment handling as it will helping in flexible trimming and other flooring resizing operations. Prefer hiring a waste disposal service in advance to get your area clean on time.


Floor installation and renovations are a bit expensive jobs that can’t be performed on the regular basis so, make sure you get the job by a professional Floor Polishing Melbourne company that offers durability and guaranteed work. At Prestige Floors, we treat every customer as a priority hence we respond to every request in a short period of time. Book your appointment for the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne with us today.

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What are the Best Suited Floors For a Minimalist Home?

Minimalism is the new trend. The next you may ask is what exactly is minimalism? It is simply owning fewer things. It is an application to any niche. Okay, minimalism and floors? Does this mean owning fewer floors? Funny! But no. It is making the floors more simple texture and natural, neutral colours. It is more about adding quality than quantity and complexity. Enquiries at Floor Sanding Melbourne service provides about getting the flooring that goes well with the idea of the minimalist house have increased lately.

Here is a list of different types of floors that would be of good help when you are looking forward to making the house minimalist. Timber Floor Installation Melbourne services would help you in this process to get the desired result.

●   Bamboo Floors

It is one of the hardest wood as well as one of the strongest flooring options available. These floors have one of the best neutral stains that possibly a minimalist house can have. The cherry on the top is these flooring are considered eco friendly. Bamboos have the property of growing rapidly on harvesting thus this does not hurt the environment much. These floors have a good shine to enhance the overall look of the house.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

●   Laminate Floors

When your choice of floors is hardwood but the budget isn’t supporting you can go for laminate floors. There are like an imitation of the hardwood. All the features that laminate floors give a similar effect. When exploring the neutral colour laminates they seem to satisfy the need of a minimal house. So having a minimal house in a budget crunch is possible with laminate floors.

●   Hardwood Floors

None can steal the charm that hardwood flooring has on the house. They are super elegant and exquisite. There are a lot of stains and hardwood available that can be a part of the minimal house. They give a classic yet modern look to the house. Apart from the neutral stains, one can also go for some of the other minimal stains like grey to put together an awesome overall interior look.

●   Tiled Floors

Tiles are very effective in creating a minimalist look. One must not forget that they doo have a very good range of simple yet elegant colour options. They are durable and comes with easy installation and daily maintenance. They have a cleaner and perfectly monochromatic look. They come with a varied budget based on the choice and grade of the times.

●   Polished Concrete Floors

We all are very well aware of the popularity of polished concrete floors. They have a long list of pros that one can utilize. While making the home more minimal it adds a lot of advantages like durability, slip resistance, stain resistance, cost-effectiveness and more. They come in great colours that would be perfect when it comes to minimalism.

So, utilize this list to get the floor of your choice that would add more to your minimalist homes. You can also inquire about the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne service provider for more details and options.

What Are The Efficient Ways To Prepare The Home Before Sanding?

Over time hardwood floors cause wear and tear that need to be addressed. Floor sanding is an important process when addressing this kind of issues. It is not as simple as you call the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne service provider, ask them to provide the floor sanding services, schedule a date, the service provider comes on time and the sanding of the home is completed. There is more to it than this simple process. Have you ever wondered that some elements in the house could have a bad impact on the sanding of the floor? This is what this article is about.

Let us together know the things that one should take care of before getting the Floor Sanding Melbourne done.

  • Schedule The Sanding of The Floor After Considering Your Schedule

People seem too busy these days and interruption like this could be annoying. Go with the most possible and appropriate time that won’t affect your daily routine and also the process could be done more peacefully.

  • Make The Area Where Sanding Is To Be Done Clear Of All The Furniture And Other Stuff

There is a lot of things that are placed on the floor not just the furniture, the carpets, rugs, pet beds, toys of the kids and more. You can’t wait till the person from the floor sanding company comes in and tell you to clear the things up. It would just waste more time. But you could do this before. While prepping the home for the sanding. Get the area cleared and let the floor sanding professional do their word with ease.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne


  • Have That Pretty Home of Your Pre-Cleaned

The dust has a bad impact on the sanding process. They can cause unwanted scratched when sanding the floors. Even worst it can get trapped in forever. So take that mop and get to cleaning because it is necessary. Use vacuum clear to make the cleaning effective. It is time to ace at this requirement before sanding is done.

  • Not Just The Floor But The Sanding Equipment Is To Be Protected From The Damage

Look out if there are any broken floor planks, nail heads popping or nails that could probably damage the sanding equipment making this whole process a disaster. So to avoid this better, you do a good and accurate inspection of the floor.

  • Without Proper Ventilation, This Finish May Take More Time To Dry

It could sometimes take a week to dry the final coats of floor finish. This time of drying is undesirable. Ventilation is of good help here. It keeps the room well aired for the faster drying of the finish.

  • Don’t Want The Dust To Be Everywhere In The House Right

Make sure that the doors and windows of the room where floor sanding is going on are properly covered with sheets or some sort of barrier. This will disable the dust particles to get out of the room and disperse everywhere in the house. You can also ask the service provider if the machines that they are using are dust-free or not.

These are some of the things that need to be kept in mind before getting the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne done.

Effective Timber Floor Installation Approaches You Need to Consider

You’ll need some professional equipment if you decide to nail your hardwood floor. A nail gun, such as the Portanailer, has been specifically developed for use in Timber Floor Installation Melbourne wide. Flat nails with teeth on either edge will be used by the nail gun to firmly grip the flooring plank and subfloor. It’s important to remember that a Paslode nail gun or a Bradnailer won’t work because they don’t have the right to toothed nails.

We at Prestige Floors started this company to concentrate on the fine details in any flooring project, which sets us apart from the competition in the industry because we believe these small details can make a big difference in the final result.

If you’re just installing over a wooden sub floor, you should nail the floor down because the nails need a place to grip. The nails would be concealed by going through the flooring plank’s tongued edge at a 45-degree angle. Below are 3 of the finest techniques we look up to:

  1. Gluing Down Hardwood Flooring

Other than nailing or stapling the flooring down, there might be another way for installing tongue and groove engineered wood flooring and some 5/16″ thick solid wood flooring. Glue down is a method of installing wood floors that involves applying a bonding agent, adhesive, or glue directly to your subfloor before laying your floor. Glue down wood flooring is especially well suited to either concrete or wood subfloors as an installation form. However, if you’re using this technique on a concrete subfloor, make sure the subfloor is completely dry. If you have any concerns about dampness, we suggest installing a two-part epoxy damp proof membrane to ensure that no residual dampness rises through your new floor and causes future harm.

  1. Floating

The engineered wood floor is not physically fastened to any part of the subfloor with the floating installation method; instead, a bead of prescribed wood glue is added to each plank’s groove to glue the planks together. To provide padding, a thin underlayment pad is mounted between the wood flooring and the subfloor. This underlayment also prevents moisture from transferring from below, reduces noise when walking on the pavement, and makes it smoother underfoot. Floating is now possible on almost all engineered floors and engineered Long strip floors. Installing a floating floor is a quick and simple process.

  1. Click-Lock Method

Many manufacturers are now using newly developed methods to install their designed flooring, such as milling the tongue and groove pattern into a click-lock floating floor system, which allows the boards to simply fold and lock together without the use of messy glue or clamps.


This tried-and-true approach has made the installation of wood, laminate flooring and Floor Sanding Melbourne much simpler and easier than any other method. Every day, more and more wood flooring manufacturers are introducing this type of floating floor. But we at Prestige Floors could be your best match because our professionals are qualified to the highest industry standards in the floor polishing industry.

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Can Bamboo Be The Alternative of Wooden Flooring?

When it comes to having new flooring, we have lots of options, but bamboo stands out of all perfectly. While hiring a Floor Sanding Melbourne agency, you can consider going with bamboo flooring for certain reasons.

Read ahead and Find out those Reasons

Bamboo Love

Bamboo is widely available in almost every area. You can find bamboo in the forests of Africa, Asia, Australia, the US, and Central & South Americas. Apart from that, there are almost 1,462 species of bamboos, and these are the fastest-growing plants on the entire planet earth. Some of the bamboo species can grow up to 36” in just 24 hours. Because of its quick-growing rate, bamboo is the most environment-friendly option. Also, bamboo purifies air quality and can be easily used in textiles, food, paper, and wood substitute in home construction.

Bamboo & Environment

As we just said in the above point, bamboo is the most eco-friendly option. The best part about bamboo is that unlike wood, which becomes dead after cutting, bamboo keeps growing after harvesting and can be harvested repeatedly. Hence, if you choose bamboo for your home or office flooring, it will have zero impact on nature.

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Grass as a Wood Substitute

The hardness rate of bamboo is pretty high: 1,300-1,400. So it lies between red oak and hard maple, which have the hardness of 1,220 and 1,450. Hence, you can get the perfect hardness and durability from bamboo.

The light colour of bamboo gives an authentic and unique approach to any place. Besides, bamboo can survive extreme heat and pressure. So bamboo can be your best choice when it comes to flooring.


The biggest drawback of bamboo flooring is that you get only a limited amount of options in textures, hardness, and colours.

Usually, there are only three major types of bamboo flooring:

Flat Grain – These are made of thin and flat layers of bamboo, which are glued together just like plywood.

Vertical Grain – This is made of narrow bamboo strips which are glued on edge. It gives an amazing stripe appearance to the floor.

Stranded – The attractive variegated look gives the perfect shredded look. The whole material is made of bamboo fibres with resins.

Moisture and Bamboo

Instead of growing in the extreme moist climate, bamboo gets damaged with water. So you need to seal it all to prevent water damage issues. Just like hardwood, you can’t consider bamboo to be suitable for your basement. Bamboo might also get bleached up with direct sunlight.

Like wood, bamboo flooring can be sanded and finished with the help of a professional team. The frequency of re-sanding and polishing depends on its thickness.


Bamboo can be the most ecological option than wood as it is thick, doesn’t affect nature, and provides utmost durability. However, it may have certain limitations in terms of colour and design choices and moisture-absorbing power, but it can be a great choice for suitable areas. If you need bamboo flooring at your place or want to know whether or not it’s the right choice for your home, get in touch with the professional Floor Sanding Melbourne agency.

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What are the Different Kinds of Wooden Flooring?

When it comes to installing fresh wooden flooring at your home or office, it’s worth exploring the possibilities of wooden flooring. There are three basic and major types of wooden flooring that you must know before even going for Timber Floor Installation Melbourne.

Engineered Hardwood

You can find abundant styles in engineered wood. This wood is made of multiple layers of woods, glued together to create a thick plank. An original wood veneer is applied on the top of these, which you can sand and polish a specific number of times. It helps you to remove damage signs.

Engineered wood is considered to be more stable than hardwood and hardly get affected by humidity and change in weather. It is inexpensive and attractive than other floorings.

Solid Hardwood

Nothing can beat the attractiveness and timeless beauty of solid hardwood. The visual appeal you get for your residential or commercial place is worth spending every single penny on solid hardwood.

These woods are made from 18 to 20mm thick wood board, and it is easier to install as compared to other wood types.

Some floors could be harder than others, but it usually depends on the wood species. Different wood types have different hardness and wear & tear capacity.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

The biggest reason to choose hardwood is its capability to be sanded and polishes over and over again. So if you think you have lost the appeal of your solid hardwood after 5 or 10 years, you can hire the professionals and ask them for re-sanding and polishing to revive the wood.

Besides its hardness and thickness, it could be a bit difficult to install solid hardwood. You need to glue it and nail it to keep each plank in place. So the entire installation process can be a bit expensive.

There are following famous kinds of solid hardwood floors:

  • Pine
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Hickory
  • Rosewood
  • Ash
  • Oak

You can pick any of the above hardwood flooring types and choose the right Floor Sanding Melbourne agency for the best results.

Laminate Flooring

This flooring is just a compressed fibreboard plank, which has photographic images of the wood grains. Laminated flooring contains a protective layer that prevents damage and scratches.

This is the most cost-effective option and available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and designs.

However, with all these qualities, laminated flooring doesn’t provide you with that amazing look you could get from other original wood boards. As the laminated flooring isn’t that thick and its edges get damaged after some time.

If the laminated flooring is not installed properly, it will look faulty and unappealing.

So Which Flooring Did You Like The Most?

For proper guidance, you can get in touch with the experts and help them install the best flooring at your place.

A leading Timber Floor Installation Melbourne agency will help you choose the right wooden flooring that will suit your style, temperature changes, location, family type, business type, foot traffic, etc.

So get in touch with the professionals right now.