Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Know About The Various Timber Installation Process

When you are going through renovation or the home building process, timber floor is irreplaceable despite other things. Timber is the best choice that is long-lasting and versatile whether it is flooring or upgrading the house interior décor. No doubt, timber is durable and attractive but it requires regular sanding and polishing to preserve its quality and look over the long years. There are various techniques of Timber Floor Installation Melbourne depending upon the flooring experts you hire. But it’s crucial to know what suits your house and décor, take advice from the reputed Floor Sanding Melbourne company for the successful completion of the project.

Keep on reading the blog to know about the various types of timber floor installation techniques!

Types of Timber Installation Methods That Are As Follows:

1) Plywood System:

  • Experts from various organisations that deal in these solutions advise that the plywood method is best used for residential projects when a secret nail tongue and groove floor is required.
  • This is because it is quite simple to generate the concrete floor’s cushioned effect using this way.
  • Laying a moisture barrier over the concrete and then fixing the 15mm plywood sheeting with high tensile steel fasteners is the typical installation technique.
  • After that, the floorboards are covertly nailed and afterwards glued to the plywood to ensure that the finish meets the height requirement of 34 mm.
  • This procedure, according to experts, is appropriate for residential use because of the solid mass of the plywood subfloor, which can prevent vermin inhabitation.

    Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

2) Batten System:

  • The batten system is the next technology utilised by timber floor installers, and it is mostly used to install wide board Tongue & Groove flooring on concrete.
  • They do this by installing a 70 mm × 35 mm hardwood batten above the moisture barrier.
  • The next step is to glue the floor to the battens and then hand nail it through the top of the board to the battens.
  • As a result of this action, the finished height of 54 mm is easily accomplished.
  • Experts claim a 19 mm hardwood batten can also be used to discreetly nail and fix an 80 mm x 19 mm Tongue & groove floorboard over concrete using batten systems.

3) Direct Glue System:

  • The Direct Glue Approach is the next system utilised by timber floor fitters and it involves glueing Tongue & Groove flooring directly to the concrete slab.
  • You will notice that the adhesion process is important in this system as a result of this strategy.
  • As a result, it is necessary to ensure that the concrete floor is completely flat prior to beginning the operation.
  • This level of flatness is evaluated by a thorough assessment by professionals who will determine whether the floor is suitable for using this technology.
  • The professionals also determine the amount of moisture present and whether it meets the acceptable limits throughout this inspection process.


Hope you found the above information useful for your flooring projects. Hire prestige floors for extra protection and Timber Floor Installation Melbourne service to preserve the flooring quality for longer years.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Things You Must Know Before Timber Floor Installation

Timber floors are indeed every homeowner’s dream and these floors surely need a good amount of upkeep to keep them good as new for long periods. This has never been the reason though that has restricted the homeowners from getting the timber floors installed as they have got the back of  Floor Sanding Melbourne services from professionals like us.

Getting a timber floor is surely a big thing in terms of luxurious touch but also in terms of the considerations that you need to make when you decide to get the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne. Here are some such considerations that would help you to ease the process of timber floor installation by helping you with all the right choices that you need to make at the start.

Pick Up the Right Grade of Timber

Typically, suppliers will offer three timber grades: light feature, moderate feature, and heavy feature. Light feature timbers are typically cleaner and use fewer veins and knots, whereas heavy feature timbers have a more aged appearance.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Examine the Area That You Want to Get the Timber Floor 

While an all-hardwood-floor home can be charming in its own right, it’s important to keep in mind the limitations of timber in certain rooms of the house. To ensure the longevity and durability of the wood, use different flooring options in areas that will see moisture and humidity on a regular basis, such as bathrooms and kitchens, because moisture and humidity can negatively affect the durability of hardwood, causing it to warp and swell from prolonged contact.

However, the strength of hardwood flooring will benefit bedrooms, living rooms, and other similar areas.

Take Time To Choose The Right Stain

Keep in mind that flooring will take up a significant amount of space in your home. As a result, you must ensure that it is compatible with everything.

Examine your surroundings’ interiors, including your furniture, windows, walls, and other features. After that, consider what kind of flooring would complement them. Make certain that their colours do not clash. If you already have a style in mind, make sure that the colours complement your design.

It’s also worth noting that you’re not limited to the natural tones of these species; you can stain your wood for a specific shade, for example, that will complement your chosen interior design while also highlighting the unique beauty of the hardwood you’ve chosen for your home.

Take Your Lifestyle into Account

Do you have allergy sufferers in your family? What kind of flooring maintenance are you willing to do on a regular basis? Wooden floors are ideal for allergy sufferers because they are simple to clean and prevent dust and debris from accumulating due to the surface of the wood. Hardwood floor maintenance consists primarily of using a sweeper with soft bristles and, on occasion, a slightly damp cloth to wipe away stains or spills before wicking away moisture with a dry cloth.

One more thing do not forget to get it done by the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne professionals like us.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Installations and Renovations of Timber Floors Have Many Advantages

The decision to choose the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne is crucial since it adds value to the property together with the aesthetic appeal. Often, people delay processes, because they fear factors like smell and dust. They also ignore the most obvious signs in this sense because they care about having to transfer their family when you are doing the Floor Sanding Melbourne work. However, you don’t have to worry. This is because when he takes the experts in this sense, they would get work to the end and their family would not even have heard the slightest discomfort.

Benefits of Wooden Floors


In addition to adding value to your property, if you are planning to sell it in the new future, Timber Floor Installation Melbourne to finish can get big profits. Wood floors, without a doubt, are better, elegant, and elegant compared to other types of floors. This also helps keep the floor warm, therefore, is a great option for cold regions.
Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

 Aesthetic value 

Wooden floors give your home a rustic look, this is one of the main reasons why it is chosen by many people. Those who want to stay in touch with the roots or want to create a home that can remember their childhood. Wood is difficult to install, but once finished, the naturalistic aspect will make you think that it was a decision that is worth it. Apart from the style, it is also meant for those who give priority to comfort.


 Some people complain that the wood floor costs a large amount of money for maintenance, but once it installs the additional effort and the price it is worth. Add the value of being a smart investment type instead of expenses, you just have to think with intelligence.


 The wooden tables are difficult to install, so it is always better to take the professional service provider for this purpose. If you intend to do it yourself, make sure you have all the equipment required with you. A professional service provider has a trained staff who will carefully install the wooden tables, which may not be able to do their own. Because they are experts, of course, they save their time and install the wooden tables much more quickly than a lay. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take professional assistance for this purpose.

 Types of Wooden Floors

 When it comes to wooden floors, most people prefer to choose oak floors. This is a profitable solution and gives a very natural appearance to the floor. You may not be the correct option if you are looking to add value to your home.

 When you receive a sanding job done on floors, you need to cover the furniture that cannot be moved. The sanding work is usually over by putting a layer of a sealant. Before it is over, the room must be powder. Otherwise, dirt and dust could be trapped under the sealant.


If you are someone who is completely on wooden floors, then the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne is the right choice for you. If you don’t want to spend money regularly on repair and maintenance, it’s better to go to designed wooden floors. This type of  Floor Sanding Melbourne is not very often, therefore, it facilitates the installation process. Therefore, it is a good option for those who want a free installation process without complication.  We at Prestige Floors are a group of style connoisseurs who are dedicated to offering flooring solutions that not only satisfy your design goals but also stand up to the test of time.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Choosing the Right Treatment for Hardwood Floor Installation

What does your hardwood floor look like? Are they corroded and overturned in some places? What if the flooring will reduce your home’s mood and overall value? This is why you should look for a new Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne.

Consumers’ interest in wood flooring is increasing, and their awareness of different surface treatments is also increasing. Finishing Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne is the most common treatment for consumers. There are many other options to choose from, such as finishes, oils, and waxes.

The difference between finishing and Floor Sanding Melbourne is to form a surface. The surface is a protective layer whose strength depends on the resistance of the finish. Instead, oil permeates hardwood floors. The hardness and resistance to abrasion of wooden floors are essential for the survival of the floor.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Many factors influence the choice of treatment. Finishes and oils have their advantages and disadvantages, making them more or less suitable for specific environments. The benefit of surface treatment is that you can get unparalleled wear resistance. Finished hardwood floors are also easy to clean and maintain. The finishes are available in gloss, silk, matte and satin finishes. The advantage of oil is that it looks good most of the time. It is scratch-resistant. It can also repair worn or damaged areas.

Oil in public places is more suitable for dark wood. But the colour of the wood floor not only affects the choice of surface treatment, but the hardness of the wood is also significant. Oil can enhance the colour, and the dirt is not as apparent as on lighter wood.

It is also essential to choose the right type of wood for a specific environment. For example, using oil on the grey floor is not an appropriate treatment unless you are willing to put in a lot of effort in maintenance. Ash is a kind of light wood, and stone floors tend to have a lot of traffic. Other examples of light-coloured woods are beech, pine, and maple, which are not suitable for public areas with heavy traffic. The floor of the stadium is also not ideal for oil. The reason is that the gymnasium floor needs to be cleaned regularly, that is, to wash off the oil, and the floor needs to be maintained periodically.

Hardwood has a much superior cleaning system and lasts longer. You won’t need to lug the vacuum around with you. You can use a mop or a broom to clean everything every day rapidly. Hardwood flooring is a terrific way to increase the resale value of your home while also leading to happier, healthier living.

Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne adds beauty and value to your home. Choosing the correct surface treatment method will create a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-maintain Floor Sanding Melbourne. Prestige Floors deliver extremely quality labour, an in-house skilled installation crew, and expert commercial flooring advice. Our company focuses on the fine details in every flooring project, which sets us apart from the competition in the market.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Know About Most Common Problems Faced During Floor Sanding

Once in a life, every one of us may have tried DIY or floor cleaning, polishing or sanding. Generally, everything has DIY and home remedies depending on its efficiency. It’s obvious everybody wants to save money; it’s fine to do DIY for minor repairs and damages. While one must be extra careful while experimenting for the first time or using any new DIY technique. If you like a creative or unique design, then trying DIY can be your favourite job. At last, everything depends on the final coating.

If you want to recreate your home by yourself and plan to attempt the by yourself, keep reading this blog until the end!

Keep these Two Points in Mind While Doing Perfectly

  1. Run the machine continues to the wall without stopping and proceed with the same method while going back without stopping.
  2. Use the coarse sandpaper to flatten the floor surface efficiently and then follow it with finer grade paper.

With the right tools and equipment, anyone can achieve the perfect using DIY. Just be confident and run the machine without pause to not lead to chatter marks. Try to be a perfectionist; it’s not that tough. Try to prevent chatter marks as they can be seen in the light reflection and affect the floor appearance.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Before coating the floor surface, make sure you clean the floor properly so that there are no dust particles during the floor top coating. The most common mistake the people make during the DIY is that not giving attention to little dirt. Giving attention to the dust particles is important as it will affect the overall reason for the Floor Sanding Melbourne so, make sure you make your DIY worthy.

Carry out floor coating using polyurethane; below are some valuable tips for final coats preparation,

  • Blow down or vacuum the dust from the floor surface before beginning with the first-floor coating. According to experts, it is said that final cleaning is the secret to get successful.

Pro-tip to Collect the Smallest Fine Dust Particles:

  • To perform this method, you will need a rag, soak a significant rag in a bucket of warm water, and try to wring out it as much as possible to leave it slightly damp.
  • Wrap the slightly damp rag to the head of the broomstick; now use it as a tack rag to get rid of the fine particles. You will be stunned to see the result as it removes the fine particles efficiently.


Hope you found the above information useful for performing easy DIY. Your flooring is the most crucial factor of the home; ensure you finish your DIY in a proper way. Hire prestige floors for any Floor Sanding Melbourne services we are highly experienced flooring experts that strive to meet the customer’s expectations. We focus on quality at the utmost priority over quantity.

If you have any ideas or thought for the DIY floor sanding, feel free to share in the comment box.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

What Safety Precautions to Follow When Having the Floor Sanded?

Floors with time start looking for tires, stains start appearing more, the discolouration becomes visible even from a distance, the finish is worn out in high traffic areas and so on. To make it just the way after Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, it becomes necessary to have these floors refreshed.

This is what Floor Sanding Melbourne ensures. It gets rid of everything that is hurting the aesthetics of the floor. Along with having the extra layer of protection for the doors, windows, and walls make sure you also have the precaution for individual safety.

Here are Some of the Tips that Could Ensure Safety

  • Dust! Dust! Dust!

Sanding is the process that gets rid of the upper layer of the floor that is exposed to wear and tear. Various equipment is used. Different grit of sandpaper is used as per the requirement of the floors. This is not an easy process; just easy it seems to be.

Along with the outcomes of aesthetic floors, there is the presence of dust too. These fine particles of dust can put you and your loved ones in trouble if inhaled. Chances are that it may get into the eyes and cause discomfort and elevated eye issues.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

The studies have suggested that wood dust can cause serious problems for the person already having respiratory issues. Along with the discomfort in breathing it can cause skin problems too.

Apart from keeping this dust from getting into the other parts of the house make sure that you have a dust mask on along with safety glasses for enhanced safety.

  • Keeping The Kids and Pets Away from Home

If you have pets and kids in the house, they are likely to face the dangers of these fine particles too. but the damage done to them due to this dust may be slightly more than you. So, drop the kids and pets at your friends’ or family’s home to keep them away and safe.

  • Dust Fire Is Real

We all are aware that wood dust is flammable. But it won’t end up in flames until something happens that ignites the fire. We all are aware of the scenario that upon sanding the nail heads may pop out from the floorboard. When this nailhead strikes it produces sparks. Chances are that these sparks may end up in dust fire.

So, make sure to keep a check on the nail heads, they do not just cause dust fire but also damage the sanding equipment too.

What Else Can You Do?

When getting the sanding done by the professional you have an option for the equipment that produces a lesser amount of duct or no duct at all. Yes, these are available and you can surely make this special request.

If not that when having the Floor Sanding Melbourne done make sure that you consider all these safety tips to make it a harmless process. Further, enjoy getting the brand-new-looking floor by finishing the sanding with floor polishing.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Taking Care of the Timber Floor to Keep the Finish Intact

After Timber Floor Installation Melbourne, the first thing that homeowners are worried about is finding ways the floor finish remains as it is for long. Floor finish is the reason for the aesthetics that a timber floor provides to the house. timber floors last a century but the finish won’t.

Floor Sanding Melbourne could get rid of the damage done to the floors including stains. Applying the finish after sanding would have made those aged and tired-looking floors lively again. Taking care of the floors in such a way that the finish is not affected has an impact on the frequency of the floor sanding and polishing that you get done.

Ways That You Can Make Sure That the Floor Finish is Not Affected

  • Leveraging the Floor Accessories:

Rugs, carpets, mats, furniture pads, and everything can keep protecting the finish of the floor by reducing the exposure of either feet or furniture. The contact area of the floor is reduced with the use of these accessories. Eventually, wear and tear as well as the scratches and dullness are reduced. You won’t need floor sanding and polishing anytime soon.

  • Trim and Cap Your Pet’s Nails:

Yes, pets can scratch the timber floors. But do not let the timber floor affect your love for pets. The timber floor is susceptible to scratching from any sharp thing like the nails of the pet. This could also help you to groom the nails of your pet timely. All you need to do is to trim the pet’s nails and cup them. This could be enough to keep them from scratching the floor.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  • Regular Cleaning:

Any substance present on the floor that can either dull the finish, stain the floor, starch the floor or so need to be gotten off the floor. This is possible with regular cleaning of the floor. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floor on a regular basis would keep the floor clean and good as new for longer.

  • Protecting It from Ultraviolet Rays:

Sunlight exposure for a prolonged time would make the floor plants expand and contract. This does have an impact not just on the floor finish but also on the time floor. As a result of which, the floors seem to split and crack.

  • Keeping the Dirty Footwear off the Floor:

 Footwear is laden with soil, dirt, debris, and more need to be kept out of the house or be left at the rack at the entrance. You can have either separate footwear for the house or wear socks. A strict no for wearing heels with the sharp heel, these heels would induce scratches on the floor. With time and ignoring the fact, these scratches may increase and make the floor look dull.

Having a timber floor is not enough, utmost care needs to be taken to keep the beauty of the floor intact for a longer time. If needed the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne and Floor Sanding Melbourne would rescue the floor.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

Know About Refinishing Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to bamboo flooring, one might think that it can’t be sanded and refinished. Bamboos are always a love for the home decor lovers and nature loving persons as bamboo offers the stylish green look. But with the time, every flooring needs service and some repairing.  Some bamboo flooring can be refinished, it all depends on the type of flooring. Bamboo floors are mainly classified into horizontal, vertical and strand-woven bamboo flooring. To choose better among the types of bamboo flooring, consult the reputed Timber Floor Installation Melbourne Company.

Three Main Types of Bamboo Flooring:

1) Horizontal Bamboo Flooring:

It’s basically made up of bamboo stalks that are glued in a horizontal pattern to form a good plank.

2) Vertical Bamboo Flooring:

It’s basically made up of thin strips of bamboo and the strips are aligned in such a way that it looks vertical pattern hence, giving a modern and lavish look.

3) Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring:

Strand woven is not actually made up of the bamboo; basically it’s made up of the stalks by shredding its fibre. It’s bonded with adhesive and processed under the high-pressure and heat to make it durable and strong.

Can Bamboo Flooring Be Refinished?

Other categories of bamboo flooring are as follows:

  • Solid bamboo
  • Engineered bamboo
  • Carbonized bamboo
  • Non-carbonized bamboo (natural)

Bamboo also comes in solid and engineered wood, among both, engineered bamboo is considered to be the best because it includes attaching evener fiberboard. Well if we see generally, some bamboo floors can be refinished while others may be not depending upon is quality and feature. For engineered bamboo also, it’s important that it should be thicker than 2 mm to perform refinishing on it. It’s better to take the advice of flooring experts before experimenting any polishing, refinishing or sanding to get the effective consultation. Expert’s advice will help you to make the better choice.

Other than this, carbonized floors are much scratch-resistant and softer in nature hence, it is easy to refinish.  Carbonized bamboo floor stays the same throughout the life and shade doesn’t get lighter. Though carbonized bamboo floors are natural and can cause scratches hence, they are not suitable for refinishing.

It’s always better to have stain check if you are planning for the bamboo flooring. Like other wooden floors, bamboo has its own unique feature to give a mimic look. Conduct a deep research about the various types of bamboo flooring and select the best according to your choice, features, durability and budget. If you have a pet at your home then its good idea to for the scratch resistant bamboo to ensure the longer life while preserving the quality. There are also various cleaning products available in the markets that are specially designed for cleaning bamboo.


Consult the expert Timber Floor Installation Melbourne Company for the guaranteed flooring service. Book appointment at prestige floors today and get the high-standard flooring service. Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comment section and feel free to share your experience with bamboo flooring in the comment box.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

How to Prepare Your Home Before the Timber Floor Installation?

Installation of new hardwood flooring is a strenuous task as a whole. Homeowners are often perplexed about what things they have to take care of to reduce the amount of stress that may come from the timber floor installation. When doing the installation by self this distraught can spike up. As the homeowners have to take care of the Floor Sanding Melbourne and more like survives on their own.

We at Prestige Floors insist on a list of things to be done beforehand to make sure that the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne is done more effectively and no issues pop up in the process.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

  • Remove the Valuables 

There are many delicate and precious items that you have places to complete the outlook of the rooms. These delicate and valuable pieces of the house need special care especially when a task like a floor installation have to be undertaken. So, when having the floor installed make sure that you have safely relocated these pieces.

  • Empty the Rooms off the Furniture

The floor installation may involve the process of sanding to leaving the base of the floor. Floor sanding means a lot of dust around the rooms. Make sure that you have removed all the furniture from the rooms that have to undergo floor installation. All these pieces of furniture and valuable item have to be isolated in a separate room to keep the dust and waste away from pilling up on these things.

  • Watchful of the Pets

One cannot control the movements of the pets. Especially when you have a lot of people and equipment in the house. They roam around these out of curiosity. They can also get out of the house in case if the door is left open by the professionals. This raised a concern for their safety. Either you can secure them in a separate room to restrict their activity or can leave them at friends’ and families.

  • Stock Up Masking Tapes and Traps

Sanding inevitable in hardwood installation and with sanding come to the fine dust that can spread in the whole house. Spread if this dust needs to be restricted from other parts of the house. This is where the traps and masking tape does the good work. You can cover up the items and secure the doors and windows.

  • Taking Up the Remodeling Tasks Beforehand

Imagine getting drops of paint or the glue of the wallpaper on the newly installed floor. You get an instant feeling of ruining that ravishing floor and regret that you should have completed the remodeling before the floor’s installation. Well, save yourself from this regret by taking this requirement seriously. Make sure that any of the remodeling tasks are completed before the floor installation is scheduled.


Timber Floor Installation Melbourne would be one of the best decisions you have made for the house until now. Those ravishing elegant floors are worth getting. Do not let mishaps ruin this perspective of yours. So before getting the floors installed makes sure that you have taken care of all the above-listed situations.

Floor Polishing Melbourne

Preparing A Home For The New Floor Installation

For any home renovation project or flooring project, systematic planning is important for smooth work completion. Flooring projects may be confusing as it includes so much of activities and decision making related to proper floor selection, hiring perfect Floor Polishing Melbourne Company, waste management and many more. For neat and smooth flooring installation work, preparing a place for the installation plays a crucial role, it will be very much smooth and easy to do flooring when the place is already prepared and all unwanted things are removed.

By reading this blog, you will realize the importance of prepping up home before any flooring projects. Preparing the home is just the prime and basic step on which entire flooring performance is dependent. If you are planning to do any renovation or home building projects, keep these things in mind to get your work done hassle-free.

1) Remove the Breakable and Delicate Items from the Home:

Remove all the paintings, hanging objects, and home décor items to prevent them from dust. Keep delicate items like glass, pots, and other items in a safer place to prevent them from breaking and causing the unnecessary mess. Stop the electric, water, and gas services before beginning with the flooring project to avoid any accidents.

2) Keep The Pets At A Safer Location:

Pets have the habit of roaming; move the pets to other safe locations because the chemicals and flooring equipments are harmful to the pets.

3) Clear Up The Room Properly By Removing Furniture And Other Stuff:

Plan all essential move-out in advance before the flooring installation work starts. Move out the room furniture with a cover to prevent them from getting dirty. Prefer doing basic tasks by yourself that will help you to save time and some money.

4) Close The Other Rooms Of The House To Prevent Mess:

Close the other rooms of the house while flooring projects because floor installations are usually a messy job that causes lots of dirt. You can use the masking tape to cover the doors and other things

5) Analyze Whether The New Flooring Will Raise The Actual Floor Height:

Check whether new floor installation leads to heighted floor or not. With expert consultation, you can get necessary ideas about flooring whether to remove the baseboard or trim accordingly.Experts can help to readjust the floor according to your requirement and choices.

6)  Arrange Proper Waste Disposal:

Waste disposal and management is the essential part of the flooring to ensure the clean and tidy flooring work. It is best to offer a separate workspace for flooring contractors to carry their essential tasks and equipment handling as it will helping in flexible trimming and other flooring resizing operations. Prefer hiring a waste disposal service in advance to get your area clean on time.


Floor installation and renovations are a bit expensive jobs that can’t be performed on the regular basis so, make sure you get the job by a professional Floor Polishing Melbourne company that offers durability and guaranteed work. At Prestige Floors, we treat every customer as a priority hence we respond to every request in a short period of time. Book your appointment for the Timber Floor Installation Melbourne with us today.